How Long Do Pygmy Goats Live?

How Long Do Pygmy Goats Live?

The Does, which are female goats live on average 12 years. Bucks, which are the male goats don’t live as long as the female goats if you use them for breeding as the amount of energy they use saps their strength and they cannot quite get back into shape.

The female goat can sometimes die earlier due to over breeding.  If you stop before 10 years old then they can live past 12 years old.

So in both the male and female, breeding plays a major role in their life span.

Pygmy Goats live shorter compared to regular/ordinary goats which have a life span of 15 to 18 years. 

On the other hand,  Pygmy goat’s lifespan averages from 10 to 12 years, however…

…the breed can reach adulthood or maturity sooner than 10 – 12 years and the benefit of this is that they maximize the milking productivity of the goat and has even time to grow a nice quality of goat meat.

A great tip for breeding any goat and an important consideration is that each goat must undergo a process called disbudding. 

It is the removal of their horns for safety purposes. 

A goat can be playful when you’re inside their pen. Considering the sharpness and hardness of the horns, you might not want to get head-butted by a goat as they play with you. They mean you no harm but sometimes it is their way of enjoyment. 

In addition, goat horns can sometimes get stuck through fences wherein they have a high risk of injuring themselves out of curiosity as they peek out of the fence.

Goats are sociable animals, having minimum of 2 is sufficient

Are Goats Expensive To Keep

Goats are a good investment whether it would be for petting, poultry, farm, meat production, etc. 

This animal can grow healthily with just quality hay and water. 

They do not require much when it comes to body growth, development, and maintenance. 

The animal survivability is high. 

They are born to withstand harsh weather conditions. 

It has good resistance with bacteria and diseases compared to other poultry/livestock animals.

There are so many types of animals you can invest for your poultry, farm or livestock. One of the best and easiest animals to breed would be goats. 

They do not require much in growth, supplies, and maintenance. 

The only thing you should consider in breeding a goat, whether it is for milk or meat purposes would be their lifespan. 

The longevity of goats differs from each type of breed. 

To be more specific, let’s focus our discussion with Pygmy Goats. We will determine how long do pygmy goats live and what would be the best purpose of breeding one.

Pygmy goats are the type of breeds ideal for livestock. They may be cute but most people breed this goat due to its milk productivity and meat

You’d seldom see it as a pet unlike some breeds of goat. 

How Much Space Do Two Pygmy Goats Need?

You will need to consider fencing and shelter. Wire fencing is best as the goats can slip on fencing. You will need to consider a separate pen for the Buck as you don’t want to have any unwanted breeding, unless you have the male neutered (called wether) this will stop them producing milk as they can’t breed with the female.

The pen should be big enough to house two goats as they are social animals but remember unless the Buck is castrated they cannot be kept with the Doe, so you really have to think about what it is that you are buying goats for, breeding, milk, meat or barnyard pets.

You could buy two Does and contact another goat farmer for the opportunity to breed with one of their Bucks.

This guide hopes to bring you some useful knowledge and information especially about how long do Pygmy Goats live… Or did you mean How Long Do Nigerian Dwarf Goats Live?


  • Live average 12 years
  • Good investment
  • Live healthily on a diet of quality hay and water.
  • Low maintenance when it comes to body growth, development.
  • Survivability is high.
  • Withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Good resistance to bacteria and diseases compared to other poultry/livestock animals.