How Much Does A Goat Weigh?

Conducting research and having guidelines about livestock animals may somehow be irrelevant if you do not know their weight. You certainly can vary the weight of the animal with how healthy they are. Being more specific, a goat that eats a lot and boosted with vitamins and minerals can never be measured if you do not know how much does a goat weigh? It is the same with most livestock animals. In order to measure the degree of how well you had given the animal care and responsibility, it would totally reflect with the size and the weight of the animal.

First and foremost, let’s seek out the history of the animal. Goats are one of the few animals that have been domesticated by man since the early days of humans. The animal has been long used for farming and livestock years, centuries, millennia’s ago. Researches have proved that the Zagros Mountains and Bezoar ibex are the early ancestors of goats. It is a good choice for most farmers back then as it is highly resistant to different weather conditions. It provides easy access to milk and meat. There are some goats that produce a lot of fibers where most of its parts, functions, and production can be used by humans.

Compared to cows, sheep, and other farming animals, a goat has a higher chance of survivability. The animal can easily adapt to certain situations brought upon by their environment. They are also resilient against illnesses and diseases even though they just require minimum efforts when it comes to caring. Goats are not picky when eating foods. Most and at often times back then, they just feed on hays and water. But today, there is now goat feeds with enhanced and boosted vitamins and minerals as well as high-quality hay that has a sufficient amount of nutrients essential to the growth of the animal.

How Much Does A Goat Weigh?

Goats have different sizes and weight but are still considered one of the smallest type of livestock or farming animal. It is smaller compared to horses, cows, camels, cattle, etc. but is much larger in comparison with ducks, chickens, rabbits, etc. Goat has a wide range of weight as it is dependent on the breed. It ranges from 20 kg to 140 kg for adults. They also have different bodily characteristics such as the size and shape of the horns. Below are some of the weight range or average weight of goats between the largest and smallest of meat, milk and fiber breeds.

The Weight of Different Goat Breeds

The popular milk goat breed and the smallest of the type of breed is the Nigerian dwarf goat. It has an average weight of about 75 pounds where the male is larger compared to the female Nigerian dwarf goat. This milk breed produces the highest butterfat content in their milk. The butterfat content is the one responsible for creamy milk where it is often used for ice-cream, soaps and yogurt. Other milk goat breeds are larger and heavier ranging more than 75 pounds to less than 150 pounds, regardless of the gender.

Fiber breed goats have an average size of 180 to 225 pounds, varying in male and female. The most popular fiber breed goat is the Angora goat. It’s a medium size goat, much less than your meat breeds compared to the size and weight and much heavier and larger compared to milk breed goats. The other popular fiber goat breed is the Pygora goat. It is smaller compared to Angora goat as it is a cross breed of the two, Pygora and Angora goat.

The largest and the heaviest of the breeds are the meat breeds. It has a weight range of 250 to 300 pounds depending on the type of meat breed. The most popular and probably the largest of the meat goat breeds is the Boer. It can weigh over 300 pounds, has broad muscles and far larger and taller. It is actually an ideal choice for farmers who plan on investing in producing goat meat as it can really be a good meat source.


The size of a goat can be between 20 to 140 kilograms as it varies from different types of breeds.  Going beyond that would be rare but could indicate a strong and healthy breed. Lower than that would mean that the goat is unhealthy or unfit. That’s the importance of knowing the weight of the goat as you can clearly tell if there’s something wrong with how you breed, care and handle the animal.

A good farmer, livestock or pet goat owner can simply determine if they lack the ability to take care of their animal. The weight being below the margin can indicate that you need to improve the implementation of your responsibility such as feeding the animal with healthy food, providing clean water, a sanitized space, and shelter, access to fresh and more. These are the factors that greatly affect and hinder the growth of your goat.