Can Goats And Chickens Live Together

Can Goats and Chickens  Live Together

We often see a farm full of different species of animals living together. It can sometimes make us wonder if there are any implications about the types of animals that can leave peacefully around another. More specifically, can goats and chickens live together? Both animals are of different types, a mammal and a bird. It could really make us worry if a chicken might get trampled by the sheer force of a herd of goats or goats can get annoyed by the loud noises of chickens.

Goats are far larger than chickens. A closed environment for both animals can really impose a question of putting the smaller type of animal in harm’s way. Also, goats are not deep sleepers. They can be easily awakened by noises of chickens especially when they crow early in the morning or late midnight. It leaves you with a possibility that your goats will get less sleep and can affect their health through the process.

Due to these concerns and issues about both animals living together, this article is dedicated to educate and inform you whether or not can goats and chickens live together. It is a short guide that will provide you with some enlightenment and relief if you already have a small/large farms, pens or coops with different types of animals residing under the same roof.

Can Goats and Chickens Live Together

It’s highly possible that chickens can live alongside goats or vice versa. Many people have been long doing this, especially farmers with only a few spaces of land to spare. This is very common for small farms or home/backyard farms.

Here’s a short funny video of a goat trying to befriend a chicken:

Some people have been raising chickens and enjoying fresh eggs every day and commonly, have decided to get a dairy goat breeds to enjoy the luxury of fresh milk. It’s a self-sufficient step for small farms and home/backyard farms. The idea is great but there are some pros and cons in keeping them together.


Cleaning Combination

Goats and chickens combined and living together can result to an efficient work and cleanup crew. Goats are highly efficient when it comes to cleaning your land’s pastures. Not to mention that they are quite picky about what they eat. They usually chew on unwanted roots that sprout out, dried/dead grasses, shrubs, etc. Just don’t let your goats come across your garden as they can eat all of your flowers because they are highly attracted with freshly scented flowers.

Chickens will keep watch with mouse and insects running around the area. Insects that eat through your flowers will be picked by chickens one at a time. Hapless mouse will be terrified of living in your area as they are prey for chickens. Adding to that, goat’s ration can be kept clean by chickens.


Having both types of animals could really provide your home some milk and egg production. It can save you a lot and allow you to enjoy fresh from the farm milk and eggs. Also, goats do not post any threats with the eggs laid by your chickens. They are herbivorous and do not have any interest in eating or playing around with chicken eggs. The same with when a goat produces milk. Chickens leave them be with their business and you can enjoy both of their production with no further repercussions.



Although they can live alongside each other peacefully, you should consider segregating chickens on one side and goats on the other side. Chickens are unhygienic and messy. They poop at almost anywhere and even on their sleep. Goats do not like a mess and can get stressed with all this chicken dirt around the area where they sleep.

In addition, chicken might get food and water supply contaminated with germs and bacteria from their feet as they step on the feeds. Goats do not like their food being stepped on. You can actually try it out on hays. Try to step on hay and smear it dirt. They won’t eat the hay no matter how hungry they are.


A chicken being stepped on by a goat is always a risk when it comes to putting both animals together. Chickens have a strong, flexible, nimble body where it greatly minimizes the chance of incurring fatal body injuries when a goat steps on them accidentally. However, baby chickens or chicks might be a problem. Just make sure if you have baby chickens around, keep them enclosed in their chicken coop and keep them from wandering around the area.

Goats perform head-butts as well. That is how they play with other animals, including humans. They just do the occasional head-butts the for fun and amusement. It’s one of their interactive ways to play around. However, keep an open mind about accidents. Goat may not perform hard and strong head-butts to chickens but you always need to expect the unexpected.