Best Rated Dog House of 2022 – [COMPLETE LIST OF 33 with REVIEWS]

What is the benefit of a dog house or a kennel? It seems that owning a dog, feeding it, walking around and keeping it groomed is not enough to secure a safe and comfortable environment for your dog, for your family, friends and neighbors. You wouldn’t want your dog running loose around a compound with no fence.  Who knows what might happen? And setting up a dog fence to enclose the area would cost you a lot of money compared to getting them a kennel, otherwise known as their dog house.  That is why most dog lovers and owners opt to look for the best house dog product for their K9 friends. Not only that, it is cheaper compared to a wide fence, it also consumes a little bit of space and usually made from wooden construction which guarantees a long lasting product   as most premium woods are highly regarded to be strong and durable.

Dog houses or kennels are the most inexpensive way of protecting your dogs and your family. It also keeps your dog safe from other animals.   As you already know, dog attacks or aggression are a common problem among homes with dogs. Other kids from across the streets could get into your dog’s territory and the scale of danger ranges from getting a minor scratch to a dog bite or worst. The same events would happen if coming across other dogs.

Other benefits of owning a dog kennel encompasses potty training. Due to an enclosed area, your dog would not want to spoil their space and would tend to go out to do their thing. It would train them not to poop or pee around the area of the house. It could also work as a negative reinforcement for dogs who are misbehaving.  Every time they get their selves into some bad habit, you could train or teach them their mistakes by putting them in the Kennel or have them on the leash.

Lastly, talking about space saving equipment for dogs,  a dog house only requires minimum amount of space and minimal amount of work and assembly. These kennels can be easily set-up in both indoors and outdoors. It holds greatly portability that you can even store or transport it at any time you want.

Below is a list of the best house dog products for your pet-loving home:

33 Best Dog Houses

One of the many best dog houses, ideal for any type or breed of dogs is the Outdoor Dog House/Kennel from Boomer & George. It is a fully-enclosed dog house that uses an A-Frame for a snug, fit and secure enclosure. The size of this dog house is fairly large. It could cater multiple dogs or a very large one. The kennel is made from solid wood construction and using only the finest wood quality. It has a green roof design which is highly resistant from harsh weather conditions.

There are so many products labeled or dubbed as the best-insulated dog house for homes. The manufacturer is proud to say and consider this amazing product to be one of those. This is the Spring Fever’s Puppy/Dog/Cat House. It is best used as an indoor dog house or cage enclosure during the rainy or cold days. The design is to maintain the body heat of your pet. It is crafted with an anti-slide and uses a soft fabric to provide a great amount of comfort. It is easy to place, remove and wash. This woodcraft works great both as dog and cat house furniture.  

This is from Best Choice Products. it is a wooden outback and the best house dog cabin you would want for your dog. The has a large size that measures to about 32.5 inches in length, 45 inches in width and 33 inches in height. It could fit a large dog inside with enough space for your pet to move freely. The roof has a slanted design. It is too keep the water flowing during rainy days if you intend to use it outdoors. The roof also opens on the top, an ideal design for cleaning and maintenance.

Another best outdoor dog house product is this Outback Log Cabin from Precision Pet. It is cheap, affordable and with simple design but holds a close and competitive quality from expensive ones. You can choose to buy this dog house set on different sizes, scaling from small, medium to large and/or up to 25 pounds. The price of the product varies from the size chosen. It has an off-center entrance which makes it a perfect design for protecting against harmful elements. The set is durable and could withstand a behavioral beating of a dog.

This is how the Outback Country Lodge actually looks like. Below is a short video that could add some more insights and have a better view of the product you opt do buy.

As seen in the video, it is spacious and maintains a natural finish. It does not have any toxic paintings or finishes that could harm your dog. The space also provide great amount of movement to fit your dog’s natural behavior.

This is a classic-look, DH250 series, dog house from Suncast. It is highly attractive. The design, color and aesthetics of the house have a close resemblance of our actual human house. It is the best house dog breeds equipment you can get for your dog. It is crafted from durable resin and with a crowned floor. This set can carry a weight of a dog up to 70 pounds. The house measures a dimension of 27 inches in width and almost 30 inches in height. It offers a comfortable and well insulated house with a doorway of 12 inches in width by 20 and a half inches in height.

