How Long Do Nigerian Dwarf Goats Live?

One of the amazing and easy to breed poultry animals would be the Nigerian Dwarf Goats. They can also be a great companion wherein there are some cases of it being a pet. Regardless of which, it is for your own and best interest to know some of the important things about them such as how long do Nigerian dwarf goats live? It is a major consideration as one who is invested in poultry animal must know how long their investment would last so they can anticipate the animal’s prime to produce milk or provide the best meat.

The lifespan of an animal when it comes to goat pet means how well you did in providing them with enough responsibility. If your goat pet didn’t last longer than its average lifespan, that just simply means that you didn’t care enough for your pet and provide them with all their basic needs. Going above normal range or average lifespan would imply that the pet goat had been living healthily and fittingly under your care.

How Long Do Nigerian Dwarf Goats Live?

Fortunately, being a farm animal, this type of goat can still live close to the average lifespan of an average goat It has a lifespan of at least 12 to 14 years wherein the average lifespan of an ordinary or average goat ranges from 15 to 18 years.

Furthermore, the Nigerian Dwarf breed is a good source of milk and has a playful personality. It is not like your goat meat breeds as it produces sufficient amount of meat and has a playful and fun personality. This type of goat has been introduced in the US for over 60 years now, close to 70. It first came to the US in the year 1950s. Due to personality and the introduction on that year, this breed of goat was considered to be great as family pets.

Below is a short video and guide of how to take care of goats: 

Taking good care of your pet or farm goats will guarantee an extended lifespan. Failing to do so will do the opposite which shortens their life and make it unpleasant.

The Nigerian Dwarf Goats have great survivability. The breed thrives and can survive through various climate and harsh weather conditions, making it easy for breeders or goat pet owners to care for the animal. The size of the goat, on the other hand, ranges from small to medium, making it an ideal milking goat and a pet than a goat meat breed but can still provide enough meat if doing so.

It is always in your best interest to know about your pet or poultry/farm animal. There are other types of goats with different lifespan, but regardless of the breed, make sure to take full responsibility as the longevity of the animal will depend on your care.