Salt Water Aquarium – Some Things To Consider

Aquarium Considerations

Before starting your very own saltwater aquarium, you need to know some information that could help you save some time, money, effort and problems in the near future.

It is greatly advised to read beforehand, some important tips and information about salt water aquariums before doing an all-out investment.

The first thing you should know is the types of aquarium you can get and specification and application of each.  There are several types of fresh water and saltwater aquariums. Each differs in specific purpose, costs, reliability, durability, stability, maintenance cost and other aspects.

Salt Water Aquarium Considerations

Types of Saltwater Aquariums:

Fish Tanks Only  – Also known as FO-system tanks or aquariums. It is a saltwater aquarium that contains only fish and nothing more. Some add decorative synthetic corals, stones, sands, pebbles, artificial plants, all of which are not living things. It is commonly used to contain saltwater predator fish such as triggerfish, grouper-fish, Eels and more.

Fish-Only with Live Rock Tanks or FOWLR –  It is a type of aquarium set-up for saltwater fish that is very easy to maintain and less expensive compared to other types. It is almost the same with FO-system tanks or aquariums but instead it uses underwater calcium made organisms and dead corals. It reciprocates the term “Live Rock”.  Fishes are a beauty underwater but using a live reef system and invertebrates for some aggressive saltwater fish can get it damaged, hence the use of Live Rock were introduced. 

Reef Tanks – These type of tanks are usually large and thick. It displays or uses live corals and underwater invertebrates to create a tropical reef setting for your fish inside a tank or aquarium. Reef tanks or aquariums requires intense/heavy lighting, stable water chemistry, and strong water current.

That requirement excludes the fish’s needs. It is only to keep the reef and marine invertebrates alive as they need that type of environment. You also need to consider your fish’s needs if you want to have a healthy and lively, saltwater fish. Bottom-line, this type of tank or aquarium would require great effort in the maintenance and regulation of water. You will need certain types of fish tank equipment such as a strong filtration system to keep a strong and clean current, high watt bulbs to keep a strong light covering in all areas of the tank.


A saltwater aquarium will usually cost you more in equipment compared to a freshwater aquarium. That is why they commonly say that saltwater aquarium’s are costly. It also relates to the previous notion of a saltwater aquarium not advisable for newbies or beginners. But it does not mean you can’t start your fish pet experience by choosing saltwater preference.

A common misconception in regards to fish-pet is the cost of the aquarium. The Price or the Cost of an aquarium is generally the same. A saltwater aquarium is conceptualized to be expensive compared to freshwater aquarium. That is wrong in the sense that the price of both aquariums is closely the same. Where they have made this misconception is the equipment and tools needed for a specific set of an aquarium relating it to the type of fish you are planning on containing.

Some people do not have any financial difficulties wherein they can afford their hobby. Some are willing to spend a lot for their passion and it totally tramps any remarks of a saltwater aquarium being expensive or ill-advised for starters. If you are willing to spend more time, money and effort for the things you love and it makes you happy,  it is a good investment on your part.

You can choose to have a lower-end saltwater tank such as the FO-system tank or the FOLWR tank if you really intend on choosing a saltwater fish. It is cost-efficient compared to using reef tanks and does not require a lot of maintenance and equipment. You can also opt for a DIY saltwater aquarium where it can even save you more money at the expense of effort and time. There are a lot of video tutorials over the internet that shows you how to build one,  provided that you have the right tools and equipment needed.

Aquarium Size

The size in relation to the price, usually increases proportionally. As the tank or aquarium size increase, the price also increases. But there are some smaller tanks with added features and innovations which is more costly than a large size tank. You can only vary the price increase or decrease in regards to size if the comparing fish tank or aquarium has the same design, structure and materials used.

For saltwater aquariums, the recommended size of an aquarium would not be less than 50 gallons of water capacity. It means that it scales from medium to large size tanks. This is because large tanks are easier to take care of and maintain compared to smaller ones due to the high volume of water. But with some innovations and advancements, there are now smaller tanks, specifically Nano Cube aquariums that are built for saltwater utilization.   Regardless of the size, it is now possible to get saltwater fishes using different sizes of tanks or aquariums.

Freshwater tanks, on the other hand, are fairly easy to get. It is usually cheap and getting a large tank with large water capacity is optional. The best thing you could do with a freshwater aquarium is to fill it up with plants. The fish does not really consume a lot of space as most freshwater species are small and can survive on tiny, enclosed space.

Just for added information, here are some of the saltwater aquarium products you might also want to consider:

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This is the SEA EVO Aquarium from Fluval. It is a honeycomb aquarium with a modern style, design or concept. The set includes a filter that uses a 3-stage filtration system for cleaning your tank from mechanical, chemical or biological contaminants. The sleek design features an aluminum case with night illumination or lighting. It is small, can only cater to about 13 gallons of water. The set is cheap and practical.

To show you how pleasant, convenient and amazing the Fluval EVO 12 tank is, here is a short video:

The aquarium is not that large but it could certainly hold a good and healthy environment for fish.  It is also complete with all the necessary equipment needed.

If you opt for or are looking for a cheaper aquarium set, try to have a look at the KollerCraft Deco Aquarium. It is a desk aquarium that could be filled with only 2 gallons of water, enough for a pair of small type of fish. The price is far cheaper compared to most products. The quality is above standard. It comes with a filter system and a lighting feature for night viewing. The tank is made from acrylic,  making it much lighter and stronger compared to glass.

This is the Coralife fish tank aquarium for a saltwater system set up. The tank comes with built-in LED lighting located at the top or on the hood. It also has an integrated timer where the light automatically turns on or off. The tank has its own filtration system. The package of this set can save you a lot of time, money and effort because you don’t have to buy the individual equipment. This is also very easy to set up and maintain.