How To Stop A Goat From Head Butting

It’s kind of funny that you’d see and hear goat pet owners as well as some rare occasions of people complaining about a goat headbutting them. It can be a little harsh but for goats, it’s not a violent thing. It is actually their way of playing around, especially with other goats. Now, knowing that you have a pet goat means they’d either want to play with you and wants your attention. That’s why occasional head butting happens. Your main concern would probably be how to stop a goat from headbutting you from time to time. Fortunately, it can be done.

There are actually a lot of goat habits that you want to tame, not just the occasional headbutt. Sometimes excessive chewing and biting can also be irritating and could cause your home some furniture damage. Other habits include indoor potty and urinating. Unable to tame or control these habits can lead to a great deal of stress at home. It’s also to your information that most pets or animals have habits that could aggravate you that is where consistent responsibility is measured.

Luckily, there are some ways on how to stop a goat from head butting. Proper training used for potty, urinating, excessive chewing and biting can be used to train them to lessen their occasional headbutts. Some prefer to negative or positive reinforcement to tame the animal under their care. Using treats, pleasures, positive gestures and a soft tone of voice every time your goat did a successful activity or training can implicate that they did something good.

On the other hand, high tone of voice or a penalty every time they did something you don’t want an implant to their brain that you didn’t like what they did. Goats are one of the smart animals that can identify negative and positive behavior or distress from other animals. They can be easily trained to fit our home’s standards. Actually, training a goat at home when you have them as a pet is required. Letting them be will cause damage and add to your expenses. It can even lead to harm, especially their excessive chewing. They can chew on some electrical cords and get electrocuted, etc.

There are a lot of good choices of pet goat breeds you can have. Regardless of which breed, don’t get too personal and get aggravated with their behaviors. Most of it is associated with their playfulness and some are just exhibits of their wildlife behaviors. Let the animal adjust from the wild to being indoor pets. It can take some time and a lot of patience but if you can successfully pull of great training, you’d be surprised how healthy and harmonious to live with a goat as a pet.