Best Goats for Eating Weeds

Best Goats For Eating Weeds

There are so many farming or livestock animals that are herbivorous. We have your sheep, horse, cow, rabbits, cattle and more. But what would be the best weed, grass or plant-eating animal to raise for clearing and eating weeds? One of the top choices would be the goat. It has a chewing and eating habit that surpasses other herbivores when it comes to weeds. Although there are many goat breeds available to do so, we have compiled some of the best goats for eating weeds to make your search as well as clearing your weeds faster than an average, normal breed of goat.

Other than being loving, adorable and friendly characteristics of a goat, their irritating and stressful behavior of excessive chewing and biting can sometimes come in handy, especially when you want to clear your area from weeds, shrubs and other growing plants. They are browsers by nature. They will search for something to chew and eat. The goats will do so out of curiosity, scent, and movement. Also, they are naturally attracted to eating weeds. They can fully eradicate your land’s brushes and weeds in no time, may it be farm land, garden or your lawn.

Best Goats for Eating Weeds

Goats are known to feast and devour plants, shrubs, weeds or grasses. But not all goats have a large appetite to consume a large area at a faster and shorter time. Although normal, ordinary or just any  breed of goats might work, there are specific breeds that could actually do the work with far less effort and faster than other among the 200+ types or breeds of goats. Below are some of the noteworthy and highly recommended goats to clean your green land, backyard, lawn or livestock area from growing weeds and other unwanted plant and shrub growth.

Boer Goats

This goat breed is ideally grown for their meat. The breed has a large and bulky body, naturally strong and tough, resistant to parasites and diseases. They can even consume and tolerate some amount of toxic foods for goats or materials without having any harmful and side-effect but that’s not really advised as you do not want to test out how resilient your pet’s digestive system to toxicity.

The Boer goats are actually meat breeds that consume a lot of food, one would be weeds, to maintain its size and growth. They are also active where they need to replenish their strength and energy at most times through eating. The breed came first in South Africa. It is an ideal breed to cross with dairy goat breeds as it will produce a meat breed that could also produce sufficient amount of milk with average buttermilk content.

Spanish Goats

The Spanish goat is undoubtedly a breed or type of goat that came from Spain. It’s usually called a breed but it is actually a type of goat as there are so many breeds under the category. They are also one of the best and ideal choice for clearing shrubs, plants, and weeds. The breed or type of goat can astonishingly consume a lot. That is possibly due to their body’s productivity as they are both meat growing and milk-producing goats.

The country, Spain, has been long breeding goats and has come to so many breeds where they are actually confident of what their goat breeds can do. As for clearing weeds, there is no doubt that the Spanish Goats have been used for over centuries to clear green lands, farms and other city and rural areas where there is a rampant growth of unwanted shrubs, plant, and weeds. The rate of clearing or consuming, however, depends on the breed of Spanish goat as there are many. Fortunately, regardless of the breed, most of them can pull off an average amount of weed per day.

Different Sizes of Goats

If you want a faster job done, you can actually select different sizes of goats to do the trick. A good example would be choosing a Boer goat as one and a smaller goat, specifically a pygmy goat as the other one. The reason why it would result in a faster clearing is that the Boer goats will consume all the tall shrubs and weeds while the pygmy goat will take care of small plants and weeds.

Just to show how and well, goats can actually do when it comes to clearing weeds, below is a short video:

Pygmy goat is neither tall nor strong enough to pull out large weeds. Therefore, they’d be devouring all the smaller plants at a faster rate to fulfill their appetite. You can also use the Nigerian dwarf goat, a milk breed goat in pair with your Boer goat. This would make it a good combination as Boer goats will target those that are in size with it or within its reach above. Having different sizes of goats will result in a faster, clearer, cleaner land area.

Angora Goat

The Angora goat is a fiber breed goat that can consume a lot of weeds, shrubs, plants or grasses. They are actually quite capable of doing a faster job and do not require much effort in looking out. They are friendly, highly resistant against parasites and diseases, tough and have a good appetite for something to chew. This averagely sized goat can do well paired with large sizes such as the Boer goat or the smaller size like with thePygmy or Nigerian dwarf goat.


Most of this breed of goats is considered to be the best in clearing weeds in any land area or farm. Choosing beyond this advised and recommended breed of goats would require you some considerations such as the toughness and resilience of the goat against toxic consumption and harsh weather conditions.

You also want to consider a goat breed with smaller horns. Goats with larger horns have a greater chance of getting stuck to shrubs, small trees, and dead branches. And assuming that you just let them wonder all day to clear your land area, you aren’t on the lookout most of the time to check the animal’s situation or condition.