What Is The Smallest Goat Breed?

There are several types of goat breeds to where you can vary the size if you opt to invest in farming, livestock or in any way, goat pets. The size of each breed varies from small to large where small is usually being raised and grown as pets. However, there are livestock and farm owners who invest in small breeds not because they chase after the size but rather with the quality of production the goat can provide. That leaves us with some questions like what is the smallest goat breed so we can determine our choice and look for the right type of breed that fits our standards.

There are three different breeds of goat varying from small to large. The breeds are categorized from meat, milk and fiber breeds. Each category of goat breed has a designated smallest size and largest size but we would focus more with smaller breeds as it is our main concern in this guide. In addition, small breeds are the best goat pets around. They are ideal as home goat pets due to their body size and bodily maintenance.

What Is The Smallest Goaty breed?

The smallest breed of goat is also being classified according to their category. Furthermore, the size of each smallest milk, fiber or meat breed only has a few differences from each other. The purpose of purchasing or getting a small goat is usually the same as you want to optimize your space, quality of production or choosing the breed as pets.

Meat Breed Goat

For meat breeds, the ideal would be a large goat. Farmers and livestock owners require large meat breeds due to the quantity of meat they need to produce and market. However, the smallest breed of goat is the Pygmy goat. There are also a lot of farmers or livestock owners that raise the type of breed because of the quality. Pygmy goat may produce a little meat because of its size but the quality of their meat is more than your usual large goat breed.

Fiber Breed Goat

The smallest fiber breed of goat is the Angora goat. The goat breed may be small but it can surely produce a lot or sufficient amount of fiber for commercial use. In addition, Angora goat also produces milk and their meat can be utilized as well. But they are mostly and mainly raise and grown for their wool.

Below is a short video of how small the Angora goat but how well it can produce fibers:

The Angora goat, however, is not that small compared to Pygmy goat of the meat bread.  That is why expert breeders came into the solution to cross-breed the Angora goat with the smallest meat breed, Pygmy goat. The result was outstanding and was named Pygora goat.

Milk Breed Goat

Going to the milk breeds, the smallest of the breed is the Nigerian dwarf goat. The name really implies the size of the goat as it has a dwarf size. The Nigerian dwarf goat may be small but they can produce quality milk. There are some milk breeds with a close size but not as small as the Nigerian dwarf. Also, other milk breeds produce a lot more milk compared to Nigerian dwarf but the butterfat content which makes the milk creamier and tastier is less than that the butterfat content found in the milk of Nigerian dwarf.