Goat Supplies/ Everything You Need To Get Started

Mostly for beginners, it’s hard to imagine the things you need when you want to start raising goats for farming or for pet purposes. You’d first think about your city’s laws and regulations if it allows you to keep goats as pets or grow them in your backyard farm. Goats also need you to have some space if you want them to fully attain their maximum size, height and weight. You’d check on the amount of space you have if they are capable to home a pair or more goats all at once. Additionally, goat Supplies must also be kept in great consideration because it is one of the most things that play a vital role in keeping your goats strong, healthy and fit.

Fortunately, there are a lot of guides and tips nowadays compared to ages ago where only few people have access to the internet and can barely conduct their own research or just look for a considerable guide. Before getting yourself with goat supplies, you want to spend some time in knowing the type of goat, the place where you’ll house them as well as sanitation of the area. You don’t want to spend so much on goat supplies right away if you still haven’t found out the goat you’d get.

Raising and growing farm goats would give you different types of goats to choose from. You’d best know the purpose why you’d raise them.

There are three types of goats:

They are classified or categorized relative to their purpose.

There are large breeds and small breeds in each category but when it comes to goat pets, the most preferred or the usually advised type of goats are miniature breeds or small breeds like Nigerian dwarf goatPygmy goat or Pygora goat.

After determining the type of goats you intend on getting and the space you can provide, you can now start gathering the supplies you need.

Goat Supplies: Beginner’s Guide

Know that some of these supplies are optional. There are some farmers or pet owners who do not have all these and was able to grow their animal appropriately. Not to mention that there are some people who just tries to be resourceful rather than getting all this to save some expenses. However, these things and supplies can help you a lot in shortening your effort and keeping you stress free rather than getting strained all the time by trying to think about how to provide the right amount of care and responsibility knowing that you did not consider getting your pet or your farm animal all the supplies.

Basic Goat Needs

Shelter and Fencing – This is the most basic thing you need for your goats. It falls under space and housing requirements. You just can’t let your goat sleep outside at night nor leave them on the field all day under the immense heat of the sun. Additionally, fencing will keep them safe from wandering off or getting lost their way.

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It also keeps the animal protected from wild predators and thieves which is sad but true. Farm animal thieves are common in most rural farms where neighboring houses are kilometers away. A good lighting during night, a tall and strong fence for goats would reduce the probability.

Goat Collars – Collars are considered a basic need of goats because at most times when they are out, especially when it is a pet goat, you’d have nothing to control the movement of the animal. They might ran off or jump off at any point in time without any restrictions where you can hold them off.

A collar is also a way that you can attach a leash without choking the animal or injuring its neck.

Goat Leash – The only time you’re going to use this is when you’re out with your pet goat or you are trying to leash your goats into under a tree or shed to rest around the farm with no security or fencing. It’s very hard to look for a leash made for goats but a nylon leash for dogs can work with goats.

It is greatly advised to use a leash only when your goat has a neck collar. Tying a leash directly around the neck might cause injuries or choking.

Food and Water Supplies

Food Dish In farms, food dish are usually DIY, made of wood and lengthy so that it could feed a lot of goats all at the same time. It’s basically a large food dish. However, for home or pet goats and for people who do not know how to make a DIY food dish, you can purchase a regular food dish for dogs or cats and it could work for your goats.

Goat Hay – Some of you might think that if you have goat feeds,  you wouldn’t need any hay. The main source of vitamins and minerals essential for the growth of a healthy goat are quality hays. Feeds are usually given to the animal as enhancers or boosters to provide them with extra resistance and faster growth speed, etc.

A quality however, can be the food of goats even if there are no goat feeds wherein goat feeds may not be something that your goat would eat every day, every meal, for a long period of time.

Here is a short video of a goat enjoying a snack of quality hay:

This type of farm animal can enjoy the type of food all day, every day. The great thing about goats is that they share the same main food source with other farm animals which is hay.

Hay Bag – This is pretty much self-explanatory. As we’ve said before, goats are hygienic animals and they won’t eat dirty foods. If you just stock your hays on the ground, they would less likely eat the hay with all the dirt and being stepped on.

The hay bag is also great for organization and it is space saving. You can easily hung a hay bug at anywhere around your backyard farm or barn, keeping it from reach of greedy goats and other animals. It also helps the hay dry up.

Goat Feeds/Treats – Goat feeds and treats can be given to goat occasionally apart from feeding them quality hay and water. Other than providing them with enhancements and body boosts, it also keeps their appetite stimulated.

Some goats have tendencies to get bored with their usual diet, mixing it with goat feeds and treats usually works to maintain their strong appetite.

DeWormer – There are some goat treats or feeds with deworming effect but if you have none, you can have easy access to it to pet stores, farm shops, vet hospitals, etc. Some vets even offer farm services for deworming goats. Deworming goats isn’t really necessary but greatly advised.

It is an optional choice but considering that you’re trying to grow a goat for meat, milk or fiber production, you would not want their bodily nutrients taken from them by these parasites.

Water Bucket – This is probably the simplest thing you need for your goats or for any animals in the farm. However, it’s often listed on the things you need for goats and for other animals as the little things are the ones that we usually forget.

Water buckets can be used for different purpose in farms. Your goats can use it to drink water, or you can use it to clean some area of the barn or if you have some dirt to wash off and more.

Grooming Supplies

Goat Clippers and Shears – This may be used for grooming but it is also considered as a necessary tool for goats, especially during the hot weathers. Clippers and shears will help you with your goat’s wools and nails, etc., to keep their body heat regulated.

Animals also suffer from intense heat, causing the animal heat strokes and other complications. Less body cover will help them get through the heat during hot and summer days.

Grooming Gloves or Brush – This tool is intended totally for grooming purposes. For goats, especially with fiber breed goats, their hair will most likely look untidy most of the time. This is a common problem for fiber breed goats at home. Hairs are getting curled and often times shed.

Common complaints would be presence of hair around the house or in their backyard farm. Keeping their wool, fiber or hair brushed can minimize shedding and would make them look neat.

Hoof Trimmer – Once in a while, goat’s hoof gets long and thick where it could give them a hard time walking around. It could lead to pain and injuries if it gets too long and too thick. You goat will lose interest in being active due to the pain and would just sit unhealthy inside or around the barn or farm.

A hoof trimmer could do the trick and it would only require you at least once or twice a month to keep the thickness and length maintained to a comfortable size.


There are other supplies you would want but it’s fairly optional such as vaccinations and medical supplies. Commonly, people with goat pets and other large farming companies prefer to get their animals checked by experts and vets rather than stocking a lot of vaccine and medical supplies at home. Not to mention that vaccines and medicines sometimes require you medical knowledge where you wouldn’t dare to risk and would just prefer to get it checked by vets.