Below is a short video of how amazing the Suncast Dog House Product for your dogs. It is comfortable and maintains a good standard of protection and shelter.

The versatility is great. The design, aesthetics and construction fits it in either indoor or outdoor use.

Another great kennel and the best house dog breed product from Suncast, the DH350 Dog house. The set requires some assembly but with only minimal effort, all thanks to the snap-together assembly system. It is highly safe and comprehensively attractive. It can cater to a dog weight of not great than 100 pounds. That is 30 pounds more weight capacity from the DH250 series. It also includes nice vinyl doors and gives you a chance to personalize the letter on top for your pet’s name.

This is the Boomer & George, best house dog breeds with deck kennel crates. It is fairly large. The dog kennel or house measures to about 67w by 31d by 38 inches in height. The set features a porch to provide your dog with a large space to move around and catch some fresh air. It also makes the set a little luxurious and classy. The largeness of the set however, takes a lot of space wherein it is not ideal to place it indoors. It is however, a great outdoor house and would work great in your lawn.

The Boomer & George manufacturer/company is known to produce magnificent dog tools and equipment.  This right here is their top-selling dog house or kennel product.

It provides proper shelter for dogs. It keeps them insulated during cold days and keeps them protected from the heat of the sun and ventilated.

Our next product is a unique design and the best house dog for family and friends. Petmate gives you a chance to have this set on a variety of sizes. You can choose to have it in medium, large or extra-large but of course, the price will vary on the chosen size. The shape of this dog house resembles that of an igloo. It uses Microban technology that keeps away bacteria, mildew and molds. This keeps your pet protected from harmful outdoor elements.

There are so many best house dog pets you can choose from, like this amazing Dog Club House from TRIXIE Pet Products. Compared to other dog house product, this is fairly very light on your budget. It has different sizes from small, medium or large and the prices are not that far from each other. It is made from solid pine.  The construction features a long lasting draft resistant tongue. The set is highly suitable for dogs with weight not over 70 lbs. This set has a dimension, approximately about 41 by 27 by 28 inches.

This is the best house dog for protection and a little bit of luxury design. It has a rooftop or balcony where the dog can sit comfortable and have a better view or fresh air. This is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. This set is made from cedar and painted with all-natural or wooden-like color. This set however, is designed to cater only smaller dogs. As seen in the photo, it is fairly small and only has a tiny opening or door. It requires some assembly and would take about 15 to 20 minutes to get it all set up.

Talking about one of the cheapest but highly regarded and considered to be one of best dog house. This is the Retreat Portable Dog House from Etna. It is fairly simple with no fancy design but it keeps them protected from heat or rain. The set maintains a cool and dry environment for your dog. There are mesh-screens on the floor and at the rear part of the house. It is to keep them ventilated while being able to keep away harmful elements. There is a large opening on the front to fit any size of dogs.

This is an indoor and outdoor dog equipment is from always-quality. It is one of their best house dog breeds products that could cater a small – medium size dog. They offer you 2 colors, red and blue. You can choose to have either as the price, even thou varies from the color chosen, is not at all that far from each other. It has a smooth surface are and a very catchy design. It can be easily washed or cleaned. The set has an easy-assembly pattern and will only require you a screw driver. It is highly durable and ensures great safety and protection over your dog.

Do you want only the best house dog for your home? This is a castle-like dog house. It has a staircase and a wooden porch or balcony. This will not only protect your dog against harsh weather conditions and harmful elements, this will also give them some class and a place to sit around while enjoying the fresh air and the view. The set is not that expensive and not at all cheap. It is made from sturdy and durable wood. It is great for both indoor and outdoor home for your pet.

Another great product from Boomer & George is this stair case dog house. The video below will further prove to you, why it is considered to be the best house dog for your home.

There is a staircase to where your dog can climb up and sit on the balcony. Not all dogs enjoy being cramped up inside their house. The balcony provides them with better view and makes them enjoy a refreshing breeze.

The next product is from Confidence. It is one of their best house dog in the market which holds great reviews, ratings and recommendations from other dog lovers and satisfied customers. It is made and crafted from hard plastic. The set offers a great space for your dogs to be able to move freely. The set is an all-weather design which means that it could handle harsh weather conditions. It is ideal for an outdoor dog house but could also work great indoors. The set requires some assembly but it’s easy and effortless.

