How Much Does a Pygmy Goat Weigh?

One of the amazing breed of goats you can have for farming and a home pet is a Pygmy goat. It is dubbed as the smallest of the meat breed goats which make it an ideal pet goat as it can be easily tamed, handled, raise and grown. It also does not require a huge space like with the other breed of goats. The question which really strikes goat farmers and goat pet owners before they start investing with the animals is how much does a pygmy goat weigh? It could get you curious about the weight of the animal being the smallest among other breeds.

Furthermore, this breed of goat is also an ideal choice for cross breeding. The quality of meat it produces is non-other like with other large meat breeds where you want to cross breed the quality with other large breeds. The size is also ideal for fiber goat breeds as you can produce a small goat that produces a lot of fibers. One of the famous fiber goat cross-breed is the Pygora goat. It is a small size goat that grows a lot of fibers. It is a cross-breed of the Angora goat that is responsible for a lot of fiber growth and the Pygora goat which is responsible for the size and the quality of meat.

How Much Does a Pygmy Goat Weigh?

The weight of the goat varies with their gender. The male goats are usually larger, broader and heavier compared to female goats. Male goats are called bucks or billies while the female goats are called does or nannies. It’s the same case with all breeds of goats. The Pygmy goat holds the same characteristics, the male being larger and heavier than the female. The average weight female pygmy goat is about 53 pounds to 74 pounds and the male pygmy goat has an average weight of 60 pounds to 86 pounds.

A good and healthy goat can exceed their average weight. This is a good reason to provide our farm animal or pet with the right amount of nutrition that is full of love and care. The investments we put in the animal will surely return as long as we give them the best of our responsibilities.

There are also other small breeds of goat such as the Nigerian dwarf goat that is liable to be a home pet goat. It has also a close size and weight to pygmy goat and is also considered to be the smallest among all milk breed. The goat does not produce that much milk when it comes to quantity but the quality of Nigerian dwarf goat’s milk is none other. It contains a lot of butterfat content which is responsible for creamy milk.


The average size and weight of goats are depending on how well we take care of them. Failing to perform in providing them with enough care and responsibilities will make their weight and size fall below the average margin.