What Is A Female Goat Called?

We seem to know a lot about the physical characteristic of goats. We have an estimate and can easily determine their size depending on the breed. You can also tell whether or not the goat is a male or a female. But do we actually know what they are called based on their gender? What is a female goat called? What is a male goat called? These are just a few things we still need to found out about the animal and fortunately, we will discuss their names including what baby goats are referred to.

Basically, the physiological structure of a goat will naturally determine most of the things you need to know about goats. Males are much larger, broader and more muscular compared to female goats. Adding to that, male goats have larger and thicker horns compared to female goats. The physiological characteristics are all the same in comparison with male and female goats regardless of the type of goat breed.   

What Is A Female Goat Called?

The female goats are referred to as Doe, Does, Nanny or Nannies. There are other names given to them depending on the country but most of it have just the same meaning or was derived from the same history or source. On the other hand, male goats are called bucks or billies and baby goats regardless of its gender are called kids.

Here’s a short video of a female goat:

You might find some people calling their goats in different names. This is quite often for people who own goat as pets at home.   Pet goats are the same as dogs, cats, and other home pets. They are given a name and they can easily adapt to the calling. It is because goats can familiarize sound.

They are also very smart and intelligent animals which makes them very easy to tame or train. In fact, goats have been living with humans for thousands of years. It is one of the first types of animal humans have domesticated.

Like with other farm or livestock animals, goats are very easy to raise and grow. They wouldn’t require any special attention when it comes to caring and nurturing. They can easily survive and grow healthily by just eating fresh, quality hay and a sip of clean water.