Best Aquarium Stands of 2022 – [COMPLETE LIST with COMPARISON]

There are plenty of pet enthusiasts who choose fish as one of their best options for a home pet. It could not be of any harm to anyone. It does not have any destructive habit or behavior like with furry little pets such as cats, dogs, etc. The only thing it requires you is to have home fish tools, equipment or kits. These are aquarium, aerator, fish tank heaters, aquarium stands and more. Among those that are listed, stands for aquarium serves as protection to your fragile fish tanks and glass made aquariums. It acts as a platform which elevates your set to keep it out of reach from other home pets, children and predators.

Before giving you tips and guides on how to find or select the best aquarium stands, we will briefly discuss to you, why most people choose tank/aquarium fish as their pets. For a family home, children will mostly have all the benefits of it. It encourages young minds to learn. The scenery of a fish aquarium or tank greatly stimulates the brain of a child and expands their imagination and creativity. It helps them learn about responsibilities as fish need to be fed, have a clean tank of water, regulated air and temperature and more. There are even claims that fish scenery helps with emotional distress of both child and adult.

Now, going back with our main concern, aquarium stands. There are certain things you need to consider to have the best and the right kind of product or stand for your aquariums or fish tanks. First, you need to assess your budget. Technically, the value of what you can get depends on your budget. Never aim for something so expensive as its features are not really necessary and not too cheap as it might break and your aquarium will fall. Secondly, you need to vary the size of the aquarium with the size of the stand and the area of the location. You do not want to have a stand with a large platform wherein you only have a small or desktop aquarium and vice versa. You also would not want a large size stand with only a limited amount of space in your home. That goes also with choosing an aquarium.

This is Imagintarium’s one of the best aquarium stands you can have. It can hold up an aquarium with about 20 gallons of water capacity. The design is elegant and modern. Unlike the old days that most stands are built from simple steal construction which is heavier and aesthetically unpleasing. This set requires some assembly with is fairly basic and simple. It has a nylon fit that levels the set perfectly. The set offers 3 platforms. Each platform can be used depending on your choice. You can have all 3 platforms with aquarium or just one and use the others as a shelf for your fish kits and paraphernalia.

Our next aquarium stand set of also from Imagitarium. It can carry a fish tank or aquarium with water capacity not over 29 gallons. The set is aesthetically pleasing. It is made from solid steel with a nice coated finish and is reliable strong and sturdy. The stand has 4 adjustable feet so you can easily vary and adjust to the height or level that you want. Downside of this set would be that it has no space or shelf to where you can place all your necessary fish kits to be in hand’s reach. It is however, very affordable and can last for a long time. It will keep your fish high enough to be safe from predators and other pets in your house such as cats or dogs.

This is what the Brooklyn Tank Stand looks like up close. Below is a short video that will give you a better view of the product and will also teach you how to assemble it.

As you can see, the set is pretty much very easy to connect. It includes a detailed manual but as seen in the video, you do not really need to refer to it for a complete assembly.

This is a 20 gallon aquarium stand from Altra Furniture. They are known to create pet equipment that fashionably goes along with your home decoration. This stand is made from real wooden construction which is aesthetically designed to look like elegant and pleasing furniture. It could hold up a tank or aquarium with water capacity of 10 to 20 gallons of water. The fish tank or aquarium of course, is not included in the set. This aquarium stand furniture provides spaces to store some important fish kits and equipment, food, etc. within your reach or close to your aquarium for convenience.

Altra Furniture’c concept of a fish aquarium stand is to fashionably go along with your household. The short video below will show you how amazing the product’s aesthetics.

It’s not just all about appearance actually. The set can be filled with all the things you want within the area of your aquarium. You can put kits, foods and other tools you need in storage.

