Quietest Chicken Breed – What To Choose

The main issue you will have in breeding chickens would be neighboring concerns. People in the suburbs with neighboring houses will most likely be complaining of the noise of the chickens, especially during the morning. There are also laws governing people on a city and suburban neighborhoods to have minimum allowable chickens in their backyard, provided that at least most of these breeds are quite by nature. That is why we decided to bring you a short guide about the quietest chicken breed and the things you should know about them.

Another issue specifically points to just roosters or male chickens. Female chickens or hens are less likely to crow or create any noise. Male chickens or roosters, however, crows at any time or at any point during the day which could sometimes be annoying to you and your neighboring houses. Most countries do not have any noise regulations against breeding a chicken, provided that you’re breeding hens. However, this seems rather irrelevant because you would want your chickens to reproduce and lay eggs and it wouldn’t be possible without any roosters. The best solution would be to find a quiet chicken breed so that everyone can go on their daily routes without any complaints.

 Quietest Chicken Breed

What people don’t know about chickens is that it some roosters and mostly hens, are much quieter compared to dogs. Honestly, you’d be more concern with the foul smell and sanitation rather than sound or noise. Also, dogs will most likely bark on anything that they are unfamiliar with or if they feel any threat from other animals around them. But just to enlighten you with what breed of chicken can be as quiet, below are some of the tips you should know:

Buff Orpington

This is a hybrid chicken that has been produced by crossbreeding a Minocra, Plymouth Rock and Langshan chicken. It took several years to master the cross-breeding technique and has been perfected in early 1886 by William Cook. This breed was named after a town in England namely Orpington.

Here is a short video that shows the right chicken for your home or backyard farm:

The breed is one of the quietest chicken breeds you’ll ever encounter. Adding to that is the superior characteristics of producing quality eggs. The meat of the chicken is also incomparable. It’s actually an all in one breed, ideal for home or backyard farm.

This chicken is also ideal if you want to have a chicken as a pet. They are very interactive with humans. To be more accurate, they seek the attention of the one that takes care of them, providing them food and made them their shelter. You’d seldom see a Buff Orpington peck a human, not unless they are threatened. They also have no problems living with other types of animals such as dogs, goats, sheep, live with rabbits or other farm animals.

Other Things to Know

A natural behavior occurs when a flock of chickens’ lives in a small backyard chicken coop without a rooster is that one hen assumes leadership. That chicken will be the one doing the crowing when there is a threat or foods are being delivered. But that crow is not that loud compared to that of a rooster. However, unlike other types of chicken breeds, the Buff Orpington chicken/rooster is still quieter as ever. This gives you a chance to put a single rooster in a flock of hens so that you can allow them to reproduce and lay eggs without any repercussions. You can breed a chicken full of hens for their meat but it’s also a bonus if you have access to fresh eggs for your daily consumption.