The Best Dog Ramps for 2022 [COMPLETE LIST OF 34 WITH COMPARISON]

Best Dog Ramps

It seems that as our dogs are growing up and getting older. They could not stay cute and little forever. Once young and wild, but now starting to deteriorate and having a hard time walking around, up and down certain areas within and out or at home. You will seldom see the usual jumps that our dogs do as they climb up and down a platform or stairs. The strength and structure of our dogs as they grow old, just like human do, needs to be compensated.   An excellent product we just found out about is supportive braces is available from Labra, a company that specializes in supportive braces for older dogs.

Along with a great brace, these are the best dog ramps we can get to aid and assist them in their day to day walk around the house or they might end up injuring their selves by forcing their way up and down an elevated area around the house.

There are actually several benefits that your dogs can avail and could really prevent them from getting injured or experiencing too much strain. These preventive benefits can also save you lots of time, money and effort. The most important benefits would be less strains, pressure and stress on your dog’s joints. As they grow old and for large dogs, joints are the most fragile part of their body as dogs are highly mobile and very active. A ramp can greatly lessen the pressure from your dog’s fragile joints. In addition, these ramps can both prevent injuries from dogs and owners.

Dog jumps are based on instincts. They could not actually measure the distance of what they are about to jump to, if they can do it or not, and a ramp can save them in those situations. A ramp will also replace you from carrying your dog through those distance and gaps. Carrying a large weight of a dog can put a heavy strain on your back as you carry them and could end you up getting injured. It also has great diversity or versatility. The there are different types of dog ramp and the application of dog ramps is wide. It can be used on vehicles such as trucks and SUVs when you are with your dog during your travels. It can also be used for tables, tubs, beds and more, basically anything where your dogs need to go on to or in to.

34 Best Dog Ramps

The first product in our list of the best dog ramp of 2017 is from Solvit. This product has so many positive reviews and has good ratings. The design is a combination of size and strength while being able to provide a very light weight for portability. The set is about 20 inches in width and a length of 48 inches that can be extended 87 inches long. It provides anti-slip traction to avoid any accidents.

For additional information about the Solvit ramp product for dogs, refer to the short video below.

It is also kind of a short detailed review about what you need to know and understand about the ramp.

Pet Gear’s Pet ramp is a self-standing ramp. It has its own stand built to support the weight of the ramp and the weight of the dog. It could hold up a weight of not greater than 200 pounds. The ramp is best used for large dogs but could also work well for small and medium size dogs. The set uses a pressure grip mat where it allows your pet to have an easy and stable grip as they walk through. The dimension of the set is very wide and very lengthy.

One of the best dog ramps for large dogs you can opt to look and purchase is from PetSTEP. It is ramp perfect for injured or old dogs. The ramp can be used for several applications, not just for cars. It saves your dogs the trouble of jumping over any gaps or distance or from going up or down a platform. The ramp has 2 designs, grey and khaki, both of which has fairly reasonable price. It can support dogs of all weights.

To show you how amazing and how convenient the pet ramp from PetStep, we included a short video below.

It easily folds and opens. You can lay it out at the back of your SUV or any cars with a sliding door. Seeing the product, it can also be used for other gaps as long as it fits.

Next ramp set is a short or half step ramp from Petstep. The design is ideal for short gaps or distance such as couch, beds or smaller cars. It greatly reduces the stress, pressure and pain of dogs with injuries or for older dogs. You do not want to put any strains on those joints. The ramp measures to about 39 inches in length, 17 inches in width and about 2 inches thick. The set is designed to withstand great weight and pressure.

Mr. Herzher’s brings you the best dog ramp they have manufactured. It is a smart ramp made from shur-foot tread that allows the set to provide traction for ease and comfort. The traction is very efficient that it can hold your pet’s paw as they walk through it. The set has a shorter size and length. It is only advisable for short distance or gap, about 18 inches. This is also applicable for small to medium size dogs.

Our next product is a uniquely designed small ramp for pools. It is specifically made to be a dog ramp for swimming pools. The set is used to provide a helpful escape for dogs if they accidentally dive in to your pool or you have brought them for a good pool swim. This set is optional as not all people own a pool. It requires some installation but it is very easy to remove or replace. Regardless if the ramp is wet, the set still provides enough traction for paws

This simple folding ramp from Petstep is one of the many products with best dog ramps reviews and recommendations. It comes with a gold/khaki color at a fairly reasonable price. The set easily folds to lean against on end of the truck, bed, table or any gaps or distance. The set is ideally built for staircases, furniture and vehicles but could also work for other gaps where your dogs are obliged to jump. It measures 70 inches by 17 inches and measures half when folded.

Rage Powersports is a dog ramp with light weight design. This is a small ramp set that measure 6 feet in length and 15 inches wide at a fair price. The top part or the surface of the ramp is coated with durable grit to provide traction. The ramp is made from strong aluminium to maintain a light weight product but highly durable and rust-free. The set can be folded so that it could adjust its length to at least half when used in smaller gaps.

