Do Miniature Donkeys Make Good Pets?

Miniature Donkeys

As many of you do not know, donkeys are one of the few farm animals that have unique purpose rather than just for productivity. Unlike goats, cows, sheep, chickens and other farm animals, they are not raise and grown to provide meat, milk or fiber. We may see some countable amount of people breeding small breed of donkeys as pets but do miniature donkeys make good pets? What are their basic functions in farms or at homes? This guide is made to provide you with some insights about donkeys to expand your knowledge about the animals as they are rarely discussed or given attention.

Donkeys are adorable and very interactive type of animal. They seldom have any disputes or complications living with other home or farm animals. In fact, donkeys are known to be a great companion to most pets and farm animals. They are usually paired with horses, sheep and goats and can live harmoniously with dogs and cats at home, given that you’d raise them to be a home pet. This is the reason why donkeys are paired with anxious animals. Scientific studies proved that donkeys can really make a good companion. They can relieve the anxiety of anxious animals and could get them to feel comfortable just by being around with them. It just shows how friendly and supportive donkeys are.

How about smaller breeds of donkey, a miniature donkey? It does not change anything. Miniature donkeys also acquire the same characteristics and behaviors with normal or other breeds of donkeys. However, it is much easier to handle a smaller breed compared to a normal breed. Additionally, smaller donkey comes convenient when it comes to area with limited space as they only require such in order to move around. They also do not consume lots of food supplies compared to large or normal breed of donkeys.

Do Miniature Donkeys Make Good Pets?

Generally, yes they do. Donkeys are already a good choice for a home pet and a smaller breed, miniature donkeys would make things easier for pet owners. The animal is human and child friendly. Donkeys do not require much effort when it comes to caring as they are strong and independent animal. The amount of food supply they eat is lesser compare to a large or normal breed of donkey. Furthermore, donkeys, the same with miniature donkeys, are highly resilient against parasites and bacteria that cause illnesses and diseases.

Facts about Miniature Donkeys

The body size, height and weight of miniature donkeys are relatively close or the same with normal breed of donkeys when they are young. Foals or baby donkeys weigh around 200 pounds more or less. However, there will come a point where miniature breeds of donkeys stop growing. That is when the difference in physical aspect starts to get distinguished. The height of a miniature donkey stops at around 32 to 36 inches where ordinary or other donkey breeds can grow higher or taller and can weigh double to triple compared to miniature donkeys.

Foal/Foals are the name or term used to call baby donkeys. Adult male donkeys are referred to as Jack or Jacks and female donkeys are referred to as Jennet or Jennets. Other countries or states call female donkey’s Jenny or Jennies.

The physical structure of any breed of donkeys is proportional in most aspects. They have a head that is proportional to their body as well as proportional limbs attached to it. In fact, donkeys are considered to be one of the animals with a well-balanced body. That what makes them strong and provides them good body posture. This may also be the reason why donkeys are usually hard and healthy animals that can withstand most outdoor weather conditions.

Characteristics to Look For

When choosing a donkey, keep your eyes on the one that will come to you without any doubts of fear and with all curiosity. Not all donkeys have a socialized characteristics and a good donkey for pets should be the one that holds no fear to humans. You can check the donkey’s papers and credentials from the breeder to know the quality of the breed and/or it has any dispositions.

There are some donkeys that are not fond with dogs and cats but most of them can be easily trained to live alongside with them without any complications or digressions. However, there are also some donkeys born with great socializing skills wherein they require no training in living together with other animals.

Miniature donkeys compared to other breeds are easier to handle and much more affectionate. They can live alone without the company of other donkeys or other types of animals. But donkeys may seek your personal attention at most times. Failing to provide any socialism with the animal will get them bored and they might end up nibbling in your clothes and other home furniture or things. It is greatly advised by experts to get a pair of donkeys if you do not have any other pets at home to keep them company.

Donkeys are quite intelligent. You can easily train them to work around, pulling carts or carrying things. They are hardworking animals. They will certainly enjoy any working activities you plan to have with them without thinking of it as punishment or mistreatment.

Other Purpose

Other than being pets, donkeys have other purposes especially when it comes to farming. Farmers and other animal breeders usually get a donkey to keep their animals watched, guarded and protected. In fact, there are a lot of farms that use donkeys to guard their goats and sheep against predators such as coyote, fox and wild dogs. You can also have a guard/watchdog to keep them protected but a donkey eats the same type of food like with what food goats eat what food goats eat or with sheep which makes things more convenient for farmers.

There are many animals that have anxiety disorders. A horse that is anxious or is living uncomfortably can be easily relieved with a donkey as its companion.  Additionally, donkeys are caring animals. They keep the responsibility of safety, security, and well-being of other animals. In fact, donkeys are selfless animals that usually do everything to make things comfortable for other animals.

Donkeys are working animals where most farmers use them for farming and recreational activities. There are some farms that allow public access that offers donkey rides for children. Donkeys won’t mind at all. They are actually happy about it being able to provide fun and recreation to kids.

In conclusion, donkeys just offer a variety of jobs and purpose. There are even some medical institutes that advise their patients to get a donkey as pets for rehabilitation purposes. Regardless of the purpose and breed of donkeys, they are one of the best pet or farm companion animal you can have that will provide you less strains and stress.