Why Is My Pygmy Goat Jumping On Other Goats?

Goats nowadays are one of the common trends of home pets and farm animals. They are sweet, loving, smart and caring animals where people can benefit with their productivity. Most of us even have a backyard or home farms so that we can allow a space for our goats. This will provide us with access to fresh dairy and meat. But before you think about growing and raising a goat at home, you should think about some of its behaviors to whether or not, you can tolerate them. Some people ask experts often “why is my pygmy goat jumping on other goats”? There are even some concerns about goats injuring other people due to head-butts and kicks.

These behaviors can be tapered. Goats are hardworking animals where training them can be quite easy. They also recognize strong and soft tones where you can use to correct behaviors you don’t like. You can make it all work along with training them to do outdoor potty and urination. Goats also have a tendency to chew excessively. They might chew your clothing, fabrics, cushions, washcloths and more. There are even some reports about goats destroying home furniture. Don’t get it the wrong way though. Goats are not aggressive animals like you might think of them. These behaviours of goats that could put you to stress are somehow their way of being playful or affectionate. Head-butts does not mean they see you as a threat but its because they consider you as one of their own kind and they want to play around with you.

If you think that it could lead to stress instead of relieving you from a strain, then goats are not meant for you. Think of other means or type of animals as goats can be valuable to many owners but it does not mean that it is also the right type of pet for you.

Why Is My Pygmy Goat Jumping On Other Goats?

Now, why do goats jump on other goats? Actually, not just pygmy goats but all other goats! When indoors, goats, driven by their boredom, jump here and there. But when you see a goat jumping on other goats, they are just playing around and having a good time with each other. It is not something you need to worry about unless they have other types of animals inside their playpen or play area.

A good example of the situation if when a goat is jumping around and there are chickens in the area. It may seem less likely to happen but you don’t want smaller animals in your farm, backyard or home farm to get injured by goats playing around.

To make things easier for you, here is a short video of how to take care of your goats:

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A pygmy goat is a miniature type or breed of goat. They are playful, interactive, fun, loving and simply just adorable. The same with most goats, you’d see them do head-butts, chewing, running, kicking and jumps. It’s not something you need to worry about but these behaviors can use a little training so that the animal knows when and where to play around and behave. It just requires a few of your time and effort to keep things in line. It’s also to your benefit. A well trained pygmy goat pet  can really provide you a stress-free moment and could live happily alongside your pet.

It’s the same thing with goats on farms. You might not need to train them due to the purpose of breeding the goat. Most goats at farms are raised and grown to provide milk, meat or fiber. Seeing them jump on other goats is not really that big of a deal. But if it’s not any trouble for you, you can also train the animal to behave or to make things easier and with less effort, just keep the goat divided or isolated with smaller animals to avoid any accidents or injuries.