Still from Rage Powersports, one of their many best dog ramps available in the market, the DR-08 Lightweight Ramp made from aluminium and holds a folding feature. It is a long and wide size ramp with dimensions of 8 feet in length and 15 inches wide. The measurement halves when folded. It has surface with efficient traction grip so that dogs, with their paws, can easily run or walk through the ramp stably.

This is one of the best dog ramps for large dogs from Rage Powersports. It is the DR-07 Lightweight Pet Ramp that measures 7 feet in length and 15 inches wide. It can cater a dog size of medium to large. The set is made from strong and durable aluminum. It can carry a weight of about 250 pounds. The surface of the ramp is covered with a strong grip tape which creates a nice traction for your pet’s paws. The set has a fair and reasonable price.

Again, from Mr. Herzher, this is the smart and the best dog ramps you can have for your dogs. The ramp comes in 2 sizes, a junior size for small to medium size dog and a regular size for medium to large dogs. The size is also a great factor for the length of the gap it could ramp through. This set is much cheaper compared to most products and could give a close comparison in terms of quality and durability.

This is a combination of a pet ramp and a pet step. It is a wonderful product made by Pet Gear. The surface is covered with a carpet tread that is detachable. The carpet is washable which makes cleaning very convenient for you. The set requires some assembly but it easily snaps fit and does not require you any tools. The size of the ramp is 28 inches in length, 16 inches in width and 16 inches in height, best for dogs of small to medium size.

One of the most expensive and the best dog ramp for SUV and other types of car is the Pet Ramp from Proline. There is actually a 2 elegant design from Proline, the Easy Steps and the Scratch Guard. This step is made from light weight but very strong materials. It has a compact folding design that allows you to carry the set in the back of your car’s trunk. It secures each step of your dog to get in and out of the car safely and without injury.

Jumping down to a cheaper pet equipment,  Pet Gear brings you the Tri-Fold ramp product. It is about 71 inches long and can stably support a pet weight of about 200 pounds. It is built with a handle for comfort-ability as you carry the folded set. There are rubbers installed at the bottom of the ramp to provide grip as it holds to the ground. The same thing on the surface, it has slip-resistant cover that provides reliable traction.

Next is still from Pet Gear. It is a StRamp or pet stair ramp. The set is a small size ramp for dogs and cats. It is coated with a nice chocolate color. The top surface of the ramp is covered with a carpet for providing traction. It requires some assembly but with only a few steps as it snaps fit easily and does not require you any tools. It is about 16 inches high, 28 inches in length and 16 inches in width

Another set of the best dog ramp from Solvit is the 62337 deluxe ramps. It is designed for an outdoor ramp, specifically for catering the needs of your dogs to go up or down on cars or trucks. The ramp however, can also work on other types of gaps, indoors and out. As long as it fits the gap of 39 to 72 inches, it could greatly provide your dog with the proper support to keep those fragile joints uninjured or unharmed.

This is best dog ramps for large dogs from Gen7Pets. It is a unique ramp covered with a green fabric on the surface for traction. The aesthetics of the set makes it look like a natural step ramp. This ramp when folded has a handle for convenience when transporting or storing. It can hold up a weight of dogs and cats for that’s not greater than 200 pounds which is fairly large. If unfolded, the set measures 72 inches long, half when folded.

The video below will show you how the the nature green fabric on the top surface brings out a natural appearance and provides great amount of traction.

It is fairly easy to use and does not require any assembly. The folding features is also very convenient as you can store it at the back of your car and within reach.

Pet Gear does not want to back out from the long line of competition. Another amazing product is the Lite Folding Ramp for pets. It can be used in either dogs or cats. There are 3 designs for this set, bi-fold, full length and short bi-fold. There are also a variety of colors you can choose from. The set works to greatly support and provide for the needs of your dog. It has a built-in handle for convenience of carrying and storing.

Trixie Pet brings you its best dog ramp for SUV. Trixie Pet is one of the company/manufacturer that provides pet owners with different tools and equipment for dogs.  This ramp is 39 inches long and about 15 inches wide. It is ideally built for SUV use but could also work with other cars and other gaps in both outdoor and indoor. It has rubber feet to protect the ramp from scratches and lessen the stress and pressure as it carries the weight of your dog.

Solvit has so many designs for a dog or cat ramp. This is the half ramp-2 that only weighs about 7 pounds. It is very light. The set is used as a car ramp but could also work to support dogs from jumps through and distance. It may be light but it can carry a weight of a pet of about 150 pounds. The set however is not for cars with side doors as it can get in the way and might not fit. The ramp has rubber feet underneath for reducing pressure and stress.

Best dog ramps reviews always are positive and with good recommendations as the product is very useful for dog owners. With love and care, we do not want our pets, especially large and old one, to strain their feet and joints as they go down a platform. Like with this foldable pet ramp from PetMaker, it is designed to provide great comfort and assistance at most gaps your dogs has to jump through. It is about 30 inches in length and 15 inches wide.

