Do Goats Chew Cud?

There are some characteristics and behaviors of a goat that we certainly know of. These would be your chewing, biting, head-butting and more. Digging deep with some of the well-known behavior of goats, chewing, do goats chew cud? Cud-chewing is common among most livestock animals. It includes your sheep, cattle, cow and on the middle-east, camel. But what about goats? Do they have this common habit as well? What would be the benefit of it?

First and foremost, cud is a softened food or digested food that was returned to the mouth from the ruminants of the animal’s stomach. The purpose of this process most of the livestock animals undergo is that hays or grasses are very hard to digestive and undigested food does not bring out all the vitamins and nutrients needed by the body. So to ensure the food is digested and absorbed by the body, cows and other livestock animals on most occasions bring their food from the stomach back to the mouth for further chewing.

Do Goats Chew Cud?

For goats, it is very fortunate that they also do this digestive process to break down their foods. Goats chew cud because they too are dependent on grass and hays as their main source of food. It would be a great factor or indicator that the animal is healthy and got a good appetite. A goat that does not perform cud chewing might be sick or is suffering from certain illness. They might show that they are eating all the hays and grass you’ve provided them but failing to undergo the process of chewing cud will make the food irrelevant as it won’t have enough vitamins and minerals to grow the animal healthily.

That is why there are some farmers or livestock owners, mostly new in the business, often wonder why their goats are weak and do not grow tall or large enough even though they have plenty to eat. That is because no food value is being absorbed by the body.

Watch the video below of a cute goat enjoyably chewing its cud: 

On the other hand, food other than grass, plants, shrubs, hays and more such as goat feeds will most likely eliminate the habit of cud-chewing as there is nothing to form. Most goat feeds are produced and made without requiring too much effort in digesting. One chew process from the mouth to the stomach can digest the food and get absorbed by the body at a faster rate.

However, it is not that advised by experts and professionals to allow your goat to mainly feed on goat feeds. It is a good treat once in a while and to boost the animal’s immune system and enhance their body, providing it with essential vitamins and minerals but it does not mean that it’ll be their only diet. The best food for goats is still high-quality hay or grass along with clean water.

Hope this guide has brought you some clear understanding of whether or not do goats chew cud…..