Best Aquarium Heater – of 2022 [COMPLETE GUIDE WITH REVIEWS]

Most of you might think that fish due being cold blooded does not require any body insulation or at least have a normal or controlled water temperature.   The fact is, long-time or expert fish owners know the value of the best aquarium heater. It is one of the basic needs if you want to start a fish for a pet along with an aquarium or a fish tank, pebbles, aerator and other fish tank accessories.  Your fish would not last a week or two without these fish equipment and paraphernalia.  Aerators and heaters regulate the temperature of the water. A fish tank or aquarium without aerator would be to hot if installed with heaters at winter season. It might get too cold without a heater.

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Like what we most imagined, a fish aquarium/tank heater is usually a hang type device placed on one side of the tank or aquarium. It is a type of heater may distribute heat unevenly and more on the corner to where it is installed. Fortunately, with some innovations, there are now fish tank and aquarium heaters that is buried underneath the sand, stone, pebbles or any flooring you use. It also has temperature control where it automatically sets off when it reached the designated temperature of your setting. Most of this thermostat is accurate.   Another great thing about the advancement of fish tools and equipment is the energy or power consumption. A hang-type heater may come in higher wattage and will increase your electricity bill for quite an amount.

The heater is fairly cheaper than other automated equipment for fish and it is usually bundled with kits that make things more efficient and comfortable. Some heaters are a 2-in-1 set. It acts as heaters and filters at the same time. It is a convenient way of adding equipment as it can greatly save your aquarium or fish tank a wide space. You can also save a lot of electricity as a double purpose set uses only a small amount of watts at once.

Just for entertainment and also with a little added information about all the products involved, here is a short video of the Top 8 Aquarium Heaters

This video list of the 8 Aquarium Heaters product is subjective to the video owner’s perspective based on his conducted research and reviews back in 2016. Things may have changed now so it is still advised or best for you to conduct your own and read on different reviews.

AquaTop heaters are one of the known submersible heater in the fish/pet industry. Below is a short video review about the product as we might have left out in our short description, some of the important details.

You can see in the video. It is slightly compact. Even though it has a 300-watt power, it is not that large in size which makes you conserve space in your aquarium. It works best with an external digital thermometer.

Aquarium Heater

Aqueon brings you their very own version of an aquarium water heater. This is the 300 watt series which is submersible and designed with clear and visible temperature. It uses a voltage frequency of 110-120 volts or 60 hertz. It could efficiently heat up a water tank or aquarium with 16 gallons of water capacity. The device has a precise temperature setting and has an automated shut off system. It is also designed with a unique overheat protection that prevents the device from overheating and prevents an over-insulated fish tank.


This small aquarium heater 50-Watt is from ViaAqua. It is a submersible heater that uses Quartz Glass which is far more durable and clearer than transparent plastic. The fully submersible device can sufficiently provide an equal amount of insulation or heat. Ideally, you need to submerse the device in the middle part of your aquarium or fish tank. It has temperature setting which can highly be seen even if fully submerged. This is best used for either saltwater or freshwater aquariums or fish tanks. It is affordable and cheap but could be brought into competition with other expensive sets.

Providing you with an additional info as we might have left out some of the things you need to know, here is a short video:

It is an unbiased review which could give you a better outlook of the product.

Another great aquarium heater controller product from Via Aqua, this is the 300-Watt submersible heater enclosed by  a heavy duty quartz glass. The device’s temperature can be controlled and set to your desired degree of heat. It is slightly thinner compared to other heaters. The clear quartz glass provides the user with great visibility even if the device is fully submerged. The product is one of amazon’s high rated products with so many good reviews from fish pet owners who have actually tried out the product. It is strong, durable and long lasting water-proof design.

