Can Pygmy Goats Be House Trained?

Can Pygmy Goats Be House Trained

Our discussion will greatly concern pet owners more than livestock or farmers. The breed of goats that requires the concern of training are usually breeds that are chosen for pets. These are your usual  small type of goats or milking goats such as pygmy goat, Nigerian dwarf goat and more. Our main concern would be whether or not, can pygmy goats be house trained? There would be no point of petting an animal and stress yourself out with its un-trainable traits and characteristics. This is a major factor for an ultimate turn off in the type of pet if training, even the basic ones, is not applicable.

Basic training would include your outdoor potty training and urinating. These two is something you would want to train them first as it involves cleaning and sanitation inside your home. Fortunately, goats are wise and intellectual animals. They can carry out some task and can be trained to potty and urinate outdoors with a single command. Training goats require some patience, time and more importantly, love.

Goats like to be pleasured. Tapping or scratching their ears every time they did something good or followed a command is greatly appreciated. The command will imply that they did it successfully resulting in a reward. Sometimes instead of tapping or scratching, some people use treats to reward each accomplished task. Focusing more on a pet, small and milk breeds, can pygmy goats be house trained? The discussion below will answer the question.

Can Pygmy Goats Be House Trained?

The same with all goats, pygmy goats can easily be trained. In fact, due to the loving and adorable character of pygmy goats, training would be a lot easier compared to some goats. Other than the basic training of potty and urinating, you can also train pygmy goats to limit their access in some areas or corners of the house. You can also train them to eliminate their chewing, biting and eating habit of things, especially foods and your occasional wash clothes.

Some trait, characteristics and habits of goats can be destructive, especially to home furniture. There are occasions that you’d end up home with chewed pillows, bed, sofa, bent table and more. If you want to keep a goat inside your home rather than a small pen in your backyard, it would require you some goat training to make it harmonious for both of you.

Accomplishing the task of organizing the habits of your pet can also strengthen your bond and would make the environment healthy for your pet. Failing to eliminate some of the destructive habits of your goat pet could not only stress you out and damage your home but it could also put them in harm’s way. They’d chew, bite and eat some toxic foods, swallow large objects or chew on electric cords and more.

Before deciding on getting a goat pet, you should think into it with some considerations to whether or not, you can tolerate the behavior or have enough patience to train them to live within your standards. Always be responsible when you have a pet at home.