How about a medium to large size, 55 gallon aquariums stand from Aqua Culture. It is one of the newest release products from amazon. It could accommodate any fish tank or aquarium with water capacity of not more than 55 gallons. The great thing about this set is that below the spacious platform, there is a hinged door that acts storage to keep your things in arm’s reach. It could be storage for your fish food, cleaning tools, repair kits for aerators a filters and more. The set requires some of your assembly skills. It comes with a very illustrated assembly manual to assist you in assembling. This is a moisture resistant set with a platform and a door. It comes in cherry/black color.

The next aquarium stands for sale is made and brought to you by Aqueon. This stand comes in different heights and widths to cater the size of your aquarium or fish tanks. You can either choose between 20 x 10 inches, 24 x 8 inches and 30 x 8 inches. Each of which have different price. The set includes a reversible panel to pleasingly change the color from black to brown and add some fashion sense. It is made using durable steel and coated with rust resistant finish. This indoor stand needs to be assembled but just fast and easy. Around 6 – 7 steps and you’re all good to go and place your aquarium on top of the platform.

You might think that this product is an expensive set. It is fairly reasonable as it is an aquarium with stand from All Glass Aquarium. The frame/stand of the aquarium is made from top quality pine wood. It is entirely very stable, strong and durable. It can serve and hold the weight of an aquarium for a very long time. The set’s canopy has all necessary parts covered with waterproofed sealers. It keeps the set very well protected against water splashes and damages. The top opening canopy grants you full access of the aquarium. It is made for convenience with cleaning, repair and maintenance.

It makes more sense for some people to resort in DIY aquarium stand as it can save them some amount. Others however, prefer to just by a wonderful set if they really aim for the best quality product at a price that is fairly cheap and close to a DIY stand. Such traits of practicality relates greatly with the Forge Aquarium Stand from Aqueon. It comes in two sizes, 24 x 12 inches and 30 x 12 inches where the price of both is closely the same. This stand set can cater 2 aquariums as there are 2 platforms. You can also choose to use the other platform as a shelf for your fish kits, foods and accessories

This will greatly go along with your aquarium stand plans. The classy, elegant looking BioCube stand from Coralife is built with wonderful aesthetics and with great durability. The set is not that expensive but also not that cheap. The stand offer a convenient shelf for storage purposes and to keep your fish tools and accessories organized within arm’s reach from your aquarium. There are holes at the back of the set for electrical cords. That is to hide the cords of your filters and aerators to keep the place neat and pleasing. The stand requires a small amount of effort in assembly. It uses water-resistant materials, intentionally for aquariums.

All Glass Aquariums offers one of their many great aquarium stands for sale. This is the 15 column stand – AAG51007 series with a large front doors with shelves for storing food, fish supplies, cleaning and maintenance tools, etc. This stand can be easily assembled with just 6 simple steps. Read on the included manual for more details. It comes with a black/brown color or design which is a good color choice as it blends easily at almost and home decorations and furniture. It is cheap and affordable but has the quality, that off the expensive sets. This set however, can only cater limited size aquariums so make sure to check your aquarium size if it varies.

This amazing product is from Aqueon. It will go best with what you intend for your aquarium stand plans. It features a 30 x 12 inches, medium size stand with flipping or reversible panels. Each side of the panel has different color/design which allows you to change it to whatever pleases you. You can flip between black and brown. It is made from hard and durable still with sturdy construction. The set is highly resistant to rust as it is coated with a nice protective powder finish. It requires only a few of your time and effort in assembling. Just follow the instructions with 6 to 7 steps and it’s all good to go.

What about a wooden aquarium stand? This set from All Glass Aquarium save you all the troubles of finding the right aquarium stand combination to match your design/plans. This set features an opening canopy where keeps the aquarium sealed as well as keeping access to all area. The stand is made from premium pine wood. It has a waterproof sealed canopy that can withstand water splashes and damages. It can also be flipped open which provides you great access to all areas of the aquarium. It looks very classy, descent and not at all cheap. The aesthetics of the set is very pleasing and could greatly go along with any home design or decor.

The video below refers to a DIY aquarium stand with canopy. It is just used as a reference on how a canopy aquarium stand would fit nicely with your aquarium and how it would look like inside your house.

