Difference Between A Goat and A Ram

I don’t know how but there are actually a lot of people who confuse a goat for a ram and a ram for a goat. Physically, internal and external, you’d already spot a lot of difference between goat and ram. But for some people, especially the ones that grew up in large and productive cities knows less about farm animals about and their differences with each other. Like farm animals, there’s no denying that there is a close relationship between the two. However, the two species have a lot of distinctions and differences, especially with physical and behavioral characteristics.

To help you better understand the difference between these two amazing and adorable farm animals, we have decided to create a short farm animal guide to provide you with a better distinctive outlook of the two. People usually confuse the two probably because of how long they have been domesticated and bred by humans. Both of these farm animals are just two of the few farm animals that have existed for the same purpose several thousand years ago.

Difference Between a Goat and a Ram

When you see the two, you’d notice a lot of difference at the very first glance. Although there are some goat breeds, especially fiber breeds, that produces a lot of wool where it can be highly mistaken as ram. That is due to the fact that ram, by its very nature, has been long used for their meat and fiber. Regardless of the breed, rams usually grows a lot of wool where it can deceive you when you look at two fiber breed animals.


This is probably one of the reasons why people get confused. Ram is a male sheep. Most of us do not know the animal because we always refer to them as sheep regardless of their gender. It’s the same with some people regarding goat where they get confused with the name of a female goat, male goat, and a baby goat.

The male sheep or ram is a horned breed sheep where it can really mark the distinction of the animal from a goat. The horns are longer compared to goats but are curved from their head to the back. Unlike goats which are pointy and usually short, especially female goats which you can barely see the horns.

In addition, rams are much larger and heavier compared to most goats. It’s not really an accurate basis as there is a large breed of goats but normally, a ram is larger than an ordinary or normal breed of goats which can really make you think of the difference at the very first glance.



For those who do not know, Capra Aegagrus, it’s a species that refers to a wild goat. It has been long since the term was used because of the fact that goats, along with rams, have been the earliest animals to experience domestication. But even so, goats are still a popular choice for most farmers since the early age of humans. It has a lot of uses or purpose. The animal can be used as a source of good milk, meat or fiber. That is where the classification of goat breeds came. Goats are classified according to their use and purpose. There are large and small milk breeds, large and small fiber breed and large and small meat breeds.

Goats also have a longer longevity or lifespan compared to a male sheep or ram. The average lifespan of a goat is about 15 to 18 years more or less depending on how well you take care of them as well as how they can survive through the wild. On the other hand, a sheep only has at least 10 to 12 years of longevity. This simply means that other than goat’s purpose, they can serve humans a lot longer.

Regardless of the importance, use or purpose and longevity, both animals are incomparable. There are some countries where farms prioritize sheep or ram over goats and vice versa. Sheep is also known to be a good source of meat and holds one of the few credible meat sources in the meat industry. They are also widely known in fabrics as their wool is an ideal material to create a fine cloth and other fabric materials. Adding to that, sheep as pets are also a good choice.