Marineland brings you the ML90652 series of their accurate and precise temperature heater for aquarium or fish tanks. The product has aquarium heater reviews over amazon. This set comes in 200-watt but you can also choose in 50, 75, 100, 150, 250, 300 or 400-watt depending on your choice, the higher the watt, the higher its price. The 200-watt heater is best for aquarium or tanks with water capacity of not over or more than 55 gallons. The device has a thermal switch wherein it automatically shuts down the moment the temperature heats up more than the designated setting.

This is a bundle-pack slim or mini aquarium heater from Aquanet. The set comes in two pieces of slim but highly durable heater. It is fully-submersible and can be submersed in different angles or positions. It provides the whole aquarium with optimum and the best water-temperature for your fish. This will go nicely with other of your fish tools, equipment and kits. It can be used on both saltwater and fresh water tanks. The device has a temperature setting that ranges from 65 to 93 degrees Fahrenheit.  It has a sensitive and fairly accurate temperature reading.

EHEIM is one of the manufacturers known in the pet equipment industry. They cater almost all sorts of gadgets and gizmos for all types of pet. Here they bring you their submersible aquarium heater for balancing out the temperature of your fish tanks or aquarium. This is a 300-watt fully submersible device with a thermostat controller. You can also have this in other scale of watts but the prices of each are different. It features a thermo-safety controller that prevents your tank or aquarium from drying up. The device will turn off if it reaches beyond the designated temperature setting and when the depth of the water is too low.

Providing you with more information about the EHEIM submersible aquarium heater, we added a short video review below:

This review was made by a professional analyst that test different products and brands. It is an unbiased statement which you can greatly refer to.

This is a high-powered, 300 watt aquarium heater you can get with great and reliable quality is this electronic heater from Fluval. It has dual-sensors that accurately detects and reads the temperature of your fish aquarium or tank. The device is strongly water-proofed. It has an LCD display that shows you the temperature setting in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, depending on your choice. It has safety system where the device automatically turns itself down when heat is beyond your temperature settings. The set comes with a mounting bracket so there would be no need to worry about where and which part of the fish tank or aquarium you want to mount the heater.


This is just one of the many cheap, affordable and best aquarium heaters you can hope to look for. This is a 25-W submersible heater from Hydor. The set comes with a variety of watt ranging from 25, 50, 100, 150 and 200 watt. It is a shatter proof glass heater. It has a high resistance to any conditions inside your water tank or aquarium. It is also shock resistant wherein it can withstand an impact from small current created fish, filter or aerator and other aquarium equipment. The set can be submerged vertically or horizontally. Either position or angle can bring sufficient amount of heat and regulate the temperature.

Aqueon brings you one of their best fish aquarium or tank heaters. You can have this in device in different watts. It can either be 200, 150, 100 or 50 watt aquarium heater. Depending on your choice, the price is fairly different with each watt. The device uses a shatter proof construction. It can withstand impacts being submerged in the aquarium or tank. This device is enough and highly efficient to sustain-ably regulate the temperature of the aquarium. The 50 watt is recommended for aquariums with 10 to 15 gallons of water capacity and 100 watt for 20 to 30 gallons of water capacity.

This is a small sized, 25-watt submersible aquarium heater from Marina. Of course, the manufacturer allows you to choose between a 25 and 50 watt device with each product having a different price. It requires a small effort in assembly and installation. The set comes with a free bracket. All you need is to follow the easy-to-read manual for setting the temperature before dropping it in an aquarium or fish tank. It is only about 6 inches in length. It saves space while being able to provide a good temperature regulation. The device has a reliable water-proofing system that’s guaranteed to last.

