Why Do Goats Head-Butt – Can They Be Trained?

One of the quite but sometimes irritating quirks of a goat that farmers, livestock and pet owners usually experience with goats is head-butting.  But why do goats head-butt or horns other animals and some humans? Doesn’t it seem dangerous that they have pointy horns?

This also greatly concerns pet owners as they are sheltering the animal at home, not to mention that the animal might be living under the same roof with their kids. The safety and concern of residents who own a goat as a pet questions some habits and behaviors of a goat.

There are actually a variety of habits and behaviors that you would like to tame with goats. Other than head-butting, they have the tendency to chew most of what they see and sometimes bite them off as well.

Minor behaviors include your indoor pooping and urination. These behaviors can be minimized through training where it would require your patience, love, and understanding.

Why Do Goats Head-butt

It is a goat’s way to play around or interact with other animals but it is also their way to fend off enemies or threats. But that’s not always the case.

In a home, a pet goat usually does some head-butting as they seek some attention and human interaction.

Most goats live alone without partners at home. They have no one to play with or no one to do activities with.

Goats head-butting usually means they want attention or a goat wants to play with their owners.

Sometimes things can get a little physical but that doesn’t mean that your goat is threatened by you or finds you their enemies.

Below is a cute and funny video of a human and a goat playing around:

Goats are smart, lovable and adorable creatures. They can be mischievous at times but that’s just play-time.

If you find some behaviors of goats you don’t like or can’t tolerate, you can often train them to do otherwise.  They can easily understand and detect humans as we increase our emotions. They’d know that we are aggravated through hearing our tone of voice.

Goats can also know if they have done something nice by complimenting them.


There are some goat breeds that are ideal for farming or livestock. Usually, large goats are used for meat production. Other breeds are used for milk and fiber. The usual breed for goats as pets would be smaller breeds. It can either be meat breed such as Pygmy goat, milk breed such as Nigerian Dwarf goat or a crossbreed fiber breed goat, Pygora goat.