Smallest Goat in the World

Many people, especially farmers and livestock owners, like a large type of animals. The reason would be that they could profit more when it comes to marketing meat, milk, fiber and more. But we could never deny the fact that there are some who prefers smaller breeds for specific reasons such as the difference in quality, convenient in space and less effort in care and maintenance. Being more specific with the type of animal, what is the smallest goat in the world? Which would be better? Small or large goat breeds? That’s just a few of the many concerns we would want to figure out.

When it comes to productivity and quantity, large goat breeds are highly efficient. A large milk goat breed can produce a lot of milk which is ideal for processing and marketing. It’s the same thing for large meat goat breeds. The larger the goat, the more amount of meat you’ll get. Fiber goat breed’s purpose, however, does not rely on the size of the goat. There are a lot of small fiber goat breeds that grow a lot of wool, far more than a large goat breed could ever produce.

The great thing about smaller breeds is space efficiency. You could minimize the space used by the animal. This will also help you save a lot of money with foods, supplements, kits, supplies, and maintenance. In addition, there are some goat meats with great and exquisite quality, only available in small goat breeds. The same with milk breeds, there are types of milk with tasteful and creamier quality that could only be produced by a smaller goat breed. We will discuss that distinction shortly.

Smallest Goat in the World

For starters, beginners or newbie farmers and also with pet owners, the smallest goat in the world is greatly advised. Smaller animal breeds can be easily maintained and handled. That makes them an ideal choice. Experts and professional farmers can handle a lot of large breeds on their farm, some even combine the breeds ranging from small, medium, large to extra-large. Other uses the mixture or combination of breeds to improve or further domesticate the animals and set a new standard for the breed depending on the purpose.

Crossbreeding is rampant nowadays. A good example would be the fiber goat breed. There are types of wool or fibers that can only be grown in a large breed of goats. The idea was to combine the large breed to a smaller breed, hoping that it will acquire the size of the smaller breed and the quantity and quality of the wool from the large breed and vice versa.

Regardless of the reason and purpose of looking for the smallest goat in the world, you should know that the label of being the smallest is categorized into different breeds. There is a smallest milk breed, smallest meat breed, and smallest fiber breeds.

Smallest Meat Breed

The smallest goat in the world under meat breed is the Pygmy Goat. The female pygmy goat weighs roughly about 24 kilograms up to 34 kg. Males, on the other hand, are slightly larger and heavier, they can grow to a weight of about 39 kilograms being the largest and/or heaviest. The pygmy goat can only supply an amount of meat if raised and grown for meat marketing. The meat, however, is unique, distinct, more tasteful and quality. This is great for pet goats but there are so many farmers who choose the type of breed for their farms.

The meat from a pygmy goat  is much more expensive compared to commercial types of breeds which are your large breeds. It is also much cheaper when it comes to supplying foods and maintenance. It does not consume a lot of space, easier to handle and are born with the tough and muscular body even though they are small. The breed is also resilient against illnesses and diseases and can survive harsh weathers.

Smallest Fiber Breed

The most popular fiber goat breed is the Angora goat. However, it is large and slightly difficult to handle. Not to mention that it requires a lot of space and food to keep up with the regular weight and growth of fiber or wool. The Angora goat weighs about 180 to 220 pounds, which is classified as large breeds. It does, however, produce and supply a lot of great quality wool which has so many uses and applications. Expert breeders got an idea of breeding the goat with smaller breeds to obtain the quality and amount of wool produce but on a smaller size goat.

It was later than that the Pygora and Nigora goat was developed. The Pygora goat is a combination of a Pygmy goat which is the smallest meat breed and the Angora goat. The breed was successful. Experts have created a small size goat that could produce a sufficient amount of fiber or wool. They also came across breeding the Angora goat with the smallest and the most popular milk breed, the Nigerian dwarf goat, hence the name Nigora goat.

Below is a short video of featuring an American Original, Nigora goat:

You can use the breed for both milk and fiber.   

Smallest Milk Breed

It is obvious by now as we have mentioned the most popular and the smallest milk goat breed, the  Nigerian dwarf goat.  This goat breed is not the number 1 goat that could supply or produce a large amount of milk. They are the greater goat when it comes to producing a quantity of milk. However, the Nigerian dwarf goat is the popular milk breed due to the butterfat content of the milk they produce.

he butterfat content refers to or is responsible for the milk is creamy. Also, high butterfat content milk is being used to make ice creams, yogurt, some types of cheese and some cosmetics. Just like with the pygmy goat, they may be small breeds of goat but the quality of what they can produce when it comes to their purpose is always top of the line. That is why there are also many farmers and livestock owners who grow a lot of small goat breeds.

Additional Information

Expert breeders up to this day keeps trying to domesticated goats and experiment with different breeds to further raise the standards. Centuries ago, some of these goat breeds does not even exist or some of it were used for different purposes. Also, today, goats have been a trend for pet owners due to their interactive characteristics with humans. They are friendly, intelligent, funny, cute, adorable, etc. Just like other types of pet mammals at home. However, goats are a social type of animals where living alone could cause them depression which could lead to sickness or loss of appetite. It is greatly advised for pet owners to bring home a pair of a goat to keep each other company.