Dog Anxiety – Treatment and Products

Dog Anxiety

Dog can sometimes come as stressed, irritable and with weird behavior.  It is not normal but it is only natural that at times, they will experience this in relation to dog anxiety. This can be triggered by various environmental stimuli and can sometimes do damage to the harmony of our home. It can either be due to separation, loud noises, travel and more. Once your dog starts to misbehave, you should consider looking up dog anxiety symptoms so you can determine your next step.

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There are different types of anxiety of dogs, all of which can cause damage to home furniture, your front lawn, backyard, anywhere in the house by its rabid biting and chewing. They sometimes even tend to make loud barking noise that could really put you to stress. The most common would be dog separation anxiety.

It is also a good of an example as most dog owners’ experiences such. It is when you go out of the house, leaving your dog alone and get back home with a messy living room. Coffee table destroyed; couch all torn up, pillows with tears and bit marks and more. This is an indication that you should invest in treating the anxiety or distress your dog is experiencing as it could get worse and do your home, more damage.

To show you how effective these products are in treating anxieties with dogs, here is a short video about the “before and after” effects of the anxiety shirt/jacket/vest:

You’d see how effective and the work efficiency of the shirt. It works almost instantly without causing them any pain or movement restrictions.

Fortunately, you can either choose to bring them to a vet and let them take dog anxiety medicine or purchase a dog anxiety vest for home treatment. A dog with separation anxiety can be easily treated with a calming jacket such as the Thundershirt dog anxiety shirt. It is the most popular choice and the best-selling anxiety jacket for dogs other than some important equipment such as playpen for dogs,  collar, dog house and more.

If you are having some troubles getting your pet out for medications or an appointment for a vet, you can service dog for anxiety treatment or learn how to get a service dog for anxiety at home. But the most convenient choice for most would be dog anxiety treatment using an anxiety shirt as it will come cheaper, more effective and highly safe for dogs.

10 Dog Anxiety – ThunderShirt Products

Our first product is a Thundershirt for dogs from the American Kennel Club. It features a variety of colors and sizes ranging from extra small to extra-large. It best works for relieving your dog from car trips, vet visits, noise and other types of anxiety. You can choose in grey, pink and blue color. It is advised that before purchasing, refer to the size chart to avoid any miscalculations. You do not want to add stress to your dog by letting it wear small sized jacket having a large size body.

This product is only a few with the best Thundershirt reviews. It has good ratings over different marketing website, one specifically, over Amazon. It can be availed on a cheap and affordable price. The shirt will save you more rather than getting an appointment with the vet and undergo medical treatment. Some of the drugs used in the treatment can also be harmful to your dog with heavy side-effects if not administered properly. This shirt for dogs is perfectly safe and secure, treating them passively and works almost instantly.

Mellow shirt also has a good Thundershirt review and ratings. One of the great things about this shirt is the fashion sense. It has a smooth and slick design with a variety of colors to choose from. You can match it to your fashion sense. The shirt also uses gentle touch and pressure in calming your dog. Unlike other types of anxiety shirts for dogs, this is highly comfortable and leaves your dog enough room to move its body without loosening or still remains to be a good fit.

This is an original dog Thundershirt made by Thundershirt itself. It uses a rugby jacket design that firmly holds your dog make it calm and fits perfectly around your dog’s body with enough room to move. It has a wide selection of sizes from double extra-small to double extra-large. You can choose between pink and navy blue color. The shirt is highly effective and works instantly right after your dog wears it. It is ideal for treating noise anxiety but could also work in treating other types of an anxiety of dogs.

It is always advised to check the Thundershirt sizing and vary it with your dog size carefully to avoid any tight fitting that could further add to the stress of your dog, resulting to a more anxious state. Thankfully, this Thundershirt Polo has a wide selection of sizes. It can cater all sizes of dogs from super small to super large. It calms all types of anxiety such as separation, travel, noise, fireworks and other irritability that your dog experiences.

One of the least known products has made its way to the top of the line of Thundershirt dog products. This is Kong Anxiety-Reducing shirt. It is a snug-fit shirt that easily wraps around that comes with a built-in sachet to further alleviate your dog’s stress and calm them down. It can also be used to correct bad behaviors of your dog such as obsessive scratching, chewing, biting and licking. The shirt has adjustable straps for easy wear and for removable purposes.

This is the sport inspired anxiety jacket, a best-selling Thundershirt amazon product. It has a large patented design showcasing a sports edition shirt from Thundershirt. The design features a constant pressure application to vital areas that reduces stress and instantly calms your dog. The shirt can be used for any type of anxiety and requires you no medication, training or exercise. It has been proven to work with all dogs, having a success rate of 80%, higher compared to medical treatments.

This Thundershirt dog anxiety shirt has a baseball league design for dog lovers and owners that are a fan of baseball. It is basically a 2-in-1 shirt expressing your fandom with baseball as well as relieving your dog from irritability and stress. The shirt has several baseball team designs such as San Francisco Giants, NY Yankees, La Dodgers and more, each having different colors as well. You can choose within a variety of sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-large. Treat your dog’s anxiety instantly for a great and reasonable price.

One of the cheap products with a high Thundershirt for dogs reviews is the anxiety jacket from The Anxiety Wrap. It has a sleek and fit design which perfectly conforms to your dog’s body shape while leaving a sufficient amount of space for them to move around. Too tight or too fit will just cause additional stress resulting to a more anxious dog. The shirt holds simple technique of applying and maintaining pressure to the body that has been scientifically tested and proven to sooth and instantly relaxes and clams your dog.

Lastly, ZenPet brings you its very own dog anxiety wraps or jacket. Rather than giving your dog anxiety meds or looking for other types of a therapy dog for anxiety, why not just use this calming vest from ZenPet which could save you more money and works almost instantly. It saves you the trouble making an appointment with the vet as well as worrying about any complications with the medicine. In addition, anxiety jackets or shirts are re-usable. At any time your dog starts to experience distress, you can easily take it out and wrap it around your dog for instant relief. This vest comes with one color, black but with different sizes, with a different price.


If you find a vest, shirt or jacket for treating anxiety of dogs a little bit expensive and out of your budget range, you can also refer to look for guides about DIY Thundershirt but of course, at an expense of extra effort and would require you to have some sewing materials, accessories and kits. Buying or purchasing a ready-to-wear shirt is not that expensive and making your own anxiety shirt will just save you a few at an expense of great time and effort.

Also, given that the shirt has an 80% success rate. It is very likely that the shirt won’t be that effective on some dogs on rare cases or occasions. Provided that happens, you can opt to look for guide on how to get a therapy dog for anxiety or how to get a service dog for anxiety and depression. You can also refer to your trusted vets for guidance and advise to relieve your dog.

Turmeric Curcumin for Dogs

Turmeric curcumin, (curcumin give it the yellow pigment) contains the active ingredients that may help with healing woulds as it contains anti-viral and anti-bacterial and anti—inflammatory properties and that fight with diseases like arthritis.

This may help to relieve joint pain and may also help with the dogs intestinal health.  Turmeric will not absorb very will into the body and so it should include coconut oil or olive oil to help with the absorption.