What Is The Smallest Breed of Goat?

Raising a goat actually requires some considerations such as the size. Some would prefer large while others would go for smaller breeds. Depending on the purpose of the goat and the space you are willing to provide, size is of great concern. Putting our focus and concerns with small breeds, what is the smallest breed of goat? There are actually 3 breeds categorized to be the smallest in their classification or where they excel best. There is a smallest goat breed for milking, smallest goat breed for meat production and smallest goat breed for fiber. Enlightening you with the types of breed, we will discuss each of the smallest breeds in their fields of productivity.

First, you need to know that most of these small breeds are usually bought and rise as a pet and not for the production of milk, meat, and fiber. But there are many breeders that do otherwise and think that it’s best to utilize the breed of goats for poultry and livestock purposes.

The Pygmy Goat

This goat is the smallest of the meat breed goats. The goat can also produce sufficient amount of milk but breeders are more focus on the quality of meat it grows. Their meat can come a little bit expensive as the breed produces a smaller amount compared to other meat breeds. The quality of meat, however, even thou in small amounts, is quite tasty and delicious.

Pygmy goats as a pet are very smart, lovable and adorable. They are highly interactive with humans. It is one of the best choices for goat pets at home. The breed is highly safe for kids and does not require much attention and effort in growing and breeding.

The Nigerian Dwarf Goat

The Nigerian Dwarf breed is well-known in dairy or milk production. It is the breed that produces a lot of milk and contains a lot of buttermilk, about 6 to 10 percent, that is responsible for a creamy, delicious cheese, ice-cream, yogurt, etc. The buttermilk found in the milk production by the breed is far higher compared to other dairy breeds of goats which makes it the best and on the top.

The goat, however, is the smallest among the dairy breed. It is also not that ideal to breed the Nigerian goat for its meat as it produces a little and not the greatest quality of goat meat.

This breed is also one of the best goat pets at home for you and your kids. It produces enough milk for everyday consumption and can be quite a fun and exciting pet. It’s adorable, interactive, lovable and playful pet.

The Pygora Goat

This breed is the smallest among all all finer goat breeds.  It’s not the best fiber breed but just the smallest. It ranks third after Agora goat and Cashmere goat. But this goat is still an ideal choice if you opt for a fiber production. It is small and can be easily taken care of, requiring much less effort in implementing responsibilities. The goat is actually a cross breed of Pygmy, the smallest meat goat and Agora goat, the best fiber goat breed.