Are Pygmy Goats Good Pets?

Some of you might not know but goats are not just animals kept and grown for livestock or poultry purposes. Although most of them are grown that way, there are some breeds of goats available for petting, the Pygmy and Fainting Goats. Choosing one of the two and being specific, are pygmy goats good pets? Are they safe to breed for pets at home? Will they require much effort in keeping responsibility and care? Why aren’t they classified as livestock or poultry animal and are more considered to be effective as a pet?

The reason why they are classified as pet types of goat breed is that they do not have an ideal body size that it would be impractical to grow them for their meat. They also do not produce large amounts of milk compared to other types of goat breed such as the Alpine goat, La Mancha goat, Nigerian Dwarf goat, etc. In general, Pygmy Goat and Fainting Goat’s return of investment would take longer compared to other types of livestock and poultry goat breed.

Other than being a livestock animal, there are no complaints when it comes to Pygmy and Fainting goat being a house pet. Most people would invest to the animal other than dogs, cats and smaller mammals as each of us have its own taste of a good pet.

Are Pygmy Goats Good Pets?

Raising goats are popular in most countries, even in the US. There are 2 types of ideal pet breed of goats, the Pygmy, and Fainting goat. Answering the question, yes, Pygmy Goats are good pets. They have lovable and heart-warming characteristics. They can even be safe for kids. Pygmy goats do not have any violent and irritable characteristics. It’s the same characteristics for Fainting Goats. The really issue with raising a Pygmy Goat at home would be how well we perform in keeping our end of the relationship.

Below is a short video of a cute Pygmy Goat playing around:

The type of goat breed does not require much effort. They have strong resistance against illness and diseases which make things easier for us pet owners. Pygmy goats are also very flexible when it comes to diet. They can survive eating only high-quality hay and clean water but it is nice to provide them with different types of food or treat to further show our love and affection to the animal.

Some, however, raises Pygmy Goats for their meat regardless of the fact they do not supply it abundantly. That is due to the quality of meat a Pygmy Goat has. The flavorful, tenderness and juiciness of the Goat meat is none like the ordinary goat meat you’d taste in a restaurant or something you can often buy in meat shops.

Depending on the purpose or reason of why you choose to breed Pygmy Goats, one concern you want to know about is how much are pygmy goats as they do not come that cheap compared to other breeds of goat.