Pygmy Goat as House Pet

You can just easily ride with the trend and never wonder why pygmy goat as a house pet is one of the best or you could expand your knowledge and learn the reasons why. There are even some considerations you need to follow so that you can home, raise and grow a pygmy goat as a house pet. Some of these considerations are related to laws and regulations about livestock animals. Most of you know it by know that the main reason that goat has been the breed for centuries is for livestock and farming contributions of the animal. It was only recently that goats are considered to be good home pets.

There are countries, states, cities, towns that have strict laws against petting a goat. You need to check out the regulations of the place you’re at before you start investing time in raising your goats at home. It is because goats are intended for livestock which requires you space, fences, proper sanitation and other standards that you need to comply. It’s not as simple as sticking a goat into your home and your backyard. You need to make sure that you are legally capable of owning them.

Pygmy Goat as House Pet

Pygmy goat is one of the best choices due to its behaviour and characteristics. They are naturally friendly and very interactive with humans. The goat is small in size, requiring you just the right amount of space at home. Pygmy are meat breeds when it comes to livestock. They may grow a little small but the quality of meat they grow is far more tasteful compared to other large breeds. Furthermore, being a goat meat breed means that they only produce a small amount of milk wherein it is very ideal at home.

Sharing the joy and fun, here is a short video of how lively, fun and entertaining pygmy goats as house pet can be:

Most goat pet owners neither raise nor grow goats for meat and milk purposes. However, choosing a small milk goat breed produces a lot of milk where you need to often assist your goat pet and help them milk it out. Knowing that your pet produces a lot of milk, failing to milk it out can cause some problems. The milk is stagnant and the longer it stays, bacteria will set in and will make the udder starts to swell. This comes with slight pain but the swell will later on cause mastitis wherein the pain is more than ever. Goats are not like humans that can express their own milk when they need to.

Space and Shelter

On a brighter and positive note, pygmy goats are fair, simple and fun animals. They are not choosy when it comes to home or shelter. A playpen or a few sided shelters can be a comfortable home for pygmy goats. However, livestock would require you a larger space for higher growth rate and for quality and strong meat production.

Pygmy goat as house pet does not require a lot of space because there is no need to catch a schedule where you need to grow them at a faster rate. You also don’t care what quality of meat they grow as your only concern would be your bond, love, and affection for the animal.


Most pet goats, especially males, are castrated. They are called wethers. A quality and fresh grass hay can sustain their body and provide them with essential nutrients they need. Just make sure that the hay you feed them is not that of the Alfalfa as it can cause them some urinary complications. You can also provide them sweet treats from time to time to mix up their food and to stimulate their appetite. Also, goats usually chews on something they get attracted to. This means that having a goat at home put your garden at risk from getting eaten.

Number of Goats

Goats are affectionate and social animals. Living alone can get them depressed and will lose their appetite to eat and be proactive. It is always advised to get a pair of goats whether it is livestock, farming or home pets. There are some or rare occasions where a goat can live strongly and determined, all by themselves. You’d often see this at home or with goat pets. They somehow shared a bond with humans that could compensate with the absence of a partner.


One of the funniest and entertaining animals of the barnyard are goats. They are mischievous, smart, funny and interactive with other animals. Some even consider them as clowns in the farm. They are known how to play with just about anything. That’s probably one of the cutest and adorable traits of goats. This is why they are now a trend as home pets. They might have some stressful and irritable behaviors that need to be trained but mostly they can pull out some entertainment that could keep you laughing for a long time.


Pygmy goat as house pet makes a great pet. They do not require great amounts of effort when it comes to taking care. They can adjust to certain situations and conditions as they are born tough to survive. The animal is highly resistant against illnesses and disease. They are not picky about the food they eat and can greatly survive with just quality hay and fresh or clean water.

These are the qualities of goats that allow you to live a stress-free life at home. Although there are some behaviors and characteristics that you need to taper such as excessive biting, chewing and indoor pooping and urinating, it can be easily trained to fit your standards.