Some people who put better lighting around the aquarium uses a canopy stand. They can use the space in between for their accessories like fish heaters, aerator, external filters and more.

The same with our previous product, this is from and brought to you by Aqueon. It is the with their previous aquarium stands product but on a medium size scale. It measures about 24 inches by 8 inches. You can also have the smaller or the larger stand set for your aquarium, provided that you vary its size. It features stand with reversible panels to change its appearance from brown to black. It has two platforms where you can choose to put 2 sets of aquarium or use the other platform as a shelf for your fish’s necessities. It is strongly made from steel and comes at a price, not so expensive and not that cheap. The set is highly resistant against rust and other harsh conditions.

All Glass Aquarium brings you one of their cheap aquarium stands made from solid and high quality pine wood. It features a stand and a canopy, both of which are tightly stained with waterproof sealant. Wooden stands for aquariums do not rust. The sealers provide great protection from water splashes and damages. The canopy on the top has large opening doors that will grant you efficient access to all corners of your aquarium. The natural appearance of the stand set could greatly work with any home furniture you have. This can go well for your living room, front porch, bed room or at almost any parts of the house. It keeps your fish safe from reach of children and other pets and predators.

Our next product is a 30 x 8 inches size, steel aquarium stand from Aqueon. The frame, legs, platform are made from durable steel but it features a wooden made panel that have two sides of different color, brown and black. The panel can be flipped depending on your preferred color design. The strong and sturdy metal or steel can hold up a medium sized weight water tank. It has 2 tiers or levels. Each level has a platform to where you can use to place your aquarium or use it as a storage space for your fish food and kits. It also makes it easier to place your accessory repairs for your aerator, filter as well as your aquarium cleaning and maintenance tools.

This is one of the simplest designs, metal aquarium stands, sold in the market. It is from Caitec Bird Toys. The product, being simple, is known for its super reliable sturdiness, solid metal construction and long lasting durability. This stand can hold up a large tank with more or less, 75 gallons of water capacity. It is tall and spacious. The dimension of the set is about 51 inches in length, 36 inches in height and 18 inches in width. This could put your fish tanks or aquarium to a secured position, far from reach of your children and other home pets while being able to provide your whole family with great fish scenery. It could great work for any home interior designs, being it in the living room, dining room, bed room, almost anywhere inside the house.

Another great wood aquarium stands brought to you by All Glass Aquarium. It has a shape of a hexagon, which is great for holding a 20 gallon fish tank or aquarium. It uses strong and quality pine wood does not rust free and solid-made that could stand to hold your fish home for quite a long time. The set is very stunning and attractive. This will work best in your living room and provide it with lively and peaceful underwater ecosystem scenery but could also work in any other places inside your house. The wooden stand have an opening door in the middle to where you can keep your fish things organized such as foods, kits, medicine, cleaning and maintenance tools.

Not all from Aqueon are made from metal or steel. This is their wooden modern aquarium stand that can hold a fish tank or aquarium of about 36 gallons of water capacity. It comes in an espresso brown color. There is a smaller version of this set, about half the price lesser and about half weight capacity and comes in an arbor cherry color. It is design to elevate your aquatic pet’s home and keep them safe from being reached by other home pets and predators. It also keeps our young children from playing or touching the fishes inside the tank or aquarium that could put both of them in harm’s way. All the materials used came or imported from the USA. The quality of the materials and the wood working skills combined creates a wonderful piece of wooden stand.

Closing the list of the best aquarium stands you could opt for with this amazing product from All Glass Aquarium. It features a lengthy stand with canopies which are all made from strong and solid wooden construction. The set is waterproofed. It is designed to withstand the weight of the tank or aquarium as well as its conditions. Fish movement can sometimes be harsh where water splashes around the stand causing water damages. The product however, is coated with a nice finish to keep it protected from these sorts of damages. This will do best in displaying your fish at eye’s level to provide a pleasing environment or scenery as well as keeping them safe.