Who would want an elegant and classy indoor house for pets? This is Petfit’s best dog house product made. It is intended as an indoor kennel/dog house/cat house. There are 2 sizes available for this set, a small and large. The small however, has a wide measurement that could be compared with other large dog house from other manufacturers. It measures to about 30 inches in length, 20 inches in width and 26 inches in height. There are also a variety of colors to choose from, green, grey, red and rose red. It uses water-based paint which is non-toxic and not at all harmful for dogs or cats.

This best house dog breeds product is an indoor cozy brick house from Pet Store. It may be use outdoors but on good weather conditions only. It is portable and does not require any assembly. The set is best for dogs but it can provide a warm comfort for other pets as well such as cats. The indoor house measures to about 18 inches tall, 15 inches wide and 16 inches deep. It is very much cheap and affordable and very easy to maintain. The set can be folded which makes it great for transport or travel, even storage to save space.

The next set from Petsfit is one of the best insulated dog houses you can get for smaller dogs. It keeps them well ventilated and keeps their environment cozy. This small set can also be purchased on a larger scale but of course, the price will vary differently, depending on the size. There is a fairly even size of door but you need to check on the size and dimension of your dog to make sure it fits. The top and the bottom floor of the house can be opened as it keeps the set, very easy to clean and maintain.

This is a bamboo made dog house for dogs and cats. This product is from 7Life and all the materials used are bamboo and a non-toxic finish/painting for the set. It is a brand new set and assures high quality product. The set has 2 colors and the price differs very slightly. The set uses a mesh-design of bamboo for fresh air and nice ventilation. It maintains a good temperature during rainy or hot summer days. The set comes in 3 pieces, the bamboo mat, bamboo roof and a bamboo floor.

The next product is from Pet Squeak. The dog house set features a front porch. It is all made from natural, hard and durable wood with a nice natural finish. The set can be bought on three sizes, small, medium or large. It can be easily assembled provided that you follow the instruction. It is weather-resistant. The set can withstand different outdoor and weather conditions. It is also light-weight which makes it very easy to store or transport. Your dog

How do you consider a trait that defines, what is the best house dog for your family? Mainly, the durability and comes next is the size which is appropriate for its purpose. This product here fits both aspects in remarkable quality. The set, in dimension, could fit multiple dogs of all types and size. The set is also made from solid wood which holds greater durability compared to plastic ones. Wooden dog houses are also resistant to different outdoor weathers. There are 2 large doors on the house and has a measurement of about 73 inches-W by 39 inches-D by 42 inches-H.

Pet Squeak brings you the best house dog for protection and comfortable living. The set is medium size with a measurement of 31 inches-W by 34 inches-D by 36 inches-H. You should vary the dimension of the house to the size of your dog before purchasing. The set requires some easy assembling. It is crafted from solid wood and has a natural finish. It is weather resistant which means it could go great for outdoors but works fine as an indoor dog house as well. The durability is reliable and weighs very light. You can easily store, transport or move the house from point to point.

Starplus would never back down to the competition. They bring you the best house dog for family made from strong and durable plastic. It is non-toxic and hazard free. It is designed with an easy-click assembly. It only requires a small effort and a few clicks and it would be ready-for-use. The plastic dog house is water and heat resistant, making it a perfect outdoor dog house. The set however, is also ideal for indoors. It can be easily stored, consumes a little amount of space and very convenient for transport.

A plastic made shelter from Pet Zone is considered to be one of the best house dog pets product you can hope to have, the Tuff-N-Rugged Dog House. This product has bountiful of good reviews and ratings over many marketing websites. The house serves to keep your pet warm during the rainy days and/or winter and keep them cool and refreshed during hot/summer days. It could accommodate a medium size dog with a weight limit of 125 pounds. The house uses a double-wall design for an additional insulation.

This is a plastic dog house from Dollar-Item-Direct. It is a lovely and the best house dog product you can have for your lovely dogs. It makes your dogs and puppies feel safe and at home. It is made of smooth and durable plastic materials which makes cleaning and maintenance very easy. It is also very easy to assemble as it is already pre-drilled and you only need screw driver. The set is very light, a perfect dog house product for and indoor use. It does not take up a lot of space and can be efficiently stored or transported without any effort.

