How Much Are Miniature Goats?

How much are miniature goats

There are at least 3 best choices for a miniature goat from a large list of small breed goats. If you prefer the miniature breeds, you’d end up with pygmy goat, Nigerian dwarf goat and Pygora goat. These are the 3 smallest breed known by their function or purpose. They may seem small in size, weight and height but you can never be sure with their costs. Some small goat breeds are more expensive compared to large breed’s goat due to their productivity and vice versa. This will really leave you wondering if how much are miniature goats cost or do you need a large capital before you can start breeding your ideal goat for your farm.

The prices of the goats are usually relative to their purpose. A good example would be a small milk breed goats that produces a lot of high quality milk will come expensive compared to a larger milk breed that can only produce sufficient amount of milk to feed its kids. Fiber goat breeds are also the same. There are large goats breed that does not produce a lot of wool or fiber which makes it less expensive compared to a miniature goat that can produce thick and long fibers.

Other standards that make the prices go up and down would be the line of breed to where it was recognized and certified. The credentials of the goat given by different governing entity can greatly affect the price of the goat. The reason is that you cannot verbally declare that your breed produces a lot of milk, fiber or meat without any written proof or certifications. The paper-works of your goat can however prove the quality of the breed where buyers can vary their decisions.

How Much Are Miniature Goats?

First of all, what would be the benefits of choosing a miniature goat over large goat breeds as we know by now that prices do not usually vary with the size? The great thing about miniature goats is that you do not need large space to house the animal. Their space requirements are far smaller and shorter compared to large goats. They are very easy to handle especially when milking or shearing. Smaller goat’s means less food requirement which can really save you a lot with food supply expenses. The smaller breed of goats is also ideal for home pets and/or pet owners.

The following will discuss how much are miniature goats depending on their type or classification. We’ll discuss the price of the smallest meat breed which is the pygmy goat, the smallest milk breed which is the Nigerian dwarf goat and the smallest fibre breed goat which is the Pygora goat.

Pygmy Goat

This is the smallest type of meat goat breed. Although it can produce good quality milk with high butterfat content, it is much more recognized as a meat breed rather than a milk breed. This goat ranges or has an average price of 75 to 300 dollars depending on the quality and papers.

There are some farms, however, that sells pygmy goat at a lower cost, from 60 to 160 dollars, wherein it does not have any papers, registrations or certifications. The higher price usually comes complete with all the requirements needed and proof that the goat has good quality breed. The price ranges from 300 to 400 dollars.

Pygmy goats are great as pet goat breed, the same with other miniature goats. The demand of the breed is divided among farmers/livestock owners, pet owners and people who want to invest in home or backyard farms.

Nigerian Dwarf Goat

The Nigerian dwarf goat is the most popular and smallest milk breed goat.  It is not because of the amount of milk it can produce but rather of the quality. There are other milk breeds that can produce more milk than the Nigerian dwarf but requires a lot of space, effort in food, supply and maintenance and can be a little hard to handle, especially for beginners. The milk from a Nigerian dwarf goat, however, contains the highest rate of butterfat content compared to other milk breeds. The butterfat content is responsible for keeping the milk tasty and creamy. Milk with high butterfat content is usually used in creating ice creams, cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products. Some even use it for cosmetics.

Here is a short cute and lovely video of several young Nigerian dwarf goats playing around:

The price of Nigerian dwarfs goats given that it is registered, complete with shots/vaccines and with papers would range from 300 to 400 dollars. This also means that the goat is ready for breeding. There are cheaper prices for this type of goat but it usually youngsters or kids and without any credentials, unregistered and would still require you shots and vaccinations. Depending on your choice of preference, the total cost would still be around 300 to 400 dollars. Buying a Nigerian dwarf for more or less 200 dollars, complete with all requirements, would make it a good buy or investment.

Pygora Goat

This breed is the smallest of the fiber goat breeds. The miniature fiber goat is a cross breed of the pygmy and Angora goat. The Angora is the most viable breed that produces a lot of wool or fiber. However, it is rather space consuming due to its size and experts have found a way to cross-breed the animal with the smallest meat breed, pygmy goat. The result was amazing. It may not produce that much fiber compared to the origin, Angora goat but it’s still in the ideal amount good for sharing. On the bright side, the goat became smaller. It is easier to maintain and handle.

The Pygora goat ranges from 150 to 500 dollars depending on the quality, papers, requirements, and credentials. You can purchase cheap ones at a cost of fewer than 100 dollars. However, there is no guarantee or assurance that the goat comes from a quality breed. It would also cost you an amount to register and vaccinate the animal. Not to mention the time you’ll spend with preparing the goat for breeding.


The price of all these miniature goats is just an average estimate. There are factors that greatly affect the price of each miniature breed. It can either be supply and demand in the area, country, place, location, weather of the area where it grew, papers, requirements, vaccinations, certifications, etc.

It is important to choose the best miniature goat that fits your standards and needs. If you opt for a pet goat, then either of the 3 best miniature breeds would work just fine. If you are looking for fresh dairy goat milk, then the Nigerian dwarf would really give you something to look forward. The Pygora goat may not be the best fiber growing breed but the convenience it can provide regarding size, space and effort in handling can really keep you away from stress.