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You may be one of the few people who would think to have a practical animal or poultry investment that to grow a pet. The problem is, what animal is the most convenient to breed and grow using only a backyard space? A cow, horse and other large farm animals would seem to be inappropriate as you only have a limited space to use. The most common and probably the most viable choice of animal to breed at the back of your home would be chicken. And to have that, you would need the best chicken coop to withstand outdoor weathers, the behavior of chickens and could also provide them with comfort, care, protection and an insulated shelter.

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Growing a chicken has its advantage. It could save you an amount of money and be able to eat fresh farm chicken meat and eggs.   Compared to processed meat and factory farmed animals, growing your own meat just around your house will guarantee you a food without those dangerous additives and preservatives.  Also, a common dish for breakfast are usually paired or cooked with eggs. You could just easily pick out a fresh egg out of your backyard chicken coop knowing that it is all good and fresh. In addition,  the nutrition you get from fresh backyard eggs and chicken meat compared to a factory processed eggs are at least 25% more, especially with vitamin E content.

Usually, home animals or pets enclosed or gaged by a something that could protect and provide them a comfortable home. It can either be portable or permanent. Regardless of which, chicken coops must be able to provide your chicken’s sufficient amount of heat especially on cold weathers and shade them during sunny days. You are also required to choose a chicken coop that grants you access with all floors or at least in most parts. This way, you can be able to pick out your fresh egg and chicken at a time of need without causing too much disturbance, stress and commotion. The accessibility must also provide convenience in feeding. A best way would be having small doors to where you can just slide in or out, your chicken feeds and refill the water.

Some of you might find it hard to look for a chicken coop, especially beginners. That is why we have decided to give you a complete guide and list of the best chicken coop you can have, that will provide your chicken with all their needs.

26 Best Chicken Coop Products

Pawhut will also compete and have thrived through making one of today’s best chicken coops for your backyard. This is an outdoor chicken barn of about 87 inches in length. It is very long and spacious. It has a total dimension of 57 inches in width by 87 inches in length and about 32 inches tall. It could fairly house several numbers of adult size chicken. The coop set is divided in half, one part for nesting and insulation and the other for a spacious run area.

Pet Products actually look like. The set is built and ideally designed to fit the needs of a chicken and adjust to their natural behaviour like with other animals.  It could also work great with other types of farm or poultry animal provided that the size will fit the coop’s dimension. Such example would be for rabbits or guinea pig hutches,  fowls and more.

If you want an all-natural and the best chicken coop plans at the back of your house, then this chicken coop or nest box from Best Choice Products will highly fit your scheme. It is made from fir wood which is actually a long lasting material and is reliably strong. The chicken coop set has lot doors, one of which is sliding. It is a 2 tier housing for chickens connected by a ramp. The lower part is a run area and the upper part for insulation and nesting.

Best Choice Products will continue to amaze you with their real wood best chicken coop design. The coop offers a 2 level chicken house where the lower part is a run area which is connected by a strong and stable ramp, up to the 2nd level. The set is fairly large and spacious. Although it is divided where 1 part is your chicken nesting area and the other is for their run area. The set is built with metal wires around it. This is to keep them ventilated while being fully protected.

Merax Chicken Coop is one of the best chicken coops for sale. It has a house set for chickens made from natural finish wood. The set comes in different design or style. Each style chosen have different price from another. This one right here is their Coop #1. It has an overall size of about 68 inches in length by 26 inches in width and about 47 inches tall. This 2 tiered chicken house or coop offers a spacious run or activity area below and a warm resting or nesting room on top. The two floors are connected by a strong and stable ramp.

You should certainty know that the best location for chicken coop is your backyard. And an ideal way of setting up a chicken coop without messing up your beautiful backyard garden scenery is with the Pawhut’s Wooden Poultry/Hen Chicken House. The set looks very elegant and fashionable. It is painted with green and crafted from premium and durable wood. The top or roof can be easily removed for cleaning, maintenance and accessibility. It also has a spacious activity area at the bottom floor and a comfortable warm area on the 2nd floor.

Pets Imperial Double Savoy Large Chicken Coop with 2 Nest Boxes Suitable Up to 10 Small Birds. 4’9″ wide x 3’1″ high. With a galvanised metal pull out tray for easy cleaning and houses up to 10 birds (depending on size) It has 2 nest boxes. This is made from friendly timber and designed to last for years. It is fox and coyote proof.

