How to Train Man’s Best Friend to be Burglars’ Worst Enemy

Burglaries happen every day. In fact, according to ADT,  every 13 seconds a home intrusion is committed. They happen everywhere, from big cities to small towns to rural neighborhoods. Having a guard dog is a practical way to scare a burglar away from your house. Here are several tips to provide effective training for your new protector. 


Most dogs bark instinctively when they sense danger. Teach a guard dog to bark strategically at signals that seems suspicious or threatening. They should bark whenever there is an unusual sound, such as someone opening a window from the outside, or from the unexpected appearance of someone who is not the homeowner or a member of the family. 


A lot of people would ask, “why would a homeowner want a guard dog? It’s an overly aggressive animal that attacks anyone in sight.” That is not true, Guard dogs are highly disciplined and if you train them correctly, they will only attack when you give them the command to do so. 

You can teach your guard dog when and how to attack an intruder. The main differences between guard dogs are their levels of aggressiveness. Avoid training a dog to attack anyone who walks onto the property because you are liable for any accidents and injuries that occur. Train the dog to attack upon command and recognize wanted visitors in the house. As an additional precaution, keep the dog in a fenced area and place a warning sign outside. 

Obedience Training 

Start with obedience training to see how well this animal responds to basic commands. Know if the dog is even qualified to be an effective security guard. This training includes all of the basics, such as learning how to sit and not barking too much. 


It’s very important that your guard dog knows how to identify every member of the family. Children and elderly people who are vulnerable to aggressive animals. Train each person to give commands and elicit positive responses from the animals. 


As part of the training, use reinforcements to maintain the dog’s confidence and encourage good behavior. Reward him with a doggie treat every time he obeys a command. However, with too many reinforcements, the dog becomes too dependent on treats and loses interest in guarding the house.

Training is the most important part of having a guard dog. You have to prevent them from barking or attacking when they’re not supposed to, and that requires a lot of discipline and consistency from you as a trainer. Having a poorly-trained guard dog is a liability, but having a properly trained guard dog is a reassurance of safety for your family against home invasion. Be responsible with your guard dog and get through training.