Best Automatic Fish Feeder of 2022 – [COMPLETE GUIDE with COMPARISON]

A common problem among individuals when trying to have a fish as a pet is feeding them at a timely manner.  A fish cannot bark or make some noise if they are needed to be fed unlike dogs and cats. There is always a high possibility that you would forget to feed them as they do not attract attention when they are in need. It is also a common problem for people who travel as you cannot bring a pet-fish on your journey. That is why many people try to look for the best automatic fish feeder that could fill the gap of the inconsistent feeding. It is a tool, equipment or device that helps  not only our pet enthusiast but is also being used by many in the fish industries.

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People have a hard time trying to feed their fishes manually as they need to cope up with day to day task. Not to skip the fact that forgetfulness is also a factor as we age, stressed out or pre-occupied with important things. Factors like that will get our fish endangered from starvation. That is when the innovative people in the fish and pet marketing industry started to develop automated fish feeders where you can fill it up with fish food and set a designated time for it the drop a sufficient amount of food in your aquarium or pond.

There are several benefits or advantages you should know about the feeder device or equipment and how it works.   It is guaranteed to feed your fish properly at a given interval provided that the device will not overfeed or underfed the fish. The auto-fish feeder will avoid getting your fish tank, aquarium or pond get contaminated by left-over foods as it only feeds them with sufficient amount and at a given interval. This will provide great comfort for the fish owners and a piece of mind about their pet when they are on travel or vacation. It saves you the trouble of asking someone to look out for your fish. Most of this equipment also allows you to feed different species of fish as you can also set a schedule for it. This also lessens the chance of having a kid feed your fish with harmful small objects or foods.

18 Automatic Fish Feeder

Starting off our list with a best-selling product from amazon, this fish feeder device is from EHEIM. This product features a single-count feeder at an affordable cost but you could also purchase the same quality and brand having a 2, 5 and 10 count but of course, each count higher is expensive to the previous lower ones. It is highly durable and long lasting which makes it perfect for day to day use. The device has a built-in fan and construction with efficient ventilation to keep the fish food from moisture. The package includes a very detailed instruction manual on how to operate the device.

The only thing that our description above misses about this amazing fish feeder device from EHEIM is a proper video tutorial. Below is a short video that will teach you everything you need to know about the automated feeder, its functions, how-to-use and the indicators that the LED screen displays.

It does not require you a lot of skills and knowledge to operate the device as it is designed for users of all levels of expertise. It is user-friendly and would only require some installation steps to make it work.

Our next feeder fish device is a circular shape, automatic aquarium feed from Fish Mate. It is designed for aquarium use only so try not to purchase this product if you have a fish pond. There are  many ways to feed your fish but his feeder can be set to provide individual meals for up to 14 times. It can store all types of fish food, even flakes. The timer is user-friendly and can be set to feed the fish 4x a day. The timer of the device is fairly accurate as it uses quartz. There is also a light indicator if it needs a battery change.

To give you more knowledge and have an actual moving image of the product. Here is a detailed video about how the feeder fish device works and some added bonus on how to mix your fish food in relation to the equipment that it can store and dispense different types of food.

The device is compact and very easy to use. Even on small aquariums such as seen in the video, it can fit itself without taking too much space on the top edges. This also gives you a chance to figure out the nicest mix of fish food for your fish.

This is the automatic fish feeder from Hydor. It is battery powered and is highly suitable for most marine habitat, terrariums or aquariums. The device has a quick and easy setting that could feed your fishes for up to 3 times daily. It works best with flakes, tablet or pellet. This may be able to carry or store other types but would probably not function efficiently. It does not have its own ventilation or air system but it is versatile and be able to connect with aerator to maintain a dry and crispy fish food. It also uses a LED light for indicators of programming/setting the device.

Hydor is not that common in the fish industry. That is why we decided to add a short video of all the necessary things you need to know about this automatic fish feeder in addition to our description above. Below is a video that shows how to operate the functions and store food to the container.

