Best Meat Goat Breeds

Thinking about raising a family or breed of goat means will require you to conduct some research to find out the best and the most appropriate breed for you, the breed that can live and survive under the available tools and materials in your vicinity. A good example would be breeding large breeds but having just a few spaces for them is really not an ideal option for you or having such a large and wide space but chose to breed the smallest of the goat breeds. That is why we have decided to bring you a list of the best meat goat breeds and an ideal reason for breeding them.

The main reason for breeding goat meats is because it is highly profitable. The meat is popular in many countries where some are considered a delicacy. In the U.S. alone, there is a very high demand in goat meat. The same with Spain, the country had been breeding goats for their meat for over centuries. In addition, goats do not require much attention and care like with other livestock animals such as chickens or rabbits. Goats just require a good space, quality hay or other vitamins and nutrients rich foods, quality water and sanitation.

Best Meat Goat Breeds?

Meat goats before are not that popular, but today, meat goats production and demand had been steadily increasing over the years. Many have now actually started trying to experiment with the breed by cross breeding to check and combined traits such as good quality meat, growth, milk production, fiber production, and longevity. Below are some of the best meat goat breeds currently available for growing, breeding and production of meat.

Boer Goat

The Boer Goat first originated in Southern Africa. It was a popular breed of goat in the country of Africa during the early years of the 1900s. Up until today, the goat breed has been a good choice for livestock owners breeding goats for their meat. The goat’s breed name is a Dutch name that means farmers. Rightful for its name, the Boar Goat grows a lot of muscles and good meat. It does not, however, produce good quality and sufficient amount of milk.

It is not just the quality and good production of meat that the Boer Goat is known about. They are also highly resistant to diseases and illness and other causes of mortality rate. They are also highly fertile that it is easier for the breed to multiply or reproduce. In addition, the Boer Goat is one of the largest sizes of goat breeds. The size alone can tell you about how much meat it can produce, not just quantity but also produces quality meat.

Verata Goat

This goat breed originated from Spain. For those of you who don’t know, goat is a popular livestock animal in Spain. They have been studying and mixing breeds for quite a long time. The breed is well known for being very easy to handle, tough, resistant to diseases and highly adaptive to their environment. Verata Goat can survive different temperatures and climates. Being tough, the breed usually has a low mortality rate.

The Verata Goat is somewhere in between a milk breed and a meat breed. They produce a tolerable amount of quality meat and at the same time, a sufficient amount of milk. The meat grown is not that abundant compared to Boer Goat but can still compete in terms of quality and quantity. It does not produce so much milk like with the Nigerian Dwarf Goat but could produce enough for consumption and/or milk production.

Kiko Goat

The Kiko Goat is a famous meat breed goat in New Zealand. The breed originated and came into existence by crossbreeding feral goats with different dairy goats. It got to its peak in the year 1980s and has continued to grow and form different dairy breed combinations up to this day. This is a good choice with many farmers due to its potential and favorable traits such as parasitic resistance, low maintenance cost, high tolerance with bacteria and great resistance to diseases. The growth rate of the breed is also favorable to most farmers and livestock owners due to its remarkable growth rate. They can grow as much and as fast for quite a short period of time. It means fewer expenses and more meat production.

Black Bengal Goat

The Black Bengal Goat is rampant in the country of India, mainly in Bangladesh and Eastern India. This is one of the common popular goat meat breeds not because of how large they can grow and how much meat they can produce, it is because of the quality of meat they have. It is known to be tender, soft, lean and has a distinct flavor that cannot be tasted with other flavors of goat meats. The breed is also low maintenance where production is still sufficient at a lower expense.

Pygmy Goat

This is the smallest among all meat goat breed. Pygmy Goat’s lifespan is also much shorter than other breeds. This is actually more of a pet breed of goat due to its characteristics and size. The goat is quite lovable, adorable, cute, friendly and interactive with humans.

They are small and grow the lesser amount of meat compared to the previous 4 best meat goat breeds but we have decided to include the Pygmy Goat to the list due to the fact that there are actually so many farmers and livestock owners who breed Pygmy Goat for their meat.

The produce small amounts of meat but with great taste and quality. They also consume fewer amounts of food and space and could reach their prime at a very short time. The meat, however, may come expensive compared to large meat goat breeds. But regardless, the quality and taste of the meat being produced by Pygmy Goats are more than what the price is set.

Below is a video tip about the things you need to know before buying a goat:


The best meat goat breeds are only on the top of their quality and ideal for production if we as farmers and livestock owners care to provide them with proper care and nourishment. The productivity and the process of breeding goats successfully depend on how well we do our responsibility.