Raising Pygmy Goats

There are few popular choices relative to goats for farming or for pets. The usual breed as a pet choice is usually miniature goat breeds such as Nigerian dwarf goat, Pygmy goat or Pygora goat. However, Nigerian dwarf goat would require you some effort in the milking process. You can’t just disregard a goat that carries a lot of milk in its udder as it can cause pain and infection to the animal. Pygora goats can also be stressful to maintain. It is due to its long and thick fiber growth where cleaning and maintenance can be bothersome. That’s why most pet owners choose Pygmy goats as pets. But you should first know some considerations before you start raising pygmy goats whether you want to breed one as a pet or as farming animal.

Raising pygmy goats can either be for farming or for home pets. Regardless of the two, there are actually some requirements you need to consider to allow the animal to live its fullest. These requirements can also put less stress or strain on your part from providing them with the right amount of care and responsibilities. You just can’t choose an animal and disregard what it needs. It’s not something you could just pick just because it seems cute, adorable, lovely, funny, etc. How well we take responsibility for the animal will reflect on the lifespan of the animal. Failing to provide them with what they need can shorten their lifespan or can affect their growth and development.

For instance, farming pygmy goat needs to be fed with enough supplements to keep their muscles thick and strong. It’s an asset of pygmy goats as they are meat breed goats. Farming would also require you to have a lot of space, not just one but at least a pair of goats. Keep in mind that goats are social animal where living alone or having no partner could greatly put them in a deep depression that could cause loss of appetite and other more complications.

Raising Pygmy Goats

It’s very popular and common in most countries where people are raising pygmy goats as home pets.  Adding to the credit, even though pygmy goats are miniature meat breeds, there are lots of farms who prefers to grow the breed even thou it produces less meat compared to large breeds.

Some farmers and livestock owners say that the quality of meat from a pygmy goat is tastier compared to other breeds. Some say that the reason they choose pygmy goats is that of a lesser space requirement, easy to handle and less food supply expenses. This article will discuss some considerations you need for raising pygmy goats as home pets or farming animals.

Raising Pygmy Goats – Pets

Pygmy goats are ideal as a goat pet breed. It is because of their size and their characteristics. You should know that pygmy goats are friendly, safe with kids and highly interactive with their humans. They can also live alongside other pets such as dogs, cats, etc. However, there are some behaviors you need to think about or put some effort into training the animal. They can sometimes play with you harshly. Head-butt is a common complaint of people who owns a goat for a pet. They also have this rabid chewing of clothes and fabrics. Enclosed indoors, you might end up with a chewed couch or sofa and other home furniture damage. You need to train the animal or provide them with other options to chew.

Below is a short video of how cute and how pygmy goats can be indoors:

It is greatly advised by the many that you should keep your goats in a pen outside your home or in your backyard. In a relative topic, keeping a farm animal in your backyard might cause some problems with your neighbors. Before you start to keep a pygmy goat as a pet,  make sure that there aren’t any laws or regulations that could put you in legal questioning. There are some cities, states or countries that do not allow growing of farm animals at home.

Provided that there are no legal complications, the best way to keep goats at home would be installing fences around the backyard. Make sure the fence is not so small that it can’t provide you any visibility for monitoring as well as not too wide where predators or wild dogs can get inside. If you have a garden, make sure to keep your goats away from it. Goats are curious animals. They will chew and eat most of your flowers, vegetables, garden grass, etc. Not to mention that they are highly attracted to scented objects, specifically flowers.

Pygmy goats can sometimes lack the display of any emotions. At one point, they would seek your attention where they’ll approach you and nod at you many times just for you to notice them. There are times that they would act like they don’t care if you spend time with them or not. But in general, goats do love their humans. They might not just be showy about their affection but this loving creature is one of the most loyal and faithful pets you can have.

Raising Pygmy Goats – Farm Animals

While having a small hutch or an enclosed housing with just 3 corners works for pygmy goats as home pets or backyard farm, it may not be the best house you can provide for farm-type pygmy goats. The reason why farmers breed goats is to grow the animal to become more productive and to maximize their potential growth. Pygmy goats will not grow as large and tall if housed in just a small home.


Pygmy goats require lesser space compared to large goats but farms usually have dozens of pygmy goats being bred. They usually require a barn especially on cold climate or areas with low temperature. A barn complete with reinforcement would really make a difference on cold weathers as it can provide enough insulation your goat needs.

Regardless of the breed, experts have an average of at least 20 square feet of land or space for each goat or a pair of goats. This will allow them to grow at their optimize size and weight. If space is not at all an issue in your farmland, why deprive your goats with the space they need. Their growth efficiency will definitely return back your investment.


This requirement or consideration is really necessary for farms. Fences will serve as protection and security for your animals. It will keep wild animals or predators away or at least give them a hard time to invade your area and harm your animals. This will also provide you security from animal thieves passing by your farm. Yes, it’s a common crime in rural areas. There are some people who will grab the opportunity to steal your animals and sell them to the local market.

Fencing can also be used for limiting your goat’s movement and/or for segregation. You can install fences in between areas if you want to separate males, females or kids depending on your purpose. You can even put fences on animals you want to isolate or for the organization. Putting a fence in between the area of goats and chickens can also work out as chickens are fast-moving animals where goats can sometimes get irritated by them. Adding to that, goats do not experience any deep sleep where fast and load movements or noise can easily wake them up and disturb their sleep.


A farm usually grows or is abundant with healthy and fresh pastures.  Pygmy goats will require fewer feeds and stock hays if you have wide grasslands to offer. However, not all people have the luxury of a spacious and wide farm where fresh grasses and shrubs grow. If that’s the case, the perfect food you can supply pygmy goats would just be clean and quality hay along with some fresh water. That’s enough for them and it has all the essential nutrients they need to grow. You just need to make sure that the hay is clean as pygmy goats and other breeds of goats can sometimes be picky and hygienic. They won’t chew dirty or stepped-on hays.

You can also choose to treat your goats with other foods such as fruits and veggies. Just be careful not to feed them too much because some may trigger complications and/or addictions. You also need to conduct some research about some foods are bad for goats.  

Some farmers use goat feeds instead of hays. The price or expenses are much costly compared to quality hays but goat feeds are usually boosted with essential vitamins and minerals that could hasten the growth and development of your goats. Some even have immunity boosters that strengthen the immune system of your goat.

Horn Disbudding

This is fairly optional but many experts suggest keeping your goats disbudded, especially if you plan on selling the goats for pet owners. This will keep them safe from head-butts. It may not be a big deal to most farmers but homes usually have kids and a disbudded goat can do no harm when playing around. The head-butt is actually not an aggressive behavior of goats but rather a playful one. However, it can inflict pain due to the horns; hence, the process of disbudding can really come in handy.

General Knowledge

Pygmy goats may be the smallest meat breed but they can actually be milk breeds as well. That’s correct. Pygmy goats can also produce milk but not that many compared with the quantity of milk a goat milk breed can produce. However, like with the Nigerian dwarf goat,  pygmy goat’s milk also contains a high amount of butterfat content. This is one of the reasons why farmers choose this breed. It’s a multipurpose breed where you can both benefit from the milk it produces and the meat it grows.