Pet gear brings you its tri-fold ramp design. It is a ramp that measures 71 inches long if fully extended. It folds 3 times, reducing its length by 3 for saving space at the back of your car, trunk or any storage area. The ramp is covered with reflective line for nightly use. It is also slip-resistant so that your dogs can have a good grip of the ramp as they walk down or up. The ramp has a built-in handle on the side for portability.

It is very hard to find the ideal and the best dog ramps for your dogs, that is why we made this list to help you with your troubles and one that made it through is the Pet Stairs from Flexzion. It is best for small to medium size dogs as it aesthetically designed to act as a stairs or step ramp. Large dogs will have a hard time fitting their feet onto each stair steps and will force them to jump over, making the set useless. It supports a weight of 120 pounds.

Here is an affordable ramp set from Zoovilla. The ramp is collapsible for convenient storage or transport. The great thing about this ramp is the adjustable height. That is a feature that lacks in most ramps as most can only have its length adjusted. The ramp has rubber feet or soles that protects against scratches and strains on the ramp. It also has a nice traction for your dog’s paws. It can support a weight of 125 pounds.

Goplus have made it to our list of the best dog ramp products available. This ramp is made from aluminum, ensuring a rust-free product. There are 3 different sizes available, 6, 7 and 8 feet, each have different price. It is reliable as a ramp for SUV, van and trucks. The ramp can also be used for other vehicles provided that it fits a non-sliding door. The aluminum makes the product very light, convenient for transportation and storage. This 6 feet ramp is fairly cheap and affordable

Our next ramp product is from Pet Studio. It is made of wood, specifically pine. The ramp features a 3-step support to make things easy for old, injured or disabled pets by helping them refrain from jumping up and down certain gaps or platforms. The set is fairly easy to use. It can stably and steadily hold a pet weight of about 130 pounds. Each step is covered with a non-slip carpet to provide paws with the right amount of traction.

Gen7Pets brings you its version of the best dog ramp. This set promotes a very light ramp made compact and built with foldable features for convenient storing or transporting. It is a short ramp for small dogs to medium size dog. The set folds in 2, shortening it size to half. Once folded, the ramp automatically locks, making it secure. There is also a handle where you can carry it around with ease. It can support a weight of 250 pounds.

This ramp is from Otto Step. It works by providing extra step unto the back of your car or its side doors. The product is very light and short. It is specifically designed for vehicular step/ramp support. It could not work for other support purposes as it is fairly short. It has high traction fabric on its surface. The set can be easily added onto your vehicle and be removed at any time with ease. The step can only support a pet weight of not over than 200 pounds.

The best dog ramps for large dogs came from many manufacturers. One of them is Rage Powersports. Like this product here, it is a long and extra wide product made from aluminum. The DR-08XW ensures a light-weight and rust-free ramp to make it last longer than what you have paid for. This measures 8 feet long and about 19 inches wide, covered with traction resistant tape surface that provides comfortable friction on dog’s paws. It is ideal for trucks, vans and SUVs.

Most of ramp products are usually made to be the best dog ramp for SUV. Such product is from Orvis. It uses green natural fabrics for a nice surface traction. The ramp is fairly long and wide, enough to provide an efficient pathway for your pets from top to bottom. It works best for SUVs and other types of vehicles with a sliding door. The set might not be able to fit if used in a side-opening door. It easily folds for convenient storing.

This is a 7 feet portable ramp. It is made from strong aluminum to maintain a light weight product but providing a reliable sturdiness. It also ensures rust-free ramp. The set is covered with an anti-slip material which makes it safe for dogs. The weight of the ramp is about 17 pounds but can support a weight of a pet not more than 200 pounds. The set can be unfolded, cutting the measure in half. It is 2 inches thick.

Not like most pet ramp products, this ramp from PetStep features a ramp with a side support. The ramp is grooved instead of having a carpet or any traction fabric/tape for convenient cleaning. Dirt and dust easily cleans off by just a small mixture of soap in water. It is not just made to support and aid your dog. It is also designed to keep the car safe from scratch as you put the ramp on your car’s door slide entry.

Our next product is from Rage Powersports. It is the DR-07XW aluminum ramp that easily folds for storing convenience. The ramp measures 7 feet in length and 19 inches in width but you can also have this ramp for a lower measurement of 6 feet and 8 feet with the same width. There is a paw-friendly traction tape on one side or on the surface of the ramp. The aluminum makes the set very light by being able to provide a good strength and stability.

Lastly, to end our list of the best dog ramp products, Globe House Products brings you their version of a ramp or a step. It is 2-in-1 dog tools and equipment that can be adjust to fit the needs of your dogs. The set can convert into a dog step or a dog ramp. The surface of the support ramp is covered with lint to protect your pets from sliding or falling. It is an anti-slip surface that brings good traction to your dog’s paws. The set is very easy to clean and very easy to store. It is built from sturdy wooden construction.

Just for an added fun to end our best dog ramp products, below is an assessment back in 2015 about the top 10 dog ramps in the market.

Ranking and rating assessment usually change yearly. See which product has made its way through the list and the ones that did not able to make it this year.