How To Care For A Goat As A Pet

There are lots of animals you can choose as your home pet. It can either be dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, birds, etc. But one of the unique, fun and exciting pet you can have for your home are goats. They are loving creatures, adorable, interactive and communicative, easy to feed, raise and grow. The only question their characteristics and traits would leave you is how to care for a goat as a pet as these animals are usually used in the wilds and most people that grows and raises them are in livestock, poultry or farming.

Goats may come unusually for some people as pets as we used to see them on the farm or in the wild. But if you really put some considerations and thoughts about it, the behavior of goats are pretty human-friendly. The traits are tolerable and can be controlled like other house pets we have. In fact, most goats can be easily trained to eliminate some wild and irritating goat behaviors such as excessive chewing, biting, indoor or home potty and urination, head-butting and more.

Being able to eliminate some of those behaviors would make things easier for you. You will be able to efficiently take care of your pet and execute your responsibilities without stressing out. It would be rather unpleasant and undesirable for a pet owner to invest with a home pet that could lead to irritation, stress, and fatigue. Pets have different behaviors, traits, and characteristics. Understanding each of those and learning to adapt requires patience. Doing so successfully will provide you with better care and handle for your goat pet.

How To Care For A Goat As A Pet

Goats are guaranteed to provide you great fun and entertainment. That is why we need to provide them with a sufficient amount of care and responsibility. You can conduct some research on how to implement proper care efficiently and we also have provided some of the important tips below:

Local/City Laws and Codes

Before you can start taking care of your goat pet, you should know what are the rules and regulations of your city. There are some countries, cities, and states that do not allow you to own a goat for a pet as goats are livestock and farming animals and it could cause some discomfort to your neighbors. Some allow you to own but require you a wide backyard area for the goat’s playpen’s or fence and others allows you to own a goat provided that your raise and grow them on rural areas where neighboring houses are widely apart.

At Least Grow and Raise Them as Pairs

Goats usually live in herds but you can’t have so many as pets. How to care for a goat as a pet would require you to at least get a pair. They usually get lonely and depress living alone. This will lead to unhealthiness. Your goat pet might end up starving and thirsting itself due to depression and could lead to something fatal. But there are rare occasions and instances where a family owns a single goat and still lives happily among humans. That is possibly due to one of its characteristics, being tough, friendly and interactive with other types of animals, even humans.

Know Your Responsibilities

You can just decide and choose a goat to be your pet. You must first learn and understand your responsibilities as a pet owner. There are some characteristics and habits that you might find unpleasant and irritating. This will stress you out and end up being lax with your pet. Learn to think like how your pet thinks and you can slowly understand how it lives. You can adapt to each other’s traits and can live well in harmony in a safe and happy space within your home.

Knowing What Type of Breed

There are several breeds of goats you need to know. Goats are categorized among milk, meat and fiber breeds. Meat breeds are usually large, bulky and with strong muscles but they do not produce a lot of milk. Meat bread are great for livestock and farming but for pets, it occupies a lot of space and you’d have no incentives as you can’t make use of their muscles.

Fiber breeds are somewhere in between. They do not grow so large and does not produce a lot of milk but could really be fluffy and cute.  Milk breeds, on the other hand, are usually small. They do not require much effort when it comes to caring and will provide a sufficient amount of milk for home use if you’d prefer.

For an added reference, here is a short video about the things you need to know with goats:

It’s slightly a little different raising goat as pets compared to livestock and farming.

Giving Name

One of the best things you can give to your goat to show love, care and affection would be a name. Why so? You wouldn’t give an animal a name if you have no feelings of attachment for it. Providing them with a name will make your bond even stronger. In addition, the name will get imprinted on their brain and calling your pet would be easier, especially if you’re growing 2 or more pairs.

Home Space and Shed

Goats also need some area where they can do their animal activities and exercise. It is always to their best interest, not to deprive them with the space they need to move around. You should know how to care for goats as a pet and this includes food, shelter, and space.


The best thing about goat is that they can eat a wide variety of foods. It is a herbivorous animal that can easily survive eating plants, fruits, and vegetables. There are some foods however, that can be  toxic for goats to eat.  Fortunately, goats can survive with just quality hay and clean water as their everyday food but it is also nice to treat them something new once in a while such as sweet fruits and vegetables.

Play Pen or Fences

A pet goat indoors is not enough. You should provide them with outdoor protection such as playpen or fences. Your indoor area is not an ideal place for goats to exercise and play around. This can cause some furniture and home damage, hence, requiring you to conduct these activities outside.

A playpen or fence can secure your goat inside your area and prohibits it from wandering around the streets. This will also keep predators and other violent animals from getting too close to your pet goat.