Saltwater Aquarium Equipment

The most exciting and interesting part of setting up an aquarium is choosing the right equipment to purchase and install. It is also fun to conduct some research about what equipment you should use that varies with the type of aquarium set you want, its size and your purpose for it.

Thinking of the fish pet industry today, you’ll end up with tons of products to choose from. The advancement of technology has played a vital role wherein there are now so many aquarium equipments in the market and trying to get all of those, even the unnecessary aquarium tools and kits can get very expensive. And you would not want to spend thousands of dollars for something that your fish or your aquarium does not really need.

Below, we have made a small chart of the best aquarium equipment and supplies you can prioritize to look for:

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Saltwater Aquarium Equipment and Supplies

Air Pump – This is the most common equipment and is used for several purposes. Depending on your set up, this equipment can either be  necesessity or use optional equipment. Fortunately, there is now some type of filters that would not require you to have an air pump. These are your canister filters and external power-filters.

The air pump can work as an aerator to supply a sufficient amount of oxygen into your aquarium tank. In some occasions, it used to create some movement underwater such as underwater decorations that require an air pump. This is also an often times used to power some types of filters.

Air Stone – These are stones used by enthusiast or hobbyist as an underwater or aquarium ornament. It is used to decorate the internal part of your aquarium, at a cheaper cost. The stone is quite inexpensive or cheap.

This piece of supply is dubbed as an air stone not because it produces air or oxygen. It, however, helps in the process of oxygenation by providing your tank some surface area on the location where the air makes contact with the water.

Backgrounds – This is an optional supply or kit for your aquarium. It allows you to cover the back part of your aquarium to create a beautiful display instead of a transparent background where cords, wires or tubes can be seen. It is either made in plastic or vinyl.

Cabinet or Stand – Other than your aquarium, this is probably one of the most expensive pieces of supplies for your aquarium. Of course, you can set up your aquarium on top of a home-made, ordinary aquarium table at a cheaper cost. But an expensive cabinet or stand would give you pleasing and relaxing aesthetics compared to a plain platform. For an aquarium that uses a sump system set-up, a cabinet or stand is very useful as it can hold your sump tank underneath your display aquarium. It could also hide your cords, wirings and other equipment to allow you a clear display of your aquatic scenery. Some cabinet or stand has slots to where you can place your added lightings. It beautifies your aquarium set more than your usual set up.

Cover – This supply or equipment is one of the basics. Aquariums, both saltwater and freshwater, needs to have the top covered. It keeps the aquarium protected from falling dirt, dust and debris. It also keeps your fish and other occupants contained or from escaping. It works both ways to be more specific as it also does not allow predators and other home animals, access to your tank or aquarium. There are also aquariums with a hinged top. It is slightly expensive compared to a simple set of an aquarium with an external cover but it is more presentable and aesthetically pleasing.

Filter – One of the most important pieces of equipment, deemed highly necessary for any aquarium set-up is your aquarium filter. You can choose not to have this equipment at an expense that you need to clean and maintain the water in your tank at a regular basis. Accumulation of dirt, debris and other toxic substances in the water are harmful and lethal to your fish.

The aquarium filter saves you the trouble of a timely cleaning as it does the work. It also cleans the water from ammonia and nitrate build-up as well as other unwanted bacteria. You should note that upon choosing an aquarium filter,  you must see the ratings of its functionality pertaining to biological, chemical and mechanical filtration. Also, a filter device also requires some cleaning and maintenance, especially on the cartridges where all the filtered materials pile up. Failing to keep the filter clean will still circulate dirty and toxic water back to your aquarium.

Being one of the essential equipment for an aquarium, below are few of the best products available:

This is the Aqua Clear Power Filter. It is an external filter that could best perform in 5 to 20 gallons of aquarium water capacity. It uses an advanced filtration system that allows the device to perform in its optimum with a lower operating cost. The set requires basic and easy installation. It comes with a 2-year product warranty from the manufacturer.

Just for fun, below is an unboxing video of the Aqua Clear power filter:

You would actually see that it nicely fits the top of your aquarium. The picture of the product may look small but it has a decent size as seen in the video.

Another filter you should look into is the Tank filter from Tetra. The set best works for a 20 gallon water capacity aquarium. It is basically designed for a small to medium size aquarium. The device features bio cartridges that are responsible for filtering and cleaning dirt and debris. It uses 3-stage filtration that cleans biological, mechanical and chemical contaminants in your aquarium’s water.

This last is among the few cheap and affordable filters that could at least come close to a high-end, expensive filtration system. It has a power of 100-GPH. The device is built with a LED indicator wherein you would know if it’s time to replace or clean the filter cartridges. It is very easy to operate and maintain. The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty for this product.

Continuing to other aquarium supplies and equipment below:

Fishnet – A cheap and inexpensive piece of supply would be your fish net. It is a handy tool or equipment that is used in case a fish has lost its way around your aquatic habitat. It does not only help you to catch and transfer fish to a safe spot, but the fishnet can also be used to catch debris floating or submerged in your aquarium. It comes on different sizes ranging from small to large, but regardless of the size, the fishnet is cheap and affordable. Most people who have a fish tank or aquarium at home always have one just beneath the cabinet with all the other kits and supplies.

Gravel Vacuum – This is a necessary tool or equipment for hobbyist or enthusiast but a fairly optional tool for people who do not mind doing an extra effort to keep the water clean and toxin-free. The gravel vacuum allows you to regulate, piling-up of organic matter inside your tank or aquarium. It enables you, removal or submerged dirt and debris, along with your uneaten food under the tank. If all this are left alone, the ammonia and nitrate level of the water increases and could, later on, be fatal to your fish and other living occupants.

There are different types of gravel vacuum in the market. Regardless of which type you choose, make sure to vary the specification to your needs and preference. It really does not matter whatever type of gravel vacuum you use as long pertains to removal of unwanted materials under or on the lower portion of your tank or aquarium.

Aquarium Heater – It is among the important equipment for your fish tank or aquarium. This helps the tank have a regulated water temperature, especially on cold weathers. The power or rate of the heater is based on the size of your aquarium. It is as simple that an aquarium heater with low watt power is not suited for large size aquariums and vice versa. The aquarium heater can either be submersible or external. Regardless of the two, the ideal aquarium heater is the one that would provide you easiness in terms of functionality. It is also advised to get a heater with temperature indicators and automatic shut-down system that turns the device off whenever it reaches a designated temperature.

Plant Substrate – It can be planted if you choose to have a live plant setting for your aquarium. This supply has a different purpose. It can either be used as a source of healthy food nutrients for your fish, to help with the oxygenation process of your aquarium or tank and to stimulate an underwater environment inside your tank for pleasing and relaxing scenery.