The next and one of the best dog house products from Pet Squeak is the Arf Frame Kennel or House for dogs. The size is small but you can always choose a different size as the manufacturer gives you a chance to do so. The price varies on the size chosen. The price and the size ascend proportionally. It is made from solid wood construction and very easy to assemble. It is weather resistant and not at all toxic. It is very light on its weight and the wood construction makes it reliably strong. It has raised floor to keep your dog warm and dry.

This product is one of Boomer and George’s best house dog breeds that feature a wooden barn or a wooden dog house. It is designed and ideally built for the convenience of dogs but it could work great with other animals as well such as cats. There is a terrace in front of the dog house, near the door, to allow your dog to have a breeze of fresh air and have a better view of its surroundings. The set is slightly expensive as it uses natural wood on all parts. It also uses a natural finish, ensuring a non-toxic and health-safe environment for dogs.

On some occasions, the best insulated dog house is only as good if it has quality doors or if there are any doors at all. Doorless kennels could only provide a good breeze during fair weather but it could get your dogs in deep cold during winter and/or rainy days. That is why some people who have doorless dog house opt to have this amazing doghouse door from Precision Pet. It is made from heavy-duty and durable plastic, cheap and affordable and comes on different sizes. It can fit all outback kennels for dogs and other pets.

This product is from TRIXIE Pet products. This is one of the best house dog from TRIXIE that features a Log Cabin or Dog House made from solid wood construction. It uses pine wood, making it effectively strong and durable. It has a groove design and is highly resistant from draft. The set includes a nice removable floor that can be raised to allow great circulation and keep the insides well-ventilated. It can be installed with a dog door that fits perfectly but it is sold separately. The feet of the set are adjustable. You can elevate or lower it down for maintaining a good posture on uneven ground.

ASL Solutions bring you their best outdoor dog house having an exterior made from polystyrene exterior. The inside of the house has fully installed ESP foam from top to bottom, ceilings and walls. The set has a dimension of about 31.5 inches-W by 38.5 inches-H by 47.5 inches-D. The measurement just shows that this set could cater large sizes of dogs provided that they fit the dimension of the door. The door is self-closing. You do not need to exert effort, time and attention in closing the doors every time your dog moves in or out of the house.

This product will greatly compete with other best outdoor dog house. It is from ASL Solution and they only want the best for your dog. Below is a video of how comfortable your dog can get with sufficient insulation during cold and sufficient ventilation during hot season.

The door is an extra feature. It automatically closes as your dog passes through. You do not need to take much of your effort to keeping the house’s door closed.


This is a new product and holds a quality to be one of best house dog breed products in the market. It features a Heated Dog House made from wood for outdoor use. The set features a built-in heater that requires some installation. It uses 150 watts of heating power which is mainly sufficient to keep the temperature warm during winter season, rainy days and/or cold nights. It has a slanted roof to keep water flowing in one direction and a raised wooden floor to keep your pets warm and dry.

Bringing you one of Petsfit’s best house dog breeds small-size product, this is the Wooden X-Small Pet house. The size is measured to be exactly 28 inches by 30 inches by 30 inches in dimension. Although small, the manufacturer provides you with options to choose from small to medium size. This is perfect for small dogs and any size of cats. The house is pre-drilled which makes assembly very easy, fast and efficient. There is a door-flap included in the set. It has adjustable plastic feet to keep the house elevated and keep out the moisture.

Another great product from ASL Solutions is the DOG Palace. This is the best house dog for family of ASL Solution. It is the same as the previous Dog Palace on our list but differs in size and color. The features such as ESP foam insulation and an auto-closing door still is the same with this set. The size is 38 inches in height by 31.5 inches in width by 47.5 inches in length. This is actually an ideal dog house for vets and animal hospitals. It keeps the dog contained comfortably inside and keeping it warm. The self-storing panes can be easily re-positioned to create efficient ventilation.

The last, best house dog for protection product in our long list of Kennels, Pet or Dog houses is the Deluxe Outdoor Dog Kennel from ASPEN TREE INTERIORS. This is a 4 by 8 pen house which provides a large room for your dog to move around. One part is covered with chain-link fence to allow efficient supply of air and offers them visibility to warn you off with incoming intruders. It is ideal for an outdoor use. The set is very large, sturdy, long lasting and very easy to clean. It also requires minimal maintenance. The expensiveness of the set is justified with the product’s quality.