Best Agility Tunnels For Dogs of 2022 [COMPLETE LIST and GUIDE]

Best Agility Tunnels For Dogs

It is always a question to some people, why do we need to have exercised our dogs to enhance their agility? Most of our dogs are indoors. Agility might be useful for some dogs that you bring to your hunting trip, but what about the ones that we kept at home? You should know that agility training is a great way for your dogs at home to release that excess energy.  Being kept at home takes away their instinctive behavior of being agile and would convert those unused energy by doing irritating behaviors such as chewing, biting, digging or running around indoors which could do damage to your home furniture. That is why many dog owners look for an ideal exercise or fitness equipment such as an agility tunnels for dogs and more.

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There are other benefits for increasing or enhancing your dog’s agility through training. Other than practicality of saving you the cost of broken furniture and release of excess energy, it can also be for helping them have a healthy and fit lifestyle.  They could also be thankful enough for giving them a chance to live out their natural instincts like they were born to do so rather than being kept. It would promote a great bond or relationship between pet and owner. In addition, doing this requires an outdoor routing which could also be great for owners to socialize. The benefits are so many,  if you just keep an open mind.

16 Training/Exercise Agility Tunnels For Dogs

Agility tunnels for dogs are not that really expensive which makes it a good and a practical investment for your pet. This first exercise tunnel is from SmartyKat. It is good for both cats and dogs. The chute/tunnel is collapsible, making it easy for you to store or transport. The set extends to about 35 inches long and about 10 inches in diameter. Some trainers buy several tunnels to provide a more exciting outdoor layout.

Because our product is all about agility tunnels, we have decided to include a short video that teaches you how to train your dogs using the exercise tunnel.

This is actually a great not just for dogs but for owners or trainers as well. It is fun and relaxing. This will also promote a good relationship between you and your dog and strengthen your trust and bond.

This is the ABO fun run tunnel from Aussie Naturals. The agility equipment uses mesh tunnels to maintain good air circulation as your dog finds its way through the tunnel. It is best used for backyard, deck, front porch and balcony, basically both indoors and outdoors. It is safe for your pets. Both dogs and cats can benefit from this cheap and affordable equipment. It also easily folds for convenient storage. It comes with a handy bag for transport or travels.

Our next exercise, agility equipment product is from Dr. Fish’s Pet Gear. It is a tunnel/chute that measures about 12 feet long with a tunnel that measures 3 feet. The product is made from high quality materials that allow it to withstand certain conditions in both your dog’s behavior and the outdoor situation. It complies with the standards of AKC and NADAC. The tunnel has an entrance or hole-diameter of 24 inches wide.

This is an agility tunnels for small dogs but could also work for medium size dogs. It measures 10 inches wide which leaves enough space for your small to medium size dogs to move around inside. The unique thing about this tunnel is its capability to hold sand/water. The purpose of it is to give the tunnel stability so it won’t roll over. There is a velcro-flap that opens and allows you to easily put sand or water.

This is a Dog Play and Exercise Tunnel from Rosewood Pet. It is specifically created to cater the exercise needs of small to medium size dogs. Both ends of the tunnel have a stand that provides the set with stability as your dog’s pass through. It is made from soft fabric materials. The set requires easy assembly and highly efficient for training dogs. It is safe and very easy to use. The agility tunnel can be used for indoors and outdoors.

Next product is a fully collapsible fun agility tunnel from Pecute. It is ideally design to provide your pet with safety, fun and good exercise.  The tunnel can be a place for your dogs or cats to play around or sleep. This can be a good outdoor or indoor tunnel set up. It is made from light-weight, durable materials which allows it to have great portability while maintaining a strong, sturdy construction. It is one of the few cheap and affordable agility tunnels you can avail.

This is an agility tunnels for large dogs from Pawz Road. The manufacturer sells other equipment for pets, specially dogs and cats. This is a collapsible tunnel/tube made from double layer high quality nylon materials. This large dog agility tunnel extends 51 inches long and a diameter of 10 inches. It is ideal for medium to large size dogs but it is greatly advised that you should vary or measure your dog’s size with the diameter of the tunnel entrance.

VosSimmons brings you his own concept and design of an agility dog tunnel. The set features an 18 feet long exercise tunnel with a 24 inches entrance diameter, best for large size dogs. It is made from tough and durable nylon materials which makes the set water-proof and allows it to withstand weather conditions outdoors. It comes with a blue color and at a reasonable price. This tunnel mostly used by trainers, both exerts and amateurs.

To give you a closer long of how some of the products has excelled and made its way to the top and the best dog agility products in the market, here is a short video.

Some of these products are still here in our list but sadly, some products didn’t make it through this year. This is just for a fun assessment that could help you decide which agility tunnel you think is the best for you and your dog.

This is a product from Yaheetech. It is an agility tunnels for dogs, specially made for obedience training and agility enhancement. It is also a great way of exercising your dog and gets rid of their excess energy from spending too much time indoors. There are 2 sizes available for this set, 15 feet and 18 feet. The product assures good and great quality. It could last for years. It includes 12 stakes where it allows you to attach it stably on to the ground outdoors. It comes with a free hand bag for storage and for transport.

There are only a few stocks left for this amazing tent/crawl tunnel for dogs from Pacific Play Tents. It is a wonderful exercise/training kit for dogs. Using this product can greatly enhance their skills and agility. It could also be used as a routine exercise to keep your dog fit and healthy. It measures around 9 feet long with 22 inches entrance diameter. This can be easily collapsed for storage. The interior part, around the steel spring is padded for safety and support.

If you opt for a professional tunnel set for competitive agility and training, then this product is perfect for you. It is an expensive agility tunnel made from heavy duty PVC from Cool Runners. It is used by most professionals for dog sports. It has greater stability compared to other set. The tunnel product lives up with the standards of AAC, AKC, UDSAA and CKC. This entire establishment requires certain standards for competition equipment. The tunnel also measures longer than usual home/outdoor tunnels.

This is the 17 feet, agility tunnels for large dogs from Cool Runners. Unlike their previous set, this is great for beginners or amateurs. It is great for home or personal use to train your dogs at home or to give them the right amount of exercise they need. The set is 17 feet long and made from strong and high quality materials. It is best used outdoors, in your backyard, front-yard, porch, balcony, basically anywhere outside the house.

Next is a 3 feet closed tunnel from PetSafe. The tunnel measures 3 feet but the fabric extends to a farther length. It is made from durable and long lasting materials. It requires some assembly but very easy. The tunnel is very light on its weight and highly portable. You can fold it into a short length and thickness and wrap it through a carrying case which is included and free if you purchase the set. There is a detailed instruction manual included.

World Pride brings your their own manufactured agility tunnels for dogs. It is 15 feet long with plenty of room to round around. It has a 24 inches diameter opening for its entrance which allows it to serve as a good training kit or equipment for small to large size dogs. The set includes 12 pins/stakes which makes it very hard to remove and stably strong once pinned unto the ground. It is highly portable and comes with a free carry bag.

Lastly, this is a blue 15 feet tunnel from PPT. The set is long, large but yet very light and reliably durable. The tunnel can be converted or folded to fit in the free carry-bag included in the set for portability or storage. It has its standard set with the AKC regulation. The set uses a standard size for its length and entry diameter. The materials used are highly resistant against any weather conditions outdoor. It comes in blue color which is the best and the greatest color for dogs as they are color blind.

Hope you’ve enjoyed our list of dog tunnels! Let us know which one you get, how you like it, and send a pic our way of you using your brand new dog agility tunnel!