One of the best chicken coop designs for cold weather is made and brought to you by Petsfit. The company/manufacturer is actually known to provide many tools and equipment for pets and farm animals. This right here is a 53 inches long outdoor chicken coop or barn. It features and includes a nesting box, two fairly large doors, a removable floor and a waterproofed roof. The nesting box is perfect for laying eggs. It also grants you access to them and you can easily pick out a fresh from your backyard eggs.

How about a portable and the best chicken coop kit from Pawhut? The house set for chickens comes with a wheel. It allows you to easily transfer the coop from one place to another. It has 2 main parts, one is a large and spacious run area where your chickens can roam and relax and the other is for resting, nesting and insulation during cold weather. Most parts are made from solid wood. A coop made of wood would provide more ventilation compared to a plastic/metal. The set will require you some assembly skills but only to a minimum.

If you are looking for the best chicken coop for 6 chickens, have a look at this deluxe backyard hen house or chicken coop from Pawhut. It features a 2 level house set with a very spacious run or activity area and a very large containment area for nesting, insulation and resting. The set have many doors for easy access and built with small windows for an efficient are circulation and/or ventilation. It comes with a free divider if you want to divide the nest box to a two isolated area.

We all know that other than a farm, our backyard is the best location for chicken coop. Given that, we would want a large size deluxe set made from natural and solid wood like this amazing Chicken Cage or Coop from ChickenCoopOutlet. The set is one of the largest chicken houses you can get. It can be availed at a price which is a little expensive than your normal chicken coop but it would be totally worth it. It can cater a large number of chickens and will provide you visibility and access at all parts of the coop. It has a nesting area, run area, ramp and many doors.

Smithbuilt brings you one of their cool and best chicken coop design product. It features a 2-story chicken house about 7 feet long. It could house a large number of chickens. The lower floor is a run area with a stable and strong ramp that connects to the top. The top floor is a nesting or resting area where it keeps your chickens warm during cold season. It has opening/closing windows for ventilation and sufficient air circulation during hot weathers. It uses an asphalt roof which is highly resistant against any weather conditions. It includes a pull-out tray for cleaning and maintenance.

This is the wooden backyard coop made with premium wood from Pawhut. It is one of the best price chicken coops in the market. For a great an affordable price, it measures about 77 inches long, 29 inches in width and 39 inches high. The set is divided into two parts. One side is made with galvanize metal wire which acts as a run area for chickens while keeping them protected from predators. The other side is for nesting and resting. You can have this chicken coop set in white/dark-grey color or green/white color, depending on your choice or preference.

This is a large size, hen house/chicken coop for your backyard, made and brought to you by Snap Lock. It is the best chicken coop designs for cold weather as it are entirely closed, maintaining a good insulation temperature. The set has locking/opening doors but it does not provide any run area and does not have metal wires. It is intended that way to fight against cold weathers. The set does not require any tools in assembling. Even thou an insulated set, it is highly resistant against ultraviolet. It is also resistant against harmful chemicals and is waterproofed.

A best chicken coop plans you could have for a large count of chickens is the outdoor/backyard wooden coop for chickens by Pawhut. It can cater around 4 – 6 chickens. It measures about 48 inches long. It is a 2-story coop, complete with all doors in all parts to give you full access. The 2nd floor being the nesting or resting area will provide your chickens the right amount of heat and insulation. It is connected to the lower floor by a ramp. It is made by a combination of metal wires with compact spacing for security and natural solid wood.

There are so many best chicken coops for sale and up for grabs. One great product you could choose to have is the deluxe wooden coop set for chickens from Ardinbir. It measures about 58 inches long, 34 inches high and 21 inches in width. Regardless of its external size, the inside of the set provides wide space for movement and rest. There are 2-tiers, the lower tier being an activity area for chickens and the upper tier being their nesting and insulation area. The set includes a pull-out tray for easy cleaning, windows for better air circulation and wide doors for accessibility.

This is a large size coop for chicken from Exacme. It sizes up to about 74 inches long with enough space for a wide and tall run area. It also comes with a tall door and walls made of durable and compact spacing metal wires. That is to provide owners with visibility, keep the chickens protected from predators, keep them enclosed in the area and create a nice air circulation for efficient ventilation. It has 2 floors where the lower floor is the run or activity area and the top floor being insulation, nesting or resting room.

ECOLINEAR brings you their own style of an outdoor wooden hutch or coop for chicken. It measures about 75 inches long and could spaciously house 2 to 4 adult size chicken.  It uses a durable and long lasting galvanized metal wire which keeps your chickens from getting out and prevents predators from getting in. The mesh wire area also serves as an activity area where you chickens can run around. It is complete with ramp, doors, windows and a waterproof and weather resistant roof made with asphalt.

