What Is The Smallest Goat You Can Buy?

Farming or livestock animals, specifically goats, do not really require the owner to put many considerations when it comes to the breed’s size. However, there are some goat owners, especially pet owners that want to raise and grow small breed of goats. The question and concern would be what is the smallest goat you can buy? The reason why someone would take many accounts for the animal’s size would be the space to where they’ll grow. You can’t just choose a pair of large breed goats having only a few square meters of land area and expect them to grow efficiently and be productive.

The livestock and farming industries worldwide use a standard measurement of about 20 square feet of land per one goat or a pair of the goat. The standards used are set to a minimum, including shelter, activity area, and food and water area. This is the space required to grow a goat at a faster rate and to allow them to produce a sufficient amount of meat, milk or fiber.

On the other hand, some pet goat owners do not have that amount of space required. You can still grow a goat within a shorter or smaller space but do not expect them to produce large bodies for meats, a large amount of milk and a lot of fibers. But all that is not necessary for pet owners.  The only thing that matters most to them is how to tame the animal and how to share affection with the pet as goats are very friendly and interactive with human beings.

What Is The Smallest Goat You Can Buy?

There are actually different breeds of goats that are classified accordingly to their type that are small and have almost the same average size as the other. The type varies from smallest milk goat breed, smallest meat goat breed, and smallest fiber goat breed. Below are some of the breeds that could help you decide with what is the smallest goat you can buy:

Milk Breed

The most popular choice for a small goat milk breed is the Nigerian dwarf goat. It can produce quality milk with high rates of butterfat content.  The butterfat of the milk is the one responsible for making the milk creamier. It is usually used for creating ice-cream, soaps, cosmetics, yogurt and more.

Below is a short video guide about how to raise a Nigerian dwarf goat:

Nigerian dwarf goat is a small goat breed that is also ideal for a pet goat. One of the main reason why people look for the smallest goat breed is that of the space or land of their home. It does not consume a lot of space and is very easy to grow and breed.

Meat Breed

A great meat breed that comes in miniature size is the Pygmy goat. Most of the people choose to buy Pygmy goat as pets and not for livestock or farming animals. That’s possible because they do not grow large enough to make the meat market efficient although it really grows the good quality and tasty meat. However, there’s some farm that really dedicates their time and effort to grow and breed pygmy goats to be able to meet with the meat demands.

Fiber Breed

Fiber breed can either be milk or meat breed. Some fiber breeds produce sufficient or large amount of milk as well as good quality and large quantity meat. However, fiber breeds are mainly used or grown because of how thick they can produce fibers. The smallest goat fiber breed is a crossbreed between a large fiber breed, Angora goat and the smallest meat breed goat, Pygmy goat. The name of the breed is a combination of the two, Pygora goat.