Most timer-feeder design holds a close or slightly similar aesthetics but not this one. Just for the food container, it has an amazingly higher depth. The set however, lacks some LED display but to compensate, the functions and operations of the device is divided into several buttons.

Setting up for a good and relaxing vacation, EHEIM everyday fish feeder features a Twin Automatic Feeder. You now need not to worry about your fishes at home as this set has two large chambers to store 2 different fish food. Each chamber can be programmed separately and at a given time interval. The chambers are aerated. No need to connect this device to an aerator just to keep the food ventilated and dry. It ensures the correct amount of food supply in an aquarium, keeping your fish fed and keeping the habitat clean.  

Just for fun as most people know the EHEIM feeding equipment, we added a short video that describes some of the details we possibly missed to mention above and. The video also features the unboxing of the set.

The unique design makes it easier for you to identify the automatic fish feeder.  It may look large but it is also compact like most feeders used in aquariums or fish tanks.

There are a lot of feeder fish for sale where you can easily choose from. The question would be, does it come with good quality? Is it expensive? This product from Flexzion comes in both. For a small amount of price, it will provide you with quality that could compare with expensive auto-fish-feeding devices. It can store up to 80 grams of fish food and can be programmed to feed the fish for 1 up to 99 days and 1 to 4 times a day. The device uses a line from your air tank or aerator to keep the food dry and crisp. It uses double-A batteries which is not included. Read instruction manual included for more knowledge of its other features.

What could every fish pet lover want to keep their mind at peace? It is of course, a vacation feeder for fish where you can entirely enjoy your get-away and travels without worrying too much about their fish at home. This device is very easy to use and will keep them fed all day long for several days. It has a large food chamber that could store sufficient amount of food. The device is programmable and can be set to drop food to the tank at an interval.

Another great automatic fish feeder for ponds you could have is from Fish Mate. This device could go on for days/weeks as it has a very large food chamber or container. It is ideal for ponds. Most ponds have a lot of fish contained and a large food feeder can do a job. An ordinary auto-feeder for aquariums won’t have sufficient amount of storage to cater a lot of fish in a pond. The feeder measures to about 8 inches by 3 inches by 8 inches high. The manufacturer provides 1 year warranty for the product.

The next product is known and great for fish industries. It is one of the best automatic fish feeders from MOULTRIE which could feed plenty of fish at the same time. It has a very large food container that could hold up a food weight or amount of up to 100 pounds. The device can be set to a feeding length of 1 to 20 seconds. It can feed your fishes up to 6 times a day by setting an interval and timing through it’s digital, programmable timer which is pretty accurate. It has a built-in battery for its monitor and designed to have maximum casting distance to feed the fish.

To separate the Moultrie automatic fish feeders from your normal fish feeding equipment, we have decided to add a short video for you to have a better outlook regarding the product. It is very large and cannot be used for small ponds, fish tanks or aquarium. It is a device most fish farmers use industrially for larger and quantity fish production.

All you need to do is to set the device on top of your wide pond and the device will do the rest of feeding. All you need to do is to wait and watch the fish grow.

This is the Eheim everyday fish feeder programmable automatic food dispenser. It is a smaller size model but with design that has a large food storage. This device keeps your fish fed in a timely manner as well as keeping the food dry and fresh as it has proper ventilation. The digital feeder has accurate timing and can provide enough food for your aquarium or tank for days or weeks. It is very affordable compared to most fish equipment products. This is guaranteed to serve you and keep you relaxed on every vacation you have for a long time.

PYRUS brings their fish auto feeder product into competition. This is affordable fish equipment  that will feed your fish in time. It can be set to a feeding time of 1 to 4 times a day. It will give you a precise feeding schedule. The device can be adjusted on to how much food it will supply and be set at an accurate time interval. It has LCD screen where you can see, as it is indicated, all functions and operations. This is a practical and convenient way of automating your fish tank or aquarium at a low and affordable price.