This is Milocos’ best aquarium heater that you can find up on amazon. It is a 300-Watt submersible device that provides sufficient amount of insulation and end help with the regulation of an appropriate aquarium water temperature. It has an auto shut-off system where it automatically shuts down when out of the water, reach a heat temperature beyond its setting and power shortage. Unlike other submersible heaters, this device has a clear LED display that shows you the current temperature setting. You can set its temperature from 68 degrees to 93 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is an inline aquarium heater. It has a large size compared to a submersible heater. This works as an external heating device installed on one of the corners of the aquarium or fish tank. It slowly heats up and regulates the temperature of the water through its tubes. The product has some assembly required. This Hydor ETH device is 300-Watt heater but it also comes in 2 different 200-Watt versions. The set is fairly very easy to use. It includes a 5/8 inches water hose. It has a high precision, accurate temperature reading system. The set is a little bit expensive compared to a submersible but this is 100% safe and highly suitable for both tropical and marine fish tanks and aquariums.

To show you how pleasing the aquarium environment of your fish and how satisfying the product is for your pet, you can refer to the video below:

It is a video review that were made by one of Hydor’s satisfied customer and long time fish owner. The large tank has sufficient amount of insulation and a well-regulated water temperature.

A small aquarium heater will undoubtedly provide insufficient heat in large tanks and aquariums. But this slim heater from YueYueZou could do a job of a large size submersible heater and/or an inline heater. It has a 300-W power that maintains a consistent and stable water temperature. This can keep up with its high performance in a tank or aquarium with capacity of, not more than 99 gallons. The device is very cheap and affordable. It comes with a free thermometer and has an own temp. Setting that can be adjusted from 65 – 93 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is a mini version of an aquarium water heater. It is ideally made for small size aquariums or desktop aquariums. This product can cater a tank or aquarium size with water capacity of 5 gallons or less. It only runs in 10-watt power. The size of the device or heater from Aqueon is fairly small and space saving. It is fully-submersible. This device also uses a safety shut-off system to avoid exceeding over the designated temperature setting, overheating and power shortage. It is designed with great durability and shatter-proof features. This can withstand underwater conditions on a fish tank and/or aquarium.

Bahia Aquatics competes and made it in our long list of best-quality heaters through their digital aquarium heater. The device is digitally controlled and has a large LED display to clearly and visibly show you your setting details. It also shows the current temperature of the water in your fish tank or aquarium. It has power-off features which makes it safe. It powers down at the moment you take it out of the water. The device has a memory setting that it does not require you to re-calibrate the temperature when it goes out of power.

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This is Rusee’s one of many best aquarium heaters. It is a fully-submersible device with a built-in thermostat. It has a power-off memory that remembers your last temperature setting. Not like other heaters that you need to re-adjust or calibrate the device every time you power it on. This heater has a fast heating speed. You do not need to wait that look for the water temperature to rise up as it does a double-time work compared to ordinary aqua-heaters. It has a 300-watt power which works best for tanks or aquariums with not over than 75 gallons of water capacity.

You will seldom see a large size and high watt-power aquarium heaters such as this submersible heater from Hydor. It is a shatterproof heater that could highly resist and withstand water conditions and pressure in your fish tank or aquarium. When fully-submerged, it does not matter whether it is submerged vertically or horizontally. Whatever position or angle it has does not affect its performance. It has an accurate temperature setting and a user-friendly graduated scale. The device is strong and durable. It won’t get damaged even if the fish tank runs dry.

This is an inline or external 300 watt aquarium heater from ISTA. The set comes with all the accessories needed to assemble and install. It comes in different watt power ranging from 150, 300 and 500. You can also have it in different water hose sizes. This heater requires external installation and would heat up your tank or aquarium by circulating water through a water-hose. It includes a detailed manual as assembly is an important factor to make this set work efficiently. This device must be installed on a vertical manner to have a high-performing heater.

Penn Plax steps up as they bring you their best aquarium heater with a 300 watt power and a degree of accuracy. The aquarium or tank heater is submersible. It is not like those in line or external heaters that run heat through a hose. This device can entirely heat up a large tank or aquarium. It is best to be placed or set in the middle part of the fish tank to get an even distribution. This heater has a present or default temperature. The default setting puts it in a 76 degree Fahrenheit but it could also bet programmed to the temperature setting you want. This 300 watt is best and safe to use on large tanks or aquariums with a capacity, not over than 75 gallons. Using the heater on small fish containers could possibly put your pet in harm. Read on the instruction manual carefully.

