Cool Facts about Goats

Goats are amazing, lovely and a little mysterious. One of the wonderful mysteries and cool facts about goats that you may often think about is if they actually sleep. Yes, goats do sleep but it is hard to catch them at those times because they seldom or never at all experience deep sleep. They sleep lightly wherein the lowest sounds they hear can wake them up and put them on full alert. That is also the reason why you often see goats awake as they can hear you approach long before you reach a clear vision. That’s just one of the cool facts about goats you now know and we still have more to share with you later on.

The animal has been in the care by humans for several centuries and up to this day, humans still keep domesticating goats. That is because goats provide easy access to fiber, meat, and milk. They are a good source of food as their meat can be quite nutritious and tasty. Milk goat breeds is a bonus. The milk is full of essential vitamins and minerals that are highly beneficial to humans. Not to mention that some goat breeds produce a lot of fiber that is quite useful for clothing and more.

People often got interested in the animal, may it be for livestock, farming or home pets. That is why for those who do not get the idea and does only have little knowledge with goats, we have decided to give you some cool facts about goats to help you learn more about the animal.

Cool Facts about Goats


For those of you who do not know, goats may have lived long together with humans, they have become one of the first few animals who got tamed by humans. Over 9 to 10 thousand years ago, humans have started to train, tame and herd the animal for domestication purposes.

Goat Meat

Many of you favor stakes, pork, lamb, chicken meat and more but do you actually know that goat meats are the number one meat that is consumed worldwide? That’s right. Goat meat is quite tasty and delicious. It is also very easy to grow a goat as it does not require that much when it comes to caring, nurturing and feeding. A goat can survive eating only hay and clean water, adding to that, the versatility of the animal when it comes to adjustments with different weather conditions. They are also resilient against parasites, bacteria, and diseases is that it usually the cause of high mortality rate of other animals.


The average lifespan of a goat is about 15 to 18 years. For farm and livestock goats, they do not have the luxury to enjoy that much lifespan. But for home goat pets, it’s actually very cool as they have almost the same lifespan with that of a dog. Not to mention that they are also intelligent, trainable, lovely, cute, fun, adorable but can get slightly mischievous when they play around. Pygmy goat’s lifespan, on the other hand, is much shorter than an average lifespan of a normal or any other goat.


Goats have a gestation period of about 5 months within a year. They have an average of at least 2 kids yearly given the goat’s birth rate. The wonderful thing about baby goats is their ability to stand and walk just a few minutes after their birth. That’s just cool and awesome compared to most animals that need tedious caring and nurturing during and after birth. On a side note, baby goats are called kids.

Below is a short video that shows the top 10 facts about goats:

The kids have a different or unique way of calling. They also have a different scent which only the mother recognizes. This is a mother dear or a nanny’s way to keep track of its children, through scent and not with eyes. Nanny is the name of an adult female goat. Sometimes they are referred to as doe.


The usual term “not picky” when it comes to eating is pertaining to the food type they eat which is very easy to find and very affordable. The best choice is hay and goat feeds. Other plants, grass, shrubs can be given but that is totally dependent with your goat’s choice.

They have sensitive taste buds and won’t eat some foods that do not suit their taste. Somehow if you really look into it, the traits given by their tongue’s sensitivity makes them a picky eater. Not to mention that goats are classy animals that won’t eat dirty foods. How cool is that? It is an animal that has high standard hygiene when it comes to food. Often times you’d see a goat that won’t eat dirty hays, especially the ones that are being stepped on by other animals.


Goats are the kind of animals that usually live alongside their herd. The main reason is that they can easily get lonely or depressed by living alone. The depression can cause them to lose their will to live. They won’t eat, drink or move around. This is why experts suggest to always start with a pair of a goat may it be for farming, livestock or home pet. Rare occasions of goats living happily alone can be seen at times, especially goat pets. Some goats have learned to live with humans and are happy about it.

Characteristics and Behaviors

One of the funniest and mischievous types of animals are the goats. They can really do something that could amuse your or trick you. That is why they are considered as a great animal as home goat pets. Furthermore, goats have behaviors that could stress you out but can easily be trained. These would include your indoor potty, urination, biting, head-butt and excessive chewing. They mean no harm, especially with head-butts. Sometimes it is just their way of playing around with you but you should take note that their horns are also their weapons to protect them from threats.

Goats have good feet as well. Make a goat angry and it could sometimes give you a hard kick. This is because their strong legs are made for mountainous and rocky terrains. They are one of the best mountain climbing animals you’d ever see.