One of the best chicken coops product you need to have if you plan on having a little poultry farm in your backyard is the deluxe wooden hen house from Pawhut. It is 72 inches long, 32 inches in depth and around 41 inches tall. It could house adult size chickens of up to 5. The set uses a weather treated wood which means it could highly resist and withstand harsh outdoor conditions. It also has a non-toxic and smooth finish. It has many locking doors and a roof top that could be open. This is a best way of getting access to all parts of the hen house.

The set is one of the few large size hutch or coop where you can choose to breed different types of farm animals like chickens or rabbits. If you would think into it deeply, the set is actually a great investment. It will provide you with fresh farm eggs and chicken meat as you bread. As most of us know, fresh farm eggs and meat are more nutritious compared to a factory processed food. It could greatly boost your body’s resistance by building your immune system through proper and healthy, nutritious fresh foods.

This is a portable style backyard coop for chickens. It is designed to be lightweight using light but durable wood materials. It comes with casters/wheels that enable you to easily transfer or relocate the location of your mini-poultry farm. This works best for chickens but it could also be a hutch for rabbits, ducks and other poultry farm animals. It comes with some kit and will require some assembly skills which is fairly easy. You can refer to the detailed assembly manual included in the set.

This is a large and uniquely designed chicken coop set from ChickenCoopOutlet. It is made from thick and solid wood with natural finish. This is a great set for your backyard poultry farm. It grants you with all the access you want as most parts can be flipped open. It is about 59 inches in length, 40 inches wide and 38 inches tall. The coop set suitable for 4 adult sized, egg-laying chickens, or around 8 bantam chickens. It does not have any run-area but it has an opening/locking door and a ramp which can get your chickens running around your backyard.

One of the few, expensive and best chicken coop design is brought to you by ChickenCoopOutlet. It has around 99 inches in length, 61 inches tall and 41 inches in width. This set could efficiently hold around 3 large sized egg-laying chickens and around 6 bantam chickens. But it still has an allowance where you can add one or two more depending on the breed and the size. It has 2 tiers where the bottom tier is covered with mesh wires and the top tier, nesting place with a nest-box windows and doors.

Our next chicken coop product is from Confidence. It is a fairly large size hen house or chicken coop which is highly suitable for your backyard. The set features a 2-story chicken coop or animal hutch where one floor is for a wide activity area and the other for a comfortable and well-ventilated nesting area. It has 2 lockable doors of different sizes. The smaller door with mesh windows covers the top floor and the large door covers the run area. Both floors are connected by a ramp where it can hold a chicken weight efficiently. It also has an opening top for the nest-box for easy access.

If you are looking for a chicken coop kit with only minimal assembly requirements, then you can check out SmithBuilt’s two story wooden coop for chickens. It measures 7 feet long which is highly portable and very easy to assemble. It does include all the necessary tools and kits required for assembly and with a very detailed assembly manual. It is made from weather resistant fir wood and uses an asphalt roof to withstand weather changes. It is complete with a nesting area, resting area and a run area where they can walk around and have some fresh air and enjoy the scenery.

If you want something cheap but highly durable and made from the strongest and quality wood for your best chicken coop plans, then we suggest you check on to this poultry hutch from Pawhut. It has its own nesting box and a very spacious resting/nesting area with an opening rooftop, allowing you access to all areas of the hutch. There is a large door on the front that comes with a lock. Depending on the weather and the area circumstances in your backyard, you can open/close the door at any time. It does not have any activity area but you could ideally set it up in a fenced backyard.

If you want the best chicken coop that could fit into your home theme or have a fashionable sense of style, then this 0310 Deluxe Wooden Coop from Mcombo would be the perfect chicken/poultry house for you. It is recommended for chickens but could still perform and serve other types of poultry farm animals such as ducks, rabbits and more. This set will need some assembly but it includes all the necessary kit and a detailed assembly or instruction manual. It uses strong metallic mesh wires for an outer layer protection. The roof is weather resistant and the resting area comes with a nice pink color and a nesting box.


Closing our list of the best chicken coop products, made and crafted to fit your backyard and home’s fresh nutritional needs, we included a video below. Just for fun and amusement. It is the top 10 chicken coop chosen by random reviewer where he based his ranking subjectively. This is to provide you with additional insights about what type of chicken coop to get for your little farm at home.

Almost all of these chicken coop sets are large and could hold up 4 – 6 adult and fully grown hens. In addition, most of it are made from durable and solid wood construction, coated with weather resistant finish that ensures you a reliable and worthy longevity. These coops made it possible for your simple home to have little farm and give will give you abundant supply of fresh eggs within your home’s reach.