Our next aquarium water heater product is made and brought to you by Cobalt Aquatics. It is a mini-thermal heater that only has a 5-watt power. It best used in small tanks or desktop aquariums. You would often see a fish bowl placed on top of your desk. That’s a good example of a desktop aquarium. The compact device has a rounded shape and a shatter proof design. It could greatly survive and withstand certain water conditions, fully submerged. The set is very affordable, safe and easy to use.


This is a 2 set bundle aquarium heaters from Aquaneat. It is a great opportunity for those who are in need of several heaters for their fish tanks. This is also a 500-Watt heater where in it is used for very large tanks or aquariums with capacity of 100 – 120 gallons of water. The device temperature setting has a range of about 65 to 93 degrees Fahrenheit. It is built with a sensitive thermostat, creating a precise and accurate measurement of the water’s temperature. Both of the set in the bundle are the same. Each of them has automatic shut-off system that turns the device off the moment it reaches a designated temperature.

This is an aquarium heater glass with 200-watt power from Flexzion. It is submersible and has an easy and accurate setting for temperature. It actually comes in different watts. You can choose between 100, 200 or 300 watts where price are slightly different. It uses a classic thermometer style which can be easily seen. One of the great qualities of a heater is the visibility of your setting even if it is fully submerged. It is shock resistant. This is also a shatter-proof device that would greatly survive long hours/days/weeks being submerged under water.

EHEIM would not back down in this long line of product competition. EHIEM brings you its own submersible aquarium heater version. The heater has a simple but slightly large design. It is best used for tanks or aquariums with capacity of 26 to 40 gallons. It has a thermo safety feature that will turn off the device if ever the tank or aquarium runs dry. This feature will prolong the longevity of your product. It has a built-in led light indicator for monitoring. It gives a clear indicator that even just a small glance would get you noticing.

Lineba brings you its 400 watt aquarium water heater.  It is made or some parts uses quartz glass. The device is submersible. Although this set is 400-watt, they also offer different watt heaters ranging from 100, 200, 300 and 400-watt. This device is guaranteed to keep your fishes warm, provided that it will be used on aquariums or tanks with a capacity range of 40 – 75 gallons. Lower than that could possibly be too hard to monitor. Going beyond 75 gallons tank will give your device a hard time from performing highly.

This next product is for small aquarium heater. It is a nano heater with 15-watt power made and brought to you by Aquatop. The compact device is built with reliable durability and sturdiness. It is very hard to break. It also has a reinforced plastic for an added protection. The thermostat control has a pre-set or default setting of 77 degrees but could be changed and programmed to your desired heating temperature. This is best used for small tanks or aquariums. A good way of looking at it would be like a desktop aquarium or a fish bowl. The product is very quick and easy to install. It does not require any complicated tools for assembly and installation.

Our next product is one of the cheapest yet highly competitive aquarium heaters from Penn Plax. It is a submersible set designed to accurately keep watch and regulate the temperature of your fish tank or aquarium. Regardless of its angle or position when fully submerged, the set can still perform highly and heat up your tank evenly. Unlike other submersible heater, it can be set to a temperature of 1 degree Fahrenheit and up. It has a 100-watt power which is good for moderate size tanks and aquariums

Lastly, this aquarium heater is from Marina. It can be fully submerged and has a 100-watt power. It heats up nicely and evenly. This set comes in a variety of watts. You can either have the 50, 100, 150, 200 or 300 watt heater. The higher the watt, the greater power it has and the larger the size of the tank or aquarium it can heat up. The device’s temperature can be easily read. Even if submerged, it gives a clear view to the user. It includes a free bracket for a strong, sturdy and reliable installation. The device is designed to last for a long time. It uses an impact-resistant glass which allows it to withstand underwater conditions.