The next automatic feeder for fish is from JUWEL. This device can also be used to feed shrimps. It is designed for industrial use and could store different types of fish/shrimp food such as pellet, tablet or flake. It has an adjustable slider to allow you control with how much food you want to give out. This way, you could maintain clean water as there are no excess fish food that will dissolve and mix with water. It can store up to 30 days of food. The device is battery operated and there are batteries, already included. It is a ready-to-go fish feeder for starters or beginners.

This feeder for fish uses fun colors as buttons/indicators. To add more joy to that fun, below is a short and detailed review to further give you an insight about the product as we might have left out some details above.

The device requires some assembly but on minimal effort. It does not even require any tools to keep it going. This makes it an ideal timer-feeder for beginners who wants to have a piece of mind about how their fish is doing during their travels.

This is eBoTrade 2008D model of a digital fish feeder timer. It goes without saying that the product is very cheap and techy. Fish pet lovers can stop bothering other people to watch over their pet while they’re on a trip. This device will do the work. It can feed a fish tank or aquarium to up to 4 times daily. It is small and compact that it does not consume a lot of space in your fish’s habitat. It requires only a simple knowledge and basic skills in installation and settings. You can see all operation on the LED screen including battery life/power indicator.

Most automatic feeder for fish comes in various models. Each model differs to fit accordingly to your fish needs or diet preference. This is the 2005D model from KLAREN. Compared to other model, 2003D and 2008D, the 2005D can feed your tank or aquarium fishes for up to 8 times daily. It has a large menu that can store a sufficient amount of food and of many types. The food chamber measures about 2 inches deep and 3 inches in diameter. It provides good air circulation that it keeps the food dry and fresh.

The previous product before this is the 2005D model. This is now Klaren’s 2008D fish feeder model. It is much cheaper compared to the 2005D but it can only feed for up to 4 times daily. The device is compact and small. It saves a lot of space in your aquarium but can hold up a large amount of food supply. It only requires simple installation skills and does not take up a lot of time and effort in operating. It is fairly user-friendly. The timer of the device can be seen on the LED display along with all its functions. There is also an indicator telling you if it’s time to change batteries.

This is an automatic feeder fish device for aquarium and fish tank from ADA. It uses a nice color combination of black and yellow. The housing materials used to create this digital feeder is durable plastic. It has a maximum feeding time of 2 times daily which can be set within a day. It uses only 2 pieces of triple-A batteries which is fortunately included in the set. It can be set to either auto or manual. The only missing feature on this set is a LED display to know where you’re at with your operations.

Introducing, the 2009D feeder fish model for Aquarium, fish tank and pond, brought to you by econoLED. This is a super-affordable automated feeding device that could support a large amount of food. The device has smooth and efficient ventilation that maintains or keeps your food dry. This dispenses food perfectly and accurately. It has a capacity to feed the fishes for about 4 times a day and can be set to an interval. There are other series of models for this type, the 2005D and the 2003D. Each model varies on your pet needs in terms of functionality.

This automatic fish feeder or feeding equipment from Aquarium Feeder is one of the most cheapest and affordable fish devices you can have with high quality functions and performance. It can be set to feed the fish twice on a daily basis. The food container can hold and dispense food pellet or flakes for twice a day for a 4 week supply. You can have a relaxing moment and relieves you from worrying about leaving your fish unattended at home. The container or storage can also be adjusted of how much food it will dispense.

At this point, it is quite obvious that there are a lot of feeder fish for sale and it is getting harder and harder to decide. Perhaps these Aquarium/Tank feeders from Rusee can help you make that decision. This has a relatively large plastic container that can store a lot of food and can dispense food for up to 6 times a day. It uses dials as its timer, making it accurate compared with other automated feeders. The slider on the container can be set on to how much food you want to dispense. It allows you to control the output to maintain a clean habitat and lessen dissolving or spoiling food in the tank/aquarium.