What Do Goats Like To Play With

We may less likely care about what our goats do with most of their time on a farm. However, it’s not the case when we have goats for pets at home. We usually want to show our affection to the animal and wouldn’t want them to get bored as with all the time they have. Pet owners that have a goat as their pet usually tend to find the best things for their goat. They would feed them treats to get their goats out of their daily diet and to keep their appetite strong and stimulated. But the greatest concern would be on how to let their pet have a wonderful time considering they have plenty to spare? What do goats like to play with all throughout the day? Do they have a chew toy like dogs and cats? Can they catch a Frisbee? A ball?

Goats usually want to spend a lot of their time under a shade along with their companion. Under a tree, they would either jump around on tree barks, on each other, head-butts, run around and more. It’s actually nice to watch them play. They could make you smile and laugh just by watching them fool around with each other. But goats at home usually do not have the luxury of a spacious ecosystem where they can have access to outside trees and barks considering that they just live at your home backyard with fences and all.

The best way for you to let them enjoy their time and activity is to provide them with a miniature structure in their play area. It can either be a used and no longer used bench, tables, wooden spools, large rocks, pallets, and a children’s playhouse.

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Some even just used large used up tires and it can already provide lots of fun for their goat pets. But still, many uses a playhouse above all else because a home with a family usually has this sort of stuff especially when their children starts to grow and does not play with it anymore. It may seem expensive but the investment was actually for your child and you are just recycling it for your goat pet to use. These are just a few things about what do goats like to play with and most of them other than used up furniture would be a DIY play set for goats.

What Do Goats Like To Play With

Of course, if budget is not of an issue for you and for your goat then a brand new playhouse can benefit them but for an expensive cost. You can check out different eCommerce website that sells second-hand sets but there are some affordable sets at a great and reasonable price that you can avail over Amazon. Below are some of the fun and wonderful playhouses for children that could work well to entertain your goat pets at home:

Many people would opt for a wooden fun house for their guys and these things are usually DIY goat fun house projects at home. But for some pet owners who does not have any luxury of creating their own or have limited tools, time or supply for making one, the best option would be to look for a children’s play house as they can easily be a good fun house for goats as well such as this Walk-in Kitchen from Step2. You can just keep the kitchen tools and toys to storage as goats do not have any use for them. Keep in mind that playhouses for kids being used for goats are fairly optional choices for pet owners.

Here is a short video of a goats playing around a metal ribbon:

This video simply shows that goats will pretty much enjoy anything you have spared to them. Getting a playhouse or building one for them is not compulsory but it’s greatly advised by many pet owners if you want to provide your goat pet a good time to fun around and a wonderful activity or entertainment.

Next is also a good and affordable choice playhouse from Little Tikes. This is a light weight playhouse they you can easily move from one place to another, making it highly portable. It’s also intended as a kid’s play set or play house but it could work great with pet goats as well. It may be a little small but considering that most pet goat is miniature size such as pygmy goat or Nigerian dwarf goat,  this playhouse won’t have any problems at all.


These playhouses are an optional choice for pet owners. You do not need to get them a new one of you has plenty of resources to spare. You can always use old bench, tables, tires and other home furniture to be their play house or a play thing. The choice of getting them a brand new set is up to you as the owner. Goats won’t complain much about what material things you can provide with them but somehow a little extra effort wouldn’t harm